Alright. Striker OP? Let's fix it.

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  1. SgtBreastroker

    >Still thinking Scatter Max is or even was OP

    This post is such a typical white knight defense post.

    Do you consider the Striker balanced when it does at least 3x more damage than the Phoenix and Lancer?
    Do you consider it balanced when it's the easiest and most noob friendly ESRL to use?

    It is horribly balanced in regards to the other two ESRL and needs a fix.
  2. GrumpyArse

    Have to agree here.. a half dozen of any outfit fielding hawks with an engie to drop ammo and a medic can do pretty well on clearing air space. Same can be said for using crows.
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  3. Holomang

    Let's try posting again without the childish bias.
  4. Mambakiller

  5. Zotamedu

    A nest of burster MAX is far superior at locking down air than any lock on launcher. I have tried standing with a launcher amongst bursters and I hardly had time to get a lock before the aircraft was either blown to bits or had ran off. The few times I managed to get a rocket away, it was turned down by flares or the aircraft got blown up before it connected.

    I have tried the Striker and I wouldn't spend any certs or SC on it.

    When I first heard about the Striker, I hoped it would be an automatic dumb fire launcher. A twist on the Decimator with a higher potential damage output but with higher risk since all rockets would have to hit. If I could redo it, I would keep the damage per rocket or maybe lowering it to 450 per rocket so that one magazine would still do more damage than one Decimator rocket. Give it full auto fire but introduce bloom to prevent spam. To make it accurate, you would still need some fire control. The balancing point would then be projectile speed and drop. That would be an interesting weapon that would require some skill to use.
  6. Snib

    I'm sure the perspective is different on the receiving end but try using one, it's hard to get hits on higher BR ESFs that know what they're doing (it's great for shooting down newbs that have no flares and don't know what the lock-on warning means though.. :p). If you look at the stats the accuracy of the Striker isn't all that glorious (not bad, either, of course, in particular armor has a hard time evading the rockets if you managed a lock, but then armor has a hard time avoiding anything being shot its way unless you're a Magrider):

    But yep, the Striker is just another Annihilator, higher theoretical dps but forces you to stand out in the open for an extended period. And looks cooler. :cool:
  7. Keiichi25

    To put this in proper perspective, here is the history of the Striker:

    PS1 - Striker originally was a 3 round per magazine Missile Launcher - Could be Dumbfired or fired with lockon - Locking on to a target can also be achieved even after firing the rockets.

    They then nerfed it to 5 rockets to a magazine, which meant spreading the damage from being 3 big hits, to 5 smaller hits.

    Fixed the Lockon Algorithm so now it requires a Lockon for the missile to actually track a target (Earlier, people could fire the rounds and then lock onto a target) and also maintain lock onto the target while missiles were in flight. You could, however, reload while doing this.

    The only other major change which happened prior to the lockon algorithm change was the increased number of rounds, IE: Originally, a box of ammo for the Striker was 3/5, then it was upped to 15 rounds per box, you could carry a max of 6 boxes (3 ideally with other ammo and stuff) when Armor was upped to last longer.

    Now looking at PS2, they made the Striker to be like the basic Lockon weapon (IE: Fire and Forget after Lockon). Now in PS1, the Phoenix was given a dumbfire mode because there was no real point to do guidance for the intended purpose of short shotting it for situations such as a MAX in a tower.

    Now to be perfectly honest, both the Phoenix and the Striker should have the option to short shot it against armored targets as the reload for the Phoenix is long, but also gimping the infantry damage to force it to be only a viable option against Vehicles at close range and MAX armors. However, this is also countered by the fact that both the NC and TR have access to, by default, a dumbfire AV weapon.

    My only guess a to why they don't allow this for the NC and TR is because they don't want people to be too versatile. When you pick a loadout, you are stuck with it until you respawn or resupply at a terminal. This is where the VS will have a slightly upper hand over the NC and TR with that regard.
  8. Lambchopz

    The Striker is extremely effective against air, yes, but all 3 factions can make any area a no fly zone with Bursters at this point anyways (the VS and TR admittedly more so then the NC). It definitely feels cheesy as an anti-air weapon, and I do think that needs to be addressed if nothing else.

    But aside from that it's a pain in the *** to use. It takes 3 seconds to lock on with the damn thing, which means 3 seconds of standing out in the open if you actually intend to lock on to a decent tank driver. You end up dieing a lot of the time before you get to fire off a single rocket in the heavier battles.

    I have the Striker, yes it's great for AA but I truth be told I barely use it even though I bought it with SC. It's frustrating to use for anything besides AA. I still carry around the stock dumb fire more then anything. I'd rather have the lancer.

    Also, I would love if the Striker was changed to work more like the fracture, yes.

    I hate the lock-on weapons in this game. I really do. I was drawn in by the cool factor of the Striker, but I regret buying it.
  9. Keiichi25

    The counter to this argument is that the Striker is more easily 'accessible' versus a Burster. The problem is, any one with a proper clue who has played other factions, would realize that the NC and VS also have access to a Striker Variant weapon which is the NS Annihilator. The benefit of the Striker over the NS Annihilator is that you have a less 'wasteful' chance of firing off rounds as you would with the NS Annihilator. The Striker comes with 20 rounds, 5 in launcher, 15 in reserve. The NS Annihilator has 1 loaded, 4 in reserve. The damage output of the Striker, per missile is lower than the NS Annihilator, however, 5 full rounds is more than 1 single Annihilator Missile round.

