Alright guys need a hand in choosing something

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  1. The Wolf

    I have played every faction. Back in the beta testing though I was a Vanu, then switched to NC. I have played a TR for a while but honestly I don't like their armor and colors. I love their ranks, in the NC I loved their composite helmet for the Heavy. The Vanguard was awesome to roll in and very deadly. I don't care much for their ranks or their weapons. Vanu, I love the maggie and the armor style. The scythe is pretty fun also. But I do hate their colors, and how there are no form of military styled outfits. Before you say it I know the VS aren't suppose to be a military but you can not doubt they are similar to Templar knights fighting for their crusade. In a way they are a form of military/militia and you are called a soldier. I want people to post on why I should join one of the empires/factions. Due to me not being able to choose from my own perspective maybe I will find some perspective from someone other than myself's opinion.
  2. Borusa

    You could just make use of the three character slots you get.
    Roll a character of each empire for a couple of levels and whichever you feel the best with is the one you should pick.
    But be warned: not only the Empire, but also the server counts as well. You can have very different experiences with the same empire on two different servers.

    Edit: You seemed to ditch TR based on their colors only. However they seem the closest to being an army to me. Though that was worth to mention as you stressed military so much.
  3. Teegeeack

    NC, since playing them will teach you skills you will not learn from the two easy factions.
  4. The Wolf

    Well I am not much of a shotgun fan either. Their maxes are mean but I don't like the shotguns lol. WHY CAN'T YOU GIVE THEM RAIL GUNS SOE! lol. I am wanting you guys to post the pros and cons of the factions you are listing btw, so I can determine from your perspective which I prefer. I was a planetside 1 Vanu mostly because of the BFUs lol.
  5. JorgeSarcos

    Join VS... we have Spandex!
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  6. Teegeeack

    To be honest, I've never been really able to choose and stick to a faction either. Highest level 58, current level 9. So I like to read people's perspectives on the factions too.
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  7. Ryme

    I feel who you play with matters more than what toys you get. Look at what server you'll be rolling on and choose among the decent factions there. Ending up in a spawn-camped faction won't be fun, regardless of uniform colors and vehicles you get.
  8. Mootar

    I would like to try and convince you to join NC but in all honesty, join TR.
    Without getting into a tedious balance discussion, if you like using vehicles or flying you will have a sh*tload more fun with them.

    I'd rather have my eyeball pierced with a rusty spoon than play VS.
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  9. The Wolf

    Well see I don't really like playing with many other people. They either do something and get me killed or actually I love shooting out of spawn rooms so lol. Also it is more about the faction itself. No one ever makes like 1st Vanu Armored division, TR do and the NC even have the 666th Devil Dogs which I have played with them fun guys but I didn't care much for the faction itself NC. Because of its downsides. Such as the things I didn't like and because I don't like those it maybe corrupting my judgement of the factions I want to play as. One thing in Vanu is the spawn beacon I can't stand the pinkish purple color it uses lol.
  10. Epic High Five

    Ignore this man and play NC. TR weapons are boring and VS weapons are dumb peashooters, and the Vanguard RULES
  11. The Wolf

    Well it just seems to me Red is overplayed also I said their armor as well. The name of their aircraft is rather funny, especially since you got these awesome names, the Reaver, the Scythe, then you have the Mosquito. I find it funny cause what is it going to do give you West Nile and you die within 1-2 years lol.
  12. IamDH

    But... we have the prowler. Now thats a name

    Forget the lamerider