Alt LA abilities - please offer ideas

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  1. EViLMinD

    Both Jump jets and Drifter jets are great. Lots of fun. Allow for some unique and lethal tactics. No complaints.

    Still, what could the LA class do besides fly or hover?

    I'd like to see a reflex accelerator. It would turn the LA into a super athlete. Sprint faster, draw weapons faster, melee faster, jump higher. Draw back is you glow and make some noise. Not too bad for some ninja knife magic. If it's too good then the ability could cause the LA's shield to become a tad weaker while activated (or drained it).

    I think that would work.


    What if the LA had a jet pack that boosted jumping speed and height. It would let the LA fire themselves into the air like a rocket. When the peak of their jump is reached, the jets power would be significantly lessened. To the point that it can only slow the LA's decent (drifter jets at half power). This would force the LA to be mindful of how he/she used the remainder of the jets fuel. The jets would also need to be fully/nearly fully charged in order to be used for a another boost jump. So, most jumps would be a quick up and a float down. But, if the jump is off a bridge... or out of a plane... there might be time to recharge for a second jump (the fuel might need to recharged a little even while the jets are being used).

    I'm open to other ideas. Let's hear 'em.
  2. Poisonedzero

    They could Implement the VERY old Planetside 2 Icarus Jump Jets which provide EXTREMELY high vertical motion unlike the drifters.
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  3. EViLMinD

    Guess i missed that during beta. How did it work?
  4. Killerdude8

    I suggested in a Thread a day or two ago to give LA a Proper Standalone Grenade launcher, Something like the UBGL, but significantly less pathetic.

    But I'd love to see the LA get some cool abilities, They're pretty lacklustre, maybe give them Assault Rifles or something.
  5. Teoke

    A sort of stim-pack would be nice. You trade out the jetpack for the ability to sprint superfast, perhaps add a small boost to strafing too. Think of it like a babby ZOE for the LA. Ofcourse this ability would be on a CD
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  6. Halkesh

    Give to LA somthing he can trade against his jetpack isn't the best idea. I think Light Assault need a new too slot.

    Spacearty becon.

    Concept :
    Arty shot come after some sec
    Primary utility is to make a strong supressing fire in the area.
    Ammo pool work like recon dart : becon are limited but can be reloaded on an ammo pack
    Becon are easy to see but make 0 noise and can't be see on mini-map (until they are spoted).
    Arty shot make a noise 1.5 sec before they strike.
  7. Poisonedzero

    Icarus jump jets- they are like drifter jump jets but straight vertical thrust. kind of like a
    "mega" jump
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  8. z1967

    They were loud and shot you up to extreme heights. I think you could get from the ground to around Scarred Mesa Skydock heights fairly easily. Crazy fast and would have been really cool but it made the LA move too fast for the server to easily render them.
  9. EViLMinD

    Perhaps the speed could be lowered to a level that doesn't create rendering issues.

    Another potential ability would be teleporting. The game Quake Wars gave a player class a device that could be tossed onto the ground and then teleported to. Something like that might work for the LA. The range would have to be limited, and the cooldown timer would have to be set right, but I could see it.
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  10. Godsmangamer

    I think I have seen this mentioned somewhere else but a grappling hock that would offer a silent alternative for climbing/catching on to libs and gals.
  11. EViLMinD

    Tricky thing to add.

    It would need to make some noise, I think. And, the hook's range would need to be set just right.
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  12. EViLMinD

    Delivering C4 with this ability would be op for sure. So, C4 would need to be unavailable when this ability is equipped or active.

    Perhaps, like the stalker cloak, the reflex accelerator pack only works with pistols. The LA would still be able to carry a primary, but swapping to it would deactivate the ability.

    There could also be a powering down period for the pack. It could briefly make the LA slower in order to offset the great advantages (to prevent LA from rushing targets and then quickly drawing a primary or c4).
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  13. bonkfire

    How about a jetpackish ability that allows LA to do small bursts in any direction or a sustained skate effect on the ground. EX. instead of flying up they get a double jump and when on the ground they can do a quick slide/burst in any direction EX. dash left or right or back. Or hold it down to have a faster version of what the drifters do on the ground. TO balance it has a smaller tank but recharges very quickly. Meaning it can be used to dodge fire and to get over short obstacles. But cant fly in the air and can only do a full burn on the ground for 7 seconds.

    For a visual example think similar to the thruster packs in halo 4
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  14. bonkfire

    Oh LA should not need the adrenaline suit item. They should already have that sprint speed and other classes could have the option to cert it to be as fast as an LA.
  15. Colonelveers12

    Was actually thinking about something like the Icarus jets. In the game's trailer the LA featured uses a jet pack (more like an uber pack). The way it is used reflects the normal jet and when he is climbing the gals it was completely different. They could base it off of the jet pack for the Dark Trooper in Battle Front 2, straight up with little forward movement, and took out half the tank.
  16. LordMatt XLVIII

    Icarus Jets or riot
  17. EViLMinD

    Ya, something like that might work. Though, I might think about giving the double tap quick slide to drifter jets.

    Drifters are handy but too situational. Something like your quick slide idea would make drifters a real alternative to jump jets.

    The fast slide should drain fuel much faster. The ability to slide forward with super speed (or any direction for that matter) would prove too powerful in some players hands. They'd be really hard to hit.

    There could be a charge up before each quick slide. A distinct jet noise and a slight delay. That might help give opponents a chance to counter.
  18. Lolki

    Faction specific suggestions:

    TR Roadrunner legs:
    • Exoskeleton legs which greatly increase sprint speed (30-40 kph)
    • Can't shoot while using
    • Enough energy for 5 seconds or so
    VS Blink pack
    • Short-range (10-15m) teleport in whatever direction you're facing
    • Enough energy for 2-3 teleports
    NC Climbing boots
    • Lets you walk/run up walls
    • CAN shoot while using
    • Low energy usage, enough to get from the bottom of a tech plant to the turret deck in one go
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  19. OldMaster80

    LA should have an improved pump with greater effect, a button to toggle on and cooldown. And it should also improve reloading and weapon swap.
    Then they should improve the drifters: skating is not viable in combat.
  20. EViLMinD

    Another level of adren pump would be good. It should only boost sprint, though.

    I think we have a pretty decent suggestion for how to make drifter skating effective in combat.