Allow players to gift purchased items to other players?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Talthos, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Talthos

    Edit: I forgot to add the 'Suggestion' title prefix, and the forum doesn't let you edit titles after posting, damn it...

    For instance, maybe a new player wants a nice 'starting kit' bundle, but they are hesitant to spend money on this game right away. Theoretically, we could have a veteran player buy this starting kit themselves, then send it to the new player as a 'gift' of sorts.

    DBG would still profit, because the item would still need to be purchased prior to gifting it to the new player. I certainly wouldn't mind buying then tossing a free gift gun to a newbie every now and again, at any rate...
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  2. Inogine

    There's been a time or two I would have liked to hand my buddy something. But alas, no gifting allowed. Always made me curious as nearly any other game with any sort of in-game market allows for gifting.
  3. Nenarch

    I'd like this option aswell. Not everyone even has a credit card.
  4. Corporate Thug

    I can see tons of baseless default camo players hanging crossroads stopping sunderers asking for DBG coin...
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  5. Inogine

    That's when you pull up in your fully decked out vehicle of choice smoking a cigar, get out to show off your finely tailored combat suit and hand out a few shekels before hopping back in and punching the gas leaving a trail of dirt and exhaust for them to cough in while you drive away laughing.
  6. Talthos

    Beggars will exist no matter where you play, though. To quote "World of Offline Gaming":