Always outnumbered when flying solo ?

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  1. Dog.

    Hey so I reinstalled the game some days ago and I'm having this problem, everytime I use my ESF to find some good 1v1 I end up with atleast 2 of them on me, some times ago I was able to find a lot of 1v1 but since I reinstalled it's like everyone is going with a duo , even the rank 100 are always with their guildies.

    I know it's teamplay and everything but I'm flying late when maps are almost empty to find some good duels that I won't be able to find during the day when maps are full.

    So I'm wondering , am I just unlocky ? does players mentality changed and solo flying is dead ? Is it still possible to go solo and hope to find some 1v1 ?

  2. Brahma2

    You get used to it.
  3. Lightwolf

    I whale. It's not possible. Current air meta is roving death squads. So you can find fights, but they'll always be odds of two to one or worse.
  4. TTex11

    This is a side effect of changes to the air game and people adapting to them accordingly. Once upon a time the sky knights ruled the skies, able to wade through entire clouds of enemy fighters while nary taking a scratch. Then along came the tweak to lockons and the eventual introduction of coyotes to complement them.

    Though there was much complaining from said sky knights, they nevertheless seemed to settle down when initially it became clear that even though the weapons could negate hoverfighting (you can bob and weave all you want but if that missile is locked on you're gonna get hit), tactics and fancy flying could still be used to mess up the missile user, such as closing on Tomcat fighters or keeping your distance from Coyote users.

    In response to this, the leagues of 'peasant' pilots began to adapt as well. Now they have begun to roam in gangs, and it's in these groups that the Tomcats and Coyotes that, potentially underwhelming on their own, really show their deadly side when employed as support in group attacks. All the evasive hovering in the world against your opponent won't help you if his buddy can sit back and lock on to you.

    Suddenly the Sky Knights could no longer dominate the skies on their own. There was much screaming, gnashing of teeth and cries of the air game being ruined. Many threatened to quit, some actually did, but eventually, quietly, even the Sky Knights had to reluctantly learn to adapt. The days of the dominant solo pilot were gone. If one were to fly without a wing of friends, now one had to be sneaky, and very careful to pick their fights while being ready to withdraw at a moment's notice. Some Sky Knights even did the unthinkable and began flying with wings of their own, even alongside 'peasant' pilots. A few even committed the ultimate crime and began to wield lock ons themselves in these wolf packs, for they were very effective.

    The skies of Auraxis have been filled with aircraft since, furious aerial furballs erupting in the sky as Liberators, Galaxies and ESFs trade volleys while loners skulk at the edges, looking for the careless who stray too far from the herd and offer themselves as easy pickings. More people have been flying than ever before, meaning that you are even more likely to run into multiple enemy aircraft in the sky and always have to keep an eye on your six.

    And it has been glorious.
  5. Maljas23

    I recommend you cert and max Vehicle stealth on your ESF. In my opinion, it is by far the best defensive option, surpassing evening NAR.

    It is great for getting the jump on enemy aircraft, good for lolfarming dirty infantry peasents, and it even performs well when you outnumbered and need to escape. All it takes is you to be off the mini-map for a moment for ESF pilots(even skilled ones) to lose sight of where you are in the air.

    I can't tell you how many times I've escaped QRY air squads when I'm flying solo, because of Veh stealth.
  6. Dead soldier

    I almost always fly my scythe solo.
    My Tips:
    Never Overextend- this will almost always end up with another aircraft on your back and your death.
    Constantly watch your back- So you don't get ganked by one or many. If there are lots of ESFs trying to gank you, either run away or try to take down one of them before you die. Yestarday I was in my lib doing this and 6 reavers came to rain on our parade. If I had seen them, I probably could've made it back to the Warpgate alive.
    Try to bait a single aircraft to your area. If more follow him, just run away a little, turn around and do the same. -This is the main part. It's pretty simple but takes patience.
  7. Handsi

    +1 for stealth and fly on Hossin. Will die eventually but probably from the trees ;-)
  8. Blackinvictus

    Yea buddy! I'll also throw in Air Engagement radar. Never be seen, and never get jumped either because not only can you see what is coming with it, you can also see WHO is coming. Now if I can just improve my ****** aim....
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  9. Maljas23

    I think Fire Suppression is the best option because it helps you no matter what you are doing in an ESF. The other choices are niche roles(Flares, Engagement Radar, etc). Just my opinion tho. If it works for you, it works for you.
  10. vanu123

    Pro tip: Never Fly Alone, always have a wingman.
  11. Blackinvictus

    Ya, that's mostly running around with an airhammer and AB tanks. Kind of depends on the mission. It's a general purpose load out that can do everything, but isn't the best at anything specific. I call it my "opportunist" build :)

    Not getting jumped and seeing air coming is priceless for me though. Works the best on Hossin!
  12. Maljas23

    Man, I LOVE flying on Hossin. Some of the most intense dogfights I have ever seen have happened on Hossin, despite the short time it has been out. I max Engagement radar when it first came out, but have not really given it much use. I will give it a try on my A2A build.

    Seriously hope we get more awesome areas like Hossin to fight in though. Low flying dogfights through the trees is crazy exhilarating. I can't get enough of it :p
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  13. minhalexus

    For me it's the other way round.

    I always think that the enemy is outnumbered when I'm flying. But again I am flying on NC Emerald which consists of great NC pilots.