Alright TR, NC, or VS

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  1. The Wolf

    Still having some problems choosing guys. I want a empire where it has a military styled outfit for me to join, I also want to point out for TR and VS I have full composite armor for all classes, the rocketpods. Lets see what else on VS I have the AP for the Maggie, and a sarron on the harasser. I have both faction SMGs. NC I have AP on the vanny as well full composite armor for the heavy assault and max. I have both rocket launchers for lock ons, against air and ground, TR I have one I think not sure. I have dual mercies on TR MAX, and dual Nebulas on VS MAX. GD 22S on NC, as well as the enforcer on my vanny. Can I get an opinion which faction I should join folks? Keep in mind this is a serious thread and want only serious feedback on trying to find my perfect faction!
  2. WyrdHarper

  3. The Wolf

    Waterson. The other servers everything is just backwards to me haha. Also keep in mind I am Alpha Squad.
  4. Mhak

    Well now that VS isn't fotm anymore, I'm going to wager TR are going to be king of the hill in general again. This last patch nerfed just about everyone to roughly even ground, but everything equal, TR seems to attract the most militant and organized players imo.

    NC seem to get drunk and C4 themselves and don't seem that dedicated to winning much, and we all know VS just like to roleplay ET erotica.
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  5. Ryme

    Really? Where? Man, I gotta log in VS. I'm missing all the alien sekz.
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  6. Aerindis

    NC. VS and TR got shwacked pretty hard by this patch. Enjoy the upgraded guns and the best tank in the game before they get taken away, again.
  7. Decelexevi

    Whatever server you choose to play on, pick the faction with the least people playing during prime time or you're only hurting the game.
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  8. The Wolf

    I said keep it serious.
  9. Shotcalla707

    Play NC.......!

    Theres no other option
  10. The Wolf

    You have given me no reason to play NC, so why should I? Since I kill tons of them easily.
  11. Shotcalla707

    Clearly you are an above average leader capable of mass destruction on the battlefield.

    The NC are fighting for freedom.

    We need you. We need heroes like you.

    You know the right decision.
  12. The Wolf

    Last time I was NC you guys left me in the middle of the battle and I was fighting to live, against everyone including vehicles I was lucky to get out a live. Freedom, you mean radical freedom right? Which means no laws or restrictions. Which in turn is saying certain things that shouldn't be allowed should be, because you want full freedom.
  13. Spude

    Do you wanna live forever ?!

  14. The Wolf

    You do know that video turned into a recruitment for NC right?
  15. Erik

    Every faction has military style outfits so choose the one you enjoy the most (for whatever reason, even art) and go from there. If none stand out then start by looking for the right outfit and you'll have your faction. Certs will never stop rolling in so I wouldn't worry about items, just find the game style or team mates that you'll enjoy the most.
  16. DeadliestMoon

    So this is just a troll thread right? I mean you've clearly already choose TR and dismissed two suggestions to play as NC.
  17. The Wolf

    Well I was referring to outfits such as the 666th Devil Dogs or the 17th Recon Operations, understand? The VS on Waterson never use outfits such as this cause they don't see themselves as "soldiers/military". I know the certs don't ever stop. I have been here a very, very long time.

    No technically I dismissed one. No one else has given any actual reasons and they never do it is more or less this community is nothing but trolls.
  18. Spude

    Well DUUH. OP has TR heavy as forumside avatar so ofc he has chosen TR.
  19. The Wolf

    No it was my recent last faction I just haven't changed it actually.
  20. Tragachinos

    Just play whatever faction you like best or faction your friends are playing (if you have any). Or check outfits that are recruiting on your server. Most fun in this game comes not from overpowered weapons/vehicles but from people you play with.

    Or you can join forumsiders, meaning you don't have to login into the game for months and argue about balance. It's fun too!