Alpha Squad Boost Timer Reset

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Sinistersmith, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Sinistersmith

    Hello! Before I start on my small rant, I just wanted to thank you for reading this. Also, I didn't know where this would go so I assumed this would be the best forum section to put it in. Thanks for reading, and enjoy.

    People who have bought the alpha squad boost probably got it for many different reasons. For instance, a 6 month boost. Now I bought this and have kept this boost on for as long as I can remember. Now the boost has not only been upgraded so that it is a 50% boost, but will be given back to those who scrapped it. I thank you for doing this, but I am not a part of this. I am one of the few who have kept it throughout the entire time the game has been out. All I ask is that the devs communicate to us that either these people will get their timers reset when it is reset, we get another alpha squad boost, or that this will not happen. (I prefer the 2nd option :D) Thank you for reading, and please post your thoughts on this!
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  2. Sinistersmith

    Doesn't anybody have any thoughts on this matter?
  3. Deladin

    I have not been given back my boost, since I scrapped in it to purchase a 50% boost.
  4. Josh Developer

    We're working through testing on the boost grants. Everyone will get the new boost, with full time, in their inventory. The old ones will be taken if you still have them.
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  5. Daimond

    On the patch 2 update, my alpha squad boots on my main dissapeared, submitted a ticket, and was told that derv's are getting around to giving out new ones, suposable they are to be rest, but you never know if thats true though. I am still waiting on my boots to be given back to me, although a vs and TR I created few months ago but dont play, they there mainly for testing, they got there new boosts though. although they never lost them.
  6. Policenaut

    So I've had my boost equipped the entire time and it has 3 months left on it. You're telling me I'll get a new one with a full 6 months? If that's the case, do I have to contact customer service in order to get it or does it just happen?
  7. VethEU

    Thank you alot. This leaves me happy and without a feeling of getting screwed because I enabled mine in November last year! :D
  8. Gazro

    I had equipped the Alpha boost the first day the game went live, after the first hotfix/patch, the boost vanished, support hasn't been helpful either :(
  9. philux

    Thank you for this! Customer-oriented decisions like that strengthen my trust and willingness to support PS2/SOE in the future.
  10. Sinistersmith

    So if ours is still active, should we remove them, or can we keep them on until they are removed by the devs?
  11. Rogan

    I just logged in and found mine disabled and reset so I just re-enabled it. Surely that's what everyone will do, possibly with some kind of bizarre guilt.

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