Alright TR, NC, or VS

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  1. The Wolf

    Feels like that is what I am doing now days.
  2. Kujo

    If you're Alpha Squad, then you've been playing this game for a while already and should already have a pretty good grasp on what each faction has to offer, and you obviously already have your own opinions on each faction already. So choose for yourself.
  3. The Wolf

    Well as you can see choosing a faction to stick with isn't easy. Also means using a character in each splitting my certs costing me time to rank up the BR and gain certs. Another thing is, sometimes because of your opinions it blinds you to something else that actually might make this side better for you than the others.
  4. EliteEskimo

    If you're up for Mattherson there is the Black Widow Company. We are a military style outfit run and lead by current service members and veterans alike. We also are one of the only outfits left that really focus on combined arms tactics by bringing together infantry, air, and armor supporting each other whenever possible. If you like the idea of tanks assaulting a target alongside infantry while ESF's roar through the clouds above maintaining air superiority and providing air support we may be the outfit you're looking for. Check us out if you're interested.:)
  5. Erik

    [SG]Sturmgrenadier (NC) on Mattherson or the air support outfit they roll with (has air based infantry) are the only two I'm familiar with. The SG is more laid back than the other but an excellent outfit from ps1. I'm Sure you can find plenty for every faction though if you check the recruitment forums. I'd try to find an outfit you connect with. Most have pretty solid bios on their recruitment page. Other than that there isn't too much we can tell you as game style preferences are so subjective. I'd simply track down the outfit you think fits you the best if your having trouble with faction choice. Faction choice is then made for you and may not be as important as the outfit choice for you.

    For example TR is my least preferred faction however I love the group i play with so I have no issues playing TR as my main.
  6. The Wolf

    Well see TR wise I love their weapons, not their cosmetics or weapon cosmetics. In other words their armor and their weapons models. I also am not a fan of the colors. I like the NC armor and weapon models. But not a big fan of the audio of the rifles or how they fire etc. I also don't like shotguns so I really am not a fan of their maxes. Vanu well I love their armor and energy weapons but not the models and I really don't like the color purple. See where my problems stem from now? I know all of the factions backgrounds and what they fight for but I don't have enough likes to stick to one faction. Also I hate all the kids and RadioTRadio in TR, in Vanu similar problems but just more annoying kids who kill each other constantly.
  7. Badkid701

    I hate people like you you already have an answer and you just want to start something just pick and damn side and stop the commotion. You said you dont like NC. You said you like the TR. Then do the TR. :mad: