Alpha Squad Boosts Destroyed When Paying More....

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Goldfox, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Goldfox

    So basically after contacting your support and being told to post it on here so you developers can see it.

    Mine and many other alpha squad members problem is that we paid for a 6 month boost for 10% xp as part of the package. Yet when we want to say buy any other boost for instance a 50% xp boost. The Alpha Squad one will be removed and we do not get it back. Surely it would be better if you just had a booster inventory or something which we can store it in until the new boost we have paid for has run out.

    Just seems a bit silly that if we want to buy more boosts we have to destroy the alpha squad one which should last for 6 months yet at this moment it seems some only get a few days/weeks out of it.
  2. Mylar

    I heard about this.

    I was suprised the alpha squad bonus was done as a boost.
    The biggest thing that has changed for me is that I'm afraid to become a member.
    So, I paid for the alpha squad and got a 10% 6 month boost that ties up my boost slot for a long time...

    What happens if I grab a 6 month membership?
    Does the 50% bonus come in the form of a boost item or is it automatic and applied to the character in a different manner?
    If the membership bonus can exist on a non boost layer, why didn't they put the alpha squad bonus on that layer as well, allowing thier alpha squad members to get other boosts and throw more money at them?

    Heck, even the confusion caused by this system has cost them money. I'd have grabbed a membership on release day if this was not an issue.
  3. SgtMeatwad

    i have alpha squad, I just moved the alpha squad boost OUT of the slot and put in a 1day squad boost. After the squad boost expired I put the alpha squad boost back and am using it now. There IS an Inventory for boosts, there was an issue at release that messed up the ALpha squad boosts and SOE said they will, and they HAVE refunded everyone their Alphasquad boost. It doesnt stop the time from ticking on the alpha boost though
  4. Goldfox

    Thats all well and good if you can actually move the boost out which I can not. Also I can not even buy boosts since launch.
  5. Faze

    Have they refunded the lost Alpha squad boosts already? I haven't seen any post saying they have yet. I lost mine from using a trial weapon in the 1st day or two, but I haven't got it back in my inventory yet.
  6. Tian

    You'll want to contact support about your lost boost. I got mine back in about a day.
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  7. Faze

    Ok thanks Tian :)
  8. Goldfox

    See that is one unclear area I was told by two support members two different things. The first said they would be and the second said they would not...
  9. PerfectInsanity

    I seem ti be one of the lucky few who haven't had this problem and gets 60% boost?
  10. Madmojo

    The membership boost is automatic and does not use a slot. It stacks with whatever boost you may use and any squad boost your squad leader is using.
  11. Koadster

    Yeah i sent a few bug reports and support tickets.. still no boost, since i paid for that in the package. Perhaps its time to get a refund using Australian Consumer Law..

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