AM7-ARCHER is lop-sided and bad, how to fix

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  1. Jubikus

    its a niche weapon against MAXES it even states that in the weapon discription its not actually supposed to be very effective against anything else or it would be used as a primary weapon and not just a niche weapon for an engineer in a squad being full blown support holding a point the only change i would suggest would be better rechamber time
  2. Jubikus

    Support = sacrifice raw killing power for utility if you dont want to be full blown support dont use the weapon i just wish it was available to the medic so both support classes could go super supporty if they wanted to
  3. hyperk2

    Honestly, I don't get a lot of kills with this weapon. However! When I use this gun I basically become the Assist-Lord and can usually wrack up a decent amount of assist exp, just not a ton of actual kills themselves. 2 Shotting a flash instead of 3 shots would be nice though.
  4. DQCraze

    You didnt do enough homework. Our squad of 6 engineers just about took out an entire armor column. Passing judgement on a few hours of live gameplay isnt good enough. Let the community as a whole use it for a few months.
  5. Ryo313

    i was testing this weapon today and i like it so far but the assist thing doesn't always work for me ( 4 hits on a tank someone else blew it up etc) but on the other hand.. i killed a galaxy with it xD
  6. Jubikus

    i believe this is do to having to do a certain amount of damage before getting an assist
  7. Ryo313

    oh ok that makes sense.
  8. Dgross

    Anything else it's not effective against...that's what the AV Mana turret is for.
    Don't see the problem here.
  9. Ragnarox

    I like the idea of making it in line with AV mana turret or anti infantry turret. Main weapon is a no no. Everyone can kill you, even br1 if you are br100. You don't even need to buff it just place it in the slot of turrets.
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  10. NinjaKirby

    I'm at a bit of a loss when to use this weapon. Obviously against Maxes, but to get a suitable non-suicidal opportunity is something else.

    As an engie supporting my own MBT endeavours I don't even use the likes of the Warden, let alone want to roll with this thing (Semi-automatic ranged weapons, regardless of target type).

    Really it's just front-line support? Holding a ridge when experiencing battles in-between bases, picking off distant Maxes whilst using your Pistol on infil's that might pop-up outta nowhere. But how many Max's have long range effective AI? You're basically an Anti-Tank/Anti-Air Max hunter.

    So picking off Maxes that stand on Biolab pad's then? You could lay down 4 successive Archer shots from a distance, or you could get an ESF and wipe the pad clean and clock more kills instantaneously because physics.

    God, the weapon seemed kinda cool in VR, but the realistic prospects are kinda derpy.

    Well, I shall await the glorious YouTube video's, especially Belthazor3457's review. Surely, he will cover this! (90 second one plez)
  11. Colakold

    You need some distance to use this weapon against a MAX in a "safe" way. If you do that you can not support your troops on the frontline.

    The problem is you need to make a decision. Do you want to lonewolf from the distance or do you want to survive the frontline. Another point is that it would be great to use this rifle without a scope. If you have a more close fight you dont want to scope around. For example in BF4 i can change between scope or no-scope with a push of a button.

    With this weapon its a big mistake to think about realism. A weapon that goes hard at heavy armor but has problems with regular infantry? This thing is a cal. 50 and in real life it blows everything. If you use this weapon, deactivate your realism-brain-region and just play the game.

    At the moment i dont have a real idea how to improve the weapon because it needs some time to learn how to use it.
  12. Saokeh

    It replaces your primary for a reason. It's on a support class. 2 things that make your argument invalid. 1, it does not cost resources as a mobile high velocity weapon. And 2, you would effectively make the AV Turret be replaced by a weapon that makes you a harder target? Of course you would. I reiterate, it does not cost resources. It can Shutdown many AV Maxes while then changing to an AV turret for Heavy armor all without costing any resources. Engineer is demolition type class since they have access to basically everything that goes Boom minus Rocket Launchers. And you want the rifle to be able to perform the same function as the rest of their equipment? Riiiiiiight.
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  13. RykerStruvian

    I'm really confused. You're upset that it takes up the primary slot, yet you have a plethora of secondary weapons. In some cases, those secondary weapons are better than primaries. And even if you sacrifice the primary for the AMR, you still have AI/AV turret deployables along with the ability to repair and give out ammo. On top of that, you also can deploy AI/AV mines along with access to sticky grenades with your choice of grenade bandolier or utility pouch.

    Seriously. The engineer is probably the most OP class in PS2. Engineers have a direct counter to just about everything in PS2 and far more versatility than any of the other classes. They're both an incredible offensive class while also having phenomenal support abilities and you want them to be more powerful?
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  14. Iridar51

    Here's a radical thought... Keep all the numbers, but make it semi-auto. Make RoF something in between a semi auto and bolt action rifle.

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  15. giltwist

    It's really not that bad, honestly. I spend a lot of time with the Ghost (iron sight sniper) and a 4x scope. So the fighting range is just right for me. On infantry, a 2 headshot kill is as strong as the commissioner i often use, only a bit slower to balance the max stopping power. I would happily main with this over the Parallax (es basr) as an infiltrator. It's also a lot more intuitive to me on the rare occasions I play engie. It doesn't kill infantry, but it's still plenty effective at deterring snipers, mana turrets and rocket jockeys. When you factor in ammo xp, infinite ammo, more health, spitfire, repair and tank mines, I'm still getting more certs than I do as an infiltrator. Semi auto would make this better than scout rifles by far.
  16. QuakerOatsMan

    I'd say the lancer is still the best AMR
  17. thebigbortishbort

    i personally really love the weapon in its current state , pecking at aircraft and annoying tanks from range , its actualy not that bad at sniping considering the ammo.

    though on the note of liking its current state i wouldnt mind a slight ROF buff , maybe in the form of turning it into a slow firing semi auto as suggested by iridar .
  18. Idiocy

    As a MAX *****, the AMR is alright. Tank mines are just complete BS though.

    You just have to be near one and it'll kill you. The trigger radius is HUGE and if you throw a tank mine at a max, it'll insta kill him before the mine gets anywhere near the ground. It's C4 for dummies against maxes.
  19. Haquim

    I don't see a big problem with the huge trigger radius, although it should only be about 50% bigger than a proximity mine. Kinda like a omnidirectional claymore.
    But if tankmines blow up in your face before they hit the ground you either experience a bug, or somebody actually SHOT them in midair. Or threw an EMP. Tank mines take several seconds AFTER they hit the ground to arm, I am very certain of that.

    Either way, they are easy enough to counter with a little bit of teamwork. Get an infiltrator to equip bandolier with EMPs and he can clear a complete building of them. He will also propably get a dozen kills from the people standing right on top of them if there really ARE tankmines.
  20. Idiocy

    But.. it's a tank mine, commonly triggered by a certain amount of pressure. It shouldn't have such a massive trigger radius. Also, it really does detonate super fast if you throw it at a max. You can test it out on someone.
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