[Suggestion] Allow throwing the Decoy grenade while cloaked

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by rawdev, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. rawdev

    It appears that infiltrators rarely use the decoy grenade right now, so I was thinking about what could make it more useful and... if a cloaked infiltrator is able to throw the decoy grenade while cloaked (and without de-cloaking), this would give a big bonus to it, since then the cloaked infiltrator would have another tool in their chest to remain unseen.
  2. Eternaloptimist

    I would guess that the problem with the decoy grenade is that there are better alternatives (just my preference showing here). Apart from that, I could see it being useful to lure/distract an enemy in a small hunter-killer, stalking each other sort of skirmish but in other scenarios I imagine it would get lost in the background 'noise' of real gunfire.

    I could see the ability to toss one while cloaked being used in the same way that some infils plant a motion spotter to attract a victim but that seems like a fairly limited advantage (especially if an alert observer sees shooting on the minimap but no evidence of allies who are getting shot at)

    I would be interested to hear from people who use it....as well as thoughts from people who use flash 'nades as to what they see as the better of short det or long det versions in practice.
  3. BartasRS

    I find decoy nade very, very poor choice. Firstly, because in the heat of battle ONE short living dot on the map is unnoticable and makes no differente. Secondly, if I am stalking I am trying to avoid attention before I strike and if I need to lure someone I'd rather do so by hacking terminal, placing a dildar or plainly stab someone from behind.

    Besides, all decoy decoy nade does is to make sounds and false dot on the minimap. If you throw it too far you will miss your opportunity, if your throw it in the open anyone sane will immediately notice there is nothing there.

    IMO if decoy nade made a holo projection - like crazy HA running and shooting - it would be much usefull for infils. You know, a real decoy which would divert attention away from you with a clearly visible target.
  4. OldMaster80

    They are too situational, too limited for a game where most of people runs after KDR... They are nice against Spitfire turrets but that's all.

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