    The NC and VS can pull off a 'Striker Squad' well before the TR had the Striker with the NS Annihilator and have done so until its lockon was nerfed, the sad thing of it all, is that the less intelligent players who say the Strikers causes pure air/vehicle denial are too ignorant to use the NS Annihilator the same way the TR use the Striker. The ones who actually make the Striker seem so ungodly, are groups that do a bit more effort to use it properly versus the one off person. Which is also why any TR person who uses it states it isn't really that great, because under a single person usage, it is difficult to pull off the very denial people complain about the TR Striker.

    I would agree that it would be nice for the striker to be able to shoot off on the hip with not nearly as nice accuracy for the short shotting, but I believe the counter argument, as mentioned earlier by me, would be to not allow it because all sides have a 'default' dumbfire weapon and it rips out the versatility, which is where the VS would get the 'benefit' with the Lancer on the ability to short shot at close range, even though the charge mechanic of it does not lend well for the short range engagement.
  10. Puppy

    If you are standing out in the open your doing it wrong. After a lock you can stand behind cover and fire all 5 rockets still. And I'm one of those fairly good pilots I think. Never go near a base without flares ready or one striker takes out most of your health in one go.
  11. Puppy

    NS Anny Launcher requires more players for use. It can also not be used on it's own very well so many people don't get the weapon. TR can use it effectively on their own so more people use it. This allows them to use it together more often and with less players then an Anny Launcher needs.
  12. shadowkhat

    LOl ya flares barely work got locked on by two or 3 last nite, popped flares after after getting hit by one dropped out of LOS and evaporated from the other striker missles.... if flares worked 100% of the time it wouldn't be nearly as bad. but each individual missle seems to have to be flared... if your out of LOS when you pop flares the other missles seem to ignore it.
  13. rickampf

    The Striker would be pointless if on pair with the Annihilator and worse than the Grounder. SOE decided give to us a lock on ESL... they already nerfed the rate of fire and will not insult us with a pointless empire specific weapon. I doubt that soe will change the Striker more.
  14. Puppy

    If your saying the Anny Launcher is better then the Striker then I suggest a second look on stats and time to lock on.
  15. CDN_Wolvie

    Here is something else to consider and effects damn near every single "OP" thread: Our supposedly futuristic traveled the stars level of technology air vehicles don't even meet a basic modern air vehicle standard - they don't have flares/chaff by default.

    What would change it all up for the better when comes to lock ons is the lock on could switch over to the flare/chaff and upon reaching the new flare/chaff target, detonate, making some AOE damage. This would make all lock ons where air is concerned a much more interesting dynamic situation.

    Flares/chaff should come as a feature of all aircraft, that would then give all weapons that use lock on much more room to be "OP", like say in the Strikers case, it would detonate the flare/chaff, the other 4 rounds still incoming if not detonated by the first detonation, would choose the next closest lock on ... or maybe the user of the striker chooses the next lock on if they are quick enough. That would be very involved, perhaps even more fun, correct? Other lock on rockets could have bigger AOE detonations and other possible variables involved if flares/chaff were a air vehicle default (aka all air vehicles come with a basic flare/chaff already equipped).

    The core issue is not the Striker, the core issue is the lock on game mechanics and related cert trees being broken and poorly designed from the get go.
  16. Bakercompany86

    I'm not privy to the detailed statistics and actual numbers of the different launchers. What I do know is the Striker seemingly outranges most if not all of the launchers, and puts out a lot more damage total (2500 is it?)

    Simple fix here. Shorten the range to match the rest. Match the damage/reload ratio to other launchers. Problem solved. Not carbon copy the other launcher statistics. But being that it shoots multiple rockets that do X damage a piece and it takes X time to reload. That should combine into a ratio to compare with other launchers.
  17. Snib

    Not really. If you lose line of sight to the target you start losing lock (that green rectangle starts turning and flashing). You'll lose it faster than you can fire all 5 rockets from behind cover. Also you won't be able to see whether your rockets will have a chance to hit because the target moved behind cover/out of range already (contrary to popular ForumSide belief you cannot typically hit with the rockets if you fire them when the target is already behind cover - they'll only try to follow if the target is still in the open when you fire).

    So firing from behind cover sounds like an inefficient tactic to me. For the same reason you don't fire immediately after acquiring lock anyway. You wait to see if the target flares.

    Nope, same range as all other infantry lock-ons (Annihilator etc.). You were probably thinking of the Phoenix guided missile which has a much shorter range.

    Striker deals a maximum of 5x500 damage per lock, correct.
  18. rickampf

    Where am i saying this?
  19. Puppy

    My comment was a fact. I understand and have used a Striker. (Apparently when I hit reply it didn't quote. This was a responce to someone above disregaurding my statement.)
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  20. Noppa

    Striker is fine, the thing that makes it OP is that there is million TR heavys using it everyday, simple fix would be to make it lock on AIR ONLY, then it still could be used against air but that nerf would lower the total amount of strikers 80% cos u cant shoot armors with it.. rly rly simple fix.