Am I doing something wrong and not getting Cert Points?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by QuakkyRoux, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. QuakkyRoux

    I never played the first PS but I thought I'd have a go at this and see what the fuss is all about. I'm having a hard time figuring out something though. I'm doing a lot on the server I'm on, but I don't seem to get much cert points.

    I played for a total of about 10 hours I think...I played 1 session for 3 hours and I got 47 cert points. Let's say I improve to 60 every three hours, then it's going to take me something like 60 hours to unlock 1 weapon. That doesn't seem right at all.

    What am I missing? what am I doing so horribly wrong that's giving me that little cert points?

    if it's my K/D ratio, then it's something like 1:1 (it was actually better than that on that 3 hour session). I have my resources maxed out at 750, I do support and healing...and I capped a few bases, but all I got was 47 cert 3 hours.

    Some people are posting stuff like "Yeah you can get 100 cert in an hour it's not that hard" . Can someone tell me where I should go for that type of payout?

  2. Kaldurenik

    Camp with aoe based weapons at sunderers without destroying them. Play medic / engineer at a large battle. Repair tanks / drop ammo for the 25 snipers camping. Revive people as a medic.
  3. CoreDave

    People getting more than 100 certs an hour almost certainly have boosts running.

    I'm in the same boat as you, the best I've managed has been around 20/30 certs an hour but not consistently. I've found the best thing to do is run around with the zerg throwing down ammo packs like candy and getting the big payouts when basses flip. Its actually quite dull and it means I'm getting like 14fps because my rigs quite old now.

    If I actually do stuff that I enjoy my certs per hour drops through the floor.
  4. schisch

    sunderer + AMS cert + engineer = mass win
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  5. QuakkyRoux

    So I guess f2p people should stick to medic and engineers. That does sound very dull. I was actually hoping to play heavy assault competitivly but I guess there's no point in doing that if you're not paying.
  6. QuakkyRoux

    I'll try that. thanks for the advice
  7. [RGG]Dale

    try to find the places where you are losing badly, or where the enemy is very strong, and just go through the motions of shooting and being shot.

    also join up with a team which works together, ive made 30 certs in about 20 minutes just sitting on a defend point with a medic just healing me constantly and me running through the enemy, and hes getting major exp aswell.

    Teamwork it really does work, just ensure that you think about what you are doing, I find that I get to "into" the game and forget that I can use my nogin.

    Just pause and rethink your strategy every few minutes, youll be surprised what you can come up with.
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  8. QuakkyRoux

    Thanks for the advice. is RGG recruiting? :D
  9. NoDachi

    The HA when played right is a high intensity playstyle.

    It gives a good exp/h simply though all the kills and objects you complete.

    Failing that, grab a tank. Tanks are great exp machines. Especially with the AI weapon.

    I took think like an hour ago. I hadn't died in that tank and 80 or so kills were from it.


    I was using the 50% exp booster though.
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  10. QuakkyRoux

    holy crap that's crazy! nice going
  11. Gucky

    it is said that 250 XP=1 cert i think.
    so about 2,5 kills are 1 cert. Or if using booster its less then that ^^.
    Some ways are Flying and using splash weapons.
    I had a good sniping spot once and killed 40 men without taking even a hit XD Boltsniper+Headshot=Instankill
    TANKs CAN be good, but there are many Rocketeers out there....BEWARE XD
  12. [RGG]Dale

    Actually yes we are, we are on the miller server atm, come join if you want :)
  13. furballhero

    Step 1: Join a decent outfit
    Step 2: Teamwork
    Step 3: Enjoy the flow of certs.
  14. [RGG]Dale

    Just to let you know Furballhero your signature is incorrect, its "Give me Canadian Infantry, American Technology and British Officers. with these I could rule the world" Winston Churchill

    I think you should read history books before quoting something off the internet ;)

    also take a think about how that would look to a German officer saying that, even one as rebelious as Rommel.

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