Almost-crash then FPS drop.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ganjis, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Ganjis

    I have noticed this week that I have encountered a new problem. About half of my play sessions are affected. After about an hour (+/- 1/4) I get a black screen and no sound for about a second or two, then the game resumes, but with noticably diminished "Battle noise" and significant FPS loss from around 50+ normal to as low as 5.

    Am I alone here?
  2. DG-MOD-02

  3. Ork from Mork

    You have the same Problem like me!
    The "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" PROBLEM i mean ;) !

    Watch your "Event Log" and search for Display Driver Error(s)!
    You have an Nvidia Card,i bet :p (Like me too)!
    This Problem i have the last Month so far,and that is the reason why i stoped playing this game more often!
    The most Gamers becomes the normal CTD and we have the "RARE" Display Driver Recover PROBLEM!

    "YOU ARE NOT ALONE SIR!" - i feel with you!

    But i think,there is no Help that SOE can give us!

    R.I.P. Planetside 2 ,my Hope is Gone !
  4. Slingur

    I'm having the same issue, for about a month I think. Running an Nvidea card also, an EVGA 660 ti.
  5. Kerrrrp

    Same here. Sudden black screen without sound, then the game resumes with very low FPS (20 for me). After some time it snaps back to normal again.
  6. Duber

    I also suffer from this problem, any ideas on how to fix? do we need to post any logs...etc?
  7. WNxPlatinum

    Same issue here.. or had based on first results. I was running the 314.22 Nvidia drivers and just moved to the 326.80 drivers yesterday. At the same time I disabled SLI. It looks to have solved the issue but I am not certain what the root cause was so I will do some additional testing to see if the SLI or driver was the culprit here. I am leaning towards drivers.
  8. P3STILENCE1973

    Add me to the list. Same problem here. Additionally, right as it happens, The sound also slows and distorts (think "The Matrix" ) black screen for a few seconds, then it comes back with EXTREMELY low FPS and will eventually return to "normal." I've learned to live with it. It's not as bad as the rig my kids play on that just has random, frequent CTD's with NO crash notification.
  9. Darkembrace

    Might be (probably not) the reason is your videocard. I used to get the same behaviour when i was overclocking the **** out of my gtx 560, needed to lower overlock or get better cooling to overcome this issue. Try monitoring the temps and cleaning your videocard.
  10. P3STILENCE1973

    Everything is VERY clean and I'll rarely hit 60 on my GPU (EVGA GTX 670). My fan curve is set way early as I've noticed that prevention is the key. If I wait for the temps to spike before kicking in 70+% fan, it has a hard time playing catch-up. It's loud, but I don't notice with the headphones on. I think the OC may have something to do with it though.
  11. Grossalaud

    Same issue here.. it happens every 2-3 hours.
    My video card isn't overclocked and always run below 70
  12. sicsoo

    can i join the club. just bought an evga 660gtx sc. tried like 4 drivers. it still happens no matter what. is strange because i can even play 3 hours witouth this, temp 70-75° (they are ok). then it happens, sometimes i can alt-tab and keep playing sometimes not.
  13. TomoB

    I used to get this a lot, then I guess re-installing/upgrading drivers with clean install option solved it.