Amerish: From Worst to First

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  1. Epic High Five

    So Amerish is the best continent now, and this is a FACT and I will NOT broker any discourse to the contrary. Excellent job SOE, worth the wait just like O:MFG was. Dem infantry resources :eek:

    THAT SAID, let's catalog some of the more fun things we're discovering about this continent over the next few days as most of us deploy there for the first time. I shall begin!

    NC Arsenal - had my doubts from the pictures, but this base is AWESOME, having you switch from cover to elevated to fighting from below to dead sprinting out in the open at any given time. It's also the base I LEAST expected to become the premier endless infantry meatgrinder base but that's really what it's shaping up to be.

    Subterranean Nanite Analysis - It's a tower but in reverse. It has tiered set of requirements to bring shields down so as to allow defenders ample time to mount a defense while not disallowing attackers from taking completely control and locking it down. Also super fun and feels like a laser tag arena. There should be an option for the defenders to turn off all the lights.

    The Ascent - Haven't been here yet, but I CANNOT WAIT to drop in on a fight here. It sounds like a paradise for an NC Aegis MAX.

    Shadespire Farms: OMG IT'S ACTUALLY A FARM NOW. Auraxis' premier WW1 trench warfare simulator.

    Splitpeak/Auraxicom Substation: At first I thought "oh man, this base didn't get a revamp!" but the changes are just a bit less obvious. I love the underground point at Splitpeak now, and Sniper Ridge at Substation being replaced with a big wall with the alt spawn there is a great change.

    Oh, and the fact that soooo many bases now have teleporters to alternate spawn rooms in a different part of the base was sorely needed and very welcome. Having attackers have to split forces means battles feel a good deal less unwinnable at times, and if they DON'T split their forces it's always fun to sneak up behind them with a stealthy force of stomping MAX suits.

    I still haven't gotten to see much of anything in the NW, South, and SW yet unfortunately, what does everybody else enjoy about new Amerish, and if you can present your opinion without sounding like an idiot or having a CLEARLY myopic or biased opinion like anybody saying that MBTs/Air should have full access to all parts of every base, what would you like to change about new Amerish?
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  2. NinjaTurtle

    The continent is amazing every base is awesome and should remain untouched.

    The only issue is the lack of lattice links in a few places that force only one possible direction which persists for 4 or 5 bases in a row

    Credit where credit is due, SOE did a phenomenal job
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  3. Dieter Perras

    love it when air and tank people complain because a base doesn't allow them to endlessly farm infantry.
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  4. Tommyp2006

    A big problem I have with the current Ascent is that is has the same issue the crown currently does. The tower is nothing more than a spawn point, and the points are spread very far out. In a 50/50 fight its actually very hard to defend, there's a lot of open ground between the spawn and any of the points. There's a few other bases on the map that I've found so far that the point is simply way too far away from the spawn room. Sometimes the spawn rooms are very well protected, but that protection ends up trapping the defenders in. These bases are light years ahead of any of the bases on the other two continents, Amerish is certainly the best place to play now, but there is still some room for improvement.
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  5. Epic High Five

    I think the lattice we have now is just a skeleton like it was when it was implemented on Indar and Esamir, to be fleshed out a bit later once some data on where additional links would be most needed at/make sense.


    An excellent comparison! I think they were explicitly trying to avoid another Crown in why they copied the Crown for the Ascent. I think so much of it (apparently) being underground will make the distance a bit less horrifyingly dangerous, but big capstone bases like that NEED to be difficult to take and difficult to defend, or else fights will stagnate because, as capstone bases, lots of players are drawn to them. We used to call the Crown the "Pubbie Bugzapper" :D

    The Octagon is built much in the same way as the Crown as well, but is much less accessible to outside influence and thus avoids the trappings of Classic Crown. Hopefully the underground aspect of The Ascent allows it to accomplish the same.
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  6. Devrailis

    The amount of times I have seen entire NC zergs rush from Regent Rock to NS Research Labs only to mill about in a confused daze for several minutes.

    Oh Mattherson NC, never change. <3
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  7. Tommyp2006

    Unfortunately the underground part of the Ascent doesn't help the defenders, because it is just in a cave off to the other side of the road from the spawn tower. There is no access to any point from the tower outside of running across the road to get to the cave that A is in, which is very easy for attackers to camp in, or running several hundred meters to B or C cap. That's why I think it needs some improvements. The tower needs tunnels to help defenders get outside the tower.

