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  1. Psychophonic-RNX

    On Amerish we can see a real improvement of base design.
    Especially the bases Kwathee south pass and the Ascent are giving me the feeling to be indoor!
    I think this is the right way - we need more bases like this.

    Also i would like to see some similiar base design for maybe the ampstation.
    A concept for the ampstation i have posted a few weeks ago.
    I doesn´t has to be exact this layout but it might help to create a layout.

    Just make it like Kwathee south pass many entrances and alternative routes.
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  3. Psychophonic-RNX

    After looking around on amerish some more i want to leave my feedback about the base design.


    This base is made with much detail and i think it will just play awesome.

    Kwathee south pass:

    The following picture shows a conceptional overview of the base design.


    This base was the first one i was get lost and i had to look around a while to understand how it is build.
    Actually the design isn´t that complex, but an overview on the minimap is missing atm.
    To make players life easier the minimap needs to show you the 1st floor and has to change once you switched to the other.

    All in all i think that will be my most favorite base beside the Ascent.
    Only problem i see is that the CC is just to close to the spawnroom.
    Once the CC is taken the defender will be camped inside the spawn too fast.
    I suggest to move the CC elsewhere or create more space between the CC and the spawnroom teleporter.

    Subterrean Nanite Analysis:

    Also an base like Kwathee south pass (underground) and as i think very interessting to play.
    Weird at this base is the postion of the spawnroom teleporter which is just too close to the spawnroom.
    In its current position it is more or less useless.

    Thats it for now i might be giving more feedback in the future maybe after next weekend when the stresstest is done.
  4. Psychophonic-RNX

    Some how that with the picture doesn´t work and i can edit my post neither so i will just leave the link here.
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