Allow us to buy cosmetic items with certs

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  1. GantryPengy380

    Title says it all. Players want to customize, but some people don't want to pay money to customize their in-game character. Cosmetics don't give players too much of an advantage over each other in combat except being harder to see you or your vehicle if you're in the right place with the right camo. Most cosmetics just make you look cooler anyway, so why not make them available for purchase with certs as well as SC?
  2. MarkAntony

    That is the exact reason why it is OK that they are not available for certs.

    And it should (and will) stay that way. If you want customization then support the devs by buying.
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  3. Champagon

    I am going to say no, the PS2 team have bills to pay and need to put food on the table somehow you know? And at the rate some of you dudes get certs it would absolutely destroy SOE's revenue stream
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  4. Killuminati C

    ^ This. They have to pay the bills somehow don't they?
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  5. Ztiller

    That is how free to play games work, and if you want to keep it that way you gotta accept that you need to pay for cosmetics. Be glad it's the only thing you cant buy for certs.
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  6. Maelthra

    SOE should make every single thing in the game available for free without paying. That way we could all enjoy this completely free least until SOE went bankrupt because no one was paying them.
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  7. Archiadus

    That's assuming that the players that play enough to get those certs are interested in paying.. :rolleyes:

    What about 10,000 certs per cosmetic? End game content :D.
  8. Champagon

    You'd be surprised how much money get thrown to this game F2P in general by the players
  9. GantryPengy380

    Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING else in the game is available to buy with station cash (except cert trees for the classes/vehicles, obviously), so why shouldn't cosmetics be the same way? There's plenty of other ways for SOE to get money anyway, and they recently made weapon scopes available to purchase with SC (or at least that's what I've heard. Correct me if I'm wrong).
  10. IberianHusky

    Composite helmets and Drakon armor should be purchasable with certs. Everything else should cost SC.
  11. NinjaTurtle

    Stupid idea.

    It is a f2p game, SOE need somewhere as a guaranteed income. You want to look cool pay up

    Because they are purely cosmetics and have no impact on game play they are the perfect thing to monetize
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  12. DudeBro79

    The logical thing to do would be to make the actual CAMOUFLAGE patterns available for certs. Leave the showoff bright colors as SC-only purchases.

    I know it's not much but it seems people view proper camo as one of the few "actually pay2win" things in the game.
  13. Archiadus

    If only you couldn't buy weapons and their attachments for €$ it would make more sense that cosmetics are unavailable for certs... :(
  14. RHINO_Mk.II

    I'm afraid if you don't want to look like a peasant you'll need to show some love for the dev team. Tough cookies.
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  15. HadesR

    Hopefully though there will be more " free " ES Directive camo in the future ..

    Not that I need it .. I bought a bit while I was able to ... But SOE in their wisdom removed my preferred payment method as a SC option .. So no more cash from me ..
  16. -Synapse-

    I'd be okay with certain camos being available for certs, like desert, snow, and forest ones. But beyond that if you just want to look sexy you have to pay up. It's the one of the only ways the game gets funding after all.
  17. Flapatax

    OP is an idiot.
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  18. CEGrif

    player studio mate.
  19. TraatAdmiral

    Actually, I've always thought they should use the old SOE-made camouflages as battle rank rewards. The original ones, from back before we had Player Studio. You'd knock down a bunch of birds with one stone there--give F2P players a few more options, remove the potential issue of whatever small advantage camouflage gives, and give BR a bit more meaning, all with one simple change.
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  20. ColonelChingles

    I thought that the totally coincidental thread listing explained this better than I ever could...


    SOE did give away free camo with the tutorial missions... the abhorrent Cell camos:


    Of course the entire point of giving away free camos is that you give players ones that they actually don't want to use, but you give them a taste of what wearing nice-looking camo might be like.

    Giving away free camo that people would actually want to use would be counterproductive to SOE's profits because many people (though not the fashionistas) just have a snow camo for Esamir, a desert camo for Indar, and a forest/jungle camo for Amerish/Hossin. If you give them those freebies, they'll be unlikely to buy anything else.

    I mean apart from the TR cow camo and the pink weapon camo I got as jokes (and the free camos), I just have the three continental camos and my "official" outfit camo. No need for anything else, since I can only wear one set of clothes at a time!