    Anyway, that's my experience having fought 4 48+ attacks and defenses against both the VS and the NC there.
  8. Camycamera

    as much as i like Amerish (and people are actually playing on Indar AND Amerish at the same time without an alert! :eek:), the bases are not perfect, and need some tuning. here is an example....
  9. IamDH

    Agreed, Amerish is epic.

    I almost had a nerdgasm when i saw UNDERGROUND BASES
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  10. innersphere1

    Why you people dont stop making useless threads about amerish, there are 1001 all the same..
    Of course they made some changes to amerish and people want to see what.
    Thats why you see people on amerish.. thats too hard to understand? Then, after some time, you will see people on amerish only during alerts, like everytime
  11. Epic High Five

    Yeah there's some bugs to work out and improvements to make for sure, but I love where it's at and where the game design is heading.


    After some time, we will all be dead too AND THEN NOBODY WILL BE ON INDAR EITHER. MIC DROP
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  12. Alarox

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  13. notyourbuddy

    Fun base fights, but...

    Its still the most CPU intensive continent of the three, which will have players with low to midrange PC's probably still preferring Indar or Esamir. Especially, if we are talking about pilots.
  14. Badname707

    It feels hard to defend at first, but it really isn't. The points are spread far enough out that flipping one and clearing its spawn will actually buy you a few minutes, especially if you're actively moving around the base. The fact that the tower is between the three points, and has to be walked past also helps. Was able to clear out yesterday against a superior force with almost no casualties. It was like 3 smaller battles, each time with the enemy in a boxed spawn location.

    And the caves are nice for defenders. Caves are only good cover for AMS at those parts of the base, and they are really, really easy to clear out from the outside in.
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  15. Iridar51

    Just had a hour and a half fight there, on the defending side, fighting simultaneously VS and NC. At first, the base seemed incredibly annoying to move about, but once I got my bearings and learned the map a little it wasn't so bad.

    I was reminded how ******* awesome planetside 2 can be without tanks and liberators spamming my backside. The base itself is the LA heaven - lots of terrain and cover to work with. And the cave! I though the cave would be the death of LA, but it's so big and got some nifty places for LA to hide.

    I'm not sure if all fights will turn out like this one - almost without tanks and aircrafts - or was this just due to low-ish pop. I think it was 24-48 fight.
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  16. Tiedemann

    I think the teleporters should put ppl on the other side of the base. A lot of them seems worthless to me.

    I like the map so far but would like more lattice links cause I miss the freedom of the old Amerish.
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  17. FlamingSquirrel

    Highly satisfying seeing the 'Amerish is only dead because it's bad for ground forces, not because everyone else thinks my beloved hex system sucks' people still in here flogging the corpse of their horse.

    Amerish has always been a good looking continent, and an interesting one. Now it's a well designed continent too. It's good to see players back in it, and enjoying it.
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  18. Nocturnal7x

    Meh, they ruined crux and chimney rock. IMO they had a lot of good bases, they didn't need to redesign all of them. Also they should just get rid of all the towers if they aren't going to have a point it them. Stupid.

    Its just meh, maybe its the completely broken atm (more broken than usual) spawn system, maybe its WDS but I have not found a good fight yet.

    I wish they hadn't changed so much, it was already great and mostly untested because no one ever played there. Some of the new bases are cool but need a lot of work.
  19. AdmiralArcher

    well, what little i have been able to play on Amerish it seemed pretty good, ravens landing is much improved and i think Amerish in general is much much better

    but i haz question

    did dahaka get redone recently? did i miss an update where they changed its layout significantly? i feel like it used to be a normal base but its completely different now.....and its awesome, whatever this new design is its epic and fun and actually defendable
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  20. Epic High Five

    I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over all of my exploding C4 bricks and the sound of cash registers in the background as 3-4 extreme menace MAXes and engies fall all at once. MAXes have not been a problem on new Amerish in my experience - yeah they're powerful in tight spaces but so are rocket launchers, and there are a LOT more of those around.

    Plus, you have people like me putting tank mine+prox mine traps all over the place :D

    As for the vehicle spam, this has been a problem at no bases I've fought in so far. Yes, there are areas that tanks can easily reach that you've got to keep in mind, but nobody was proposing tanks be completely removed from the equation. They just have to be smarter now about positioning and striking at the right time instead of driving up on a hill, locking down, and hammering away at the LMB

    It was actually both of those things, plus it was awful for vehicles as well. Unless you're a skygod, worst to first is entirely applicable here.
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