Allow us to buy cosmetic items with certs

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  1. ronjahn

    Will SOE be refunding everyone who bought cosmetics with SC? It's unfair to change cosmetics to free at this point especially where there are many players who have spent well over $100 to make their toons look sexy.

    Id gladly give all my cosmetics back for a full refund and the ability to buy them with certs.

    But sice refunds aren't even remotely a possibility, I think the pay for cosmetics system should stay in place. It causes zero harm to the game to have cosmetics cost money.
    TLDR: Pay Up.
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  2. Crator

    It's ridiculous to even ask for this...

    One thing that would be nice is if I could disable some of the ones I own already. I just don't use them and dislike having to scroll through all the ones I own to get to the one I want... Or perhaps they could give us the ability to bind a camo based on the continent we are on. Even better, based on continent + area!
  3. nubery

    How do you expect SOE to justify hosting the game if they're not making revenue? Buy your cosmetics. Support the game.
  4. TraatAdmiral

    Hey now, don't knock the cell camos! I'm rocking my official F2P scrub uniform--cell camo + analyst helmet. It doesn't look that bad. :p
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  5. Bonom Denej

    Hmm, what about the time they changed how we purchase camo ? I could have saved 20$ but I'm just happy they're cheaper right now. If some camo I have purchased are going free, I won't be mad because I actually put money in the game to support it.

    But I'm against what the OP is suggesting... A F2P game that makes efforts not to be P2W need to have some stable revenue stream and people will always buy cosmetic items.
  6. ColonelChingles

    Keep telling yourself that... the only way you can wear Cells camo and make it look good is if you're doing it ironically.

    And that would make you a Space Hipster. ;)
  7. KnightCole

    Cosmetics shouldnt become avail for certs. Its the main way SoE makes money on this game. That any buying your weapon of choice, should you so choose.

    Atleast in this game its not P2W, as all guns are side grades, not upgrades...unlike Ghost recon Phantoms, where unless you buy a rank 5 vest and kit it out, and get a T4 or above gun, you will be face ***** effortlessly....
  8. Aaren

    I'm flabbergasted at how little foresight people are having in this thread.

    SOE rely on cosmetics for the majority of their revenue?

    Why not keep the current stock of cosmetics as purchasable with SC only and introduce a set of new, less flashy camo's and helms for SC or large amounts of certs.

    There, now people will still buy your platinum bling to pad your bread fund, and those that are new to the game or have been playing for years will feel they have the ability to play dress up too. If SOE wants more people to pay for the good stuff, it would make more sense to have some sort of entry level.
  9. ColonelChingles

    Talk about a lack of foresight...

    If Target comes up to you and gives you a free set of shirt and pants that never get dirty so you could wear them everyday for every occasion, would you pay money for a second set?

    Some people might, but let's face it many/most people would wear that free set for the rest of their lives without giving Target a single cent.
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  10. Mangopizza

    You want what I have then you do what I did to get it.

    It's bad enough they now give away free trim without giving SC buyers the option of buying the black camo and such.
  11. Aaren


    By your logic, practically no-one ever buys cosmetic items in the current game - as we are all given 'free' default uniforms - and apparently "most people" are content with that.

    But hang on, I see a lot of people in-game running around with camo's and helmets, and golden trophy's on their cars, that they could only have bought with SC so...

    The reality is that most of us want to feel differentiated from everyone else. We want our characters to look like our own - and as long as the price is right - many of us are happy to pay for that privilege. The discussion here - is whether that privelage needs to remain something only real monies can buy - or whether SOE can afford to give some freebies to those who have already spent a lot of time collecting in-game credits.
  12. ColonelChingles

    Business isn't really a matter of being able to afford something or not... it's about maximizing profits (and hopefully sinking said profits back in the form of development).

    In other words if SOE could make money off of it, why give it away for free?

    And it's not like not giving players free stuff will significantly hurt the game... because that's the state of the game already. If there's someone for who the make-or-break deal was the fact that they can't use certs to get cosmetics (and I doubt there's many), then those players are long gone. The remaining players would like free stuff, but if they don't get free stuff it's unlikely that they'll quit.

    Besides, as previously mentioned everyone already gets free camo already... Cells camo. That's enough of a freebie as it is.
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  13. miraculousmouse

    Usually the players with the most certs (by either being tractors or well oiled headshot machines, or both) are also decked out in the sweetest looking gear. These are the same vets who also bought camos for their weapons and characters ,(they were seperate at one point)
  14. miraculousmouse

    Are you a proud member of the dark digital camo crew?
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  15. -Synapse-

    What if cosmetics could be purchased with directive points instead of certs? Just a thought.
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  16. longmachao

    If you have at least 100 hours of gameplay, you should really drop at the very least $20 on this game. Making cosmetic item purchasable with certs doesn't help anyone but the free players. A lot of high BR like myself have ton of certs and not much to use on would benefit from this, but in the long run it won't be good for the game.
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  17. ColonelChingles

    Sadly I'm not that fashionable. But I can truthfully say that I was using Delta before it was cool. :cool:
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  18. NC_agent00kevin

    if you wanna look rad when you kill people, pony up the bucks.
  19. Archiadus

    If the game was at a stable state where every new update doesn't break something old I'd consider buying some fancy items for my characters, sadly it's not very stable and I can't remember the last time we got something new in-game without it breaking something that was working perfectly fine.
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  20. FinePool

    Would you rather spend money on camo or be forced to pay a monthly fee and or buy the game? Cosmetics are a great way to keep a game free to pay while making money, thus letting them keep the servers up longer and producing more content for us players. I think that if they made it so you could buy camo with certs they would have to find some other way to make a reliable profit, and you probably wouldn't like the alternative.