Allow infiltrators to hack broken terminals

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by windcaler, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. windcaler

    I dont know how many times Ive gone into a base with a team to cap a point, then me or another Infiltrator in my platoon will go around hacking consoles only to find them destroyed. When that happens you're just kind of stuck, unable to use the bases resources until the point flips and sometimes you desperately need to get vehicle consoles, infantry consoles, and turrets to prevent opponents from getting support in

    I would be fine if this ability needed a high level cert (although I would be happier if it was a default ability). The thing is it just really needs to be in the game

    Some people might ask, well when do the enemies get their terminals back then? My answer is when one of their infiltrators hack it or when they successfully defend the point. This would make terminals much more important to hold and hopefully make infiltrators more relevant outside of just sniping.
  2. yama

    Another idea, don't give me grief points when I start to viciously stab the moron who just blew up the terminal/turret I was standing at ....holding E .1s away from success.....
  3. Xizwhoa

    You shouldn't be able to hack a broken terminal, sorry. It's destroyed, what's there to hack? If I'm in a losing spot I destroy them on purpose because I'm not giving you a perfectly good base. Eng can repair them, so you have to wait.
  4. Daejin

    Considering there are so many wires... It'd be easy to complete the work. Especially with an engy nearby. Bottom line is, we should be able to reboot a base when all the enemies are gone or pushed into their spawn.
  5. Fafnir

    I usually shoot teammates, who fire at enemy terminals.

    The devs really need to do something with this. Currently bad players are rewarded with XP for decreasing utility of friendly infiltrators.
  6. WingMaker

    I say don't stop at terminals, what about turrets? I don't know why, but no one ever repairs them after a base flips! Gotta love infiltrating an enemy base just to find all the equipment terminals and turrets are destroyed and no one is doing anything to repair them. Makes the amount of things I can do to sabotage a base zero. When a spawn room has two or more protected equipment terminals in a shielded area, why bother repairing those terminals outside the spawn room?

    Add it to the list of things that make an infiltrator's life frustrating.
  7. Inu

    IMHO make them regen after 5 minutes, maybe 1% every minute after that.
  8. RobotNinja

    Not only that but you get 100xp for destroying a terminal. An Infiltrator gets 25xp for hacking it. Which is more useful?
  9. Zinus

    Oh don't forget the famous, you hack a terminal so you can use it, only for a teammate to destroy it in front of you after it was hacked -.-...

    edit: on topic: I don't like the idea, rather give more reason for ppl to repair broken stuff rather than inf's ability to hack the universe and materialize broken stuff out of thin air
  10. WingMaker

    A new thought: Terminals can't be destroyed, they can only be hacked. If you want to disable enemy terminals, just hack them. Since the hacks are indefinite, it is the same thing at the end of the day.
  11. hostilechild

    Or let a engineer repair an enemy terminal/turret ;) Bet we see more engineers then.

    But i agree nothing more annoying than infiltrating a base to find all the terminals/turrets blown up. So i usually just leave them a prox present.
  12. m44v

    Infiltrating a base that's already taken is not infiltrating!
  13. WingMaker

    Not even a taken base. No one ever bothers to repair the satellite equipment terminals and turrets.

    I meant infiltrating an actual enemy occupied base and everything is still broken.
  14. ScorpDK

    The moment a turret blows up it should return to the faction owning the place, but it would be helpful if engineers were indeed able to repair a vehicle/turret/terminal that doesn't belong to their faction.

    Hell, you could even call in a short-time alliance between the two underdog factions to push back a foe that has most of their bases under their control.
    Allow us to use our tools on enemies, you can remove the XP gain, but let us cooperate or just simply repair things so we can take them over.
  15. Fafnir

    I used Mosquito to get my infiltrator to enemy base that gives a lot of influence to nearby tech plant. I was going to hack terminal, pull a Sunderer for my squad and cap the base. Guess what, vehicle terminal was left destroyed.:mad:
  16. windcaler

    To address the idea of engi's beinga ble to repair broken consoles/turrets, I thought about that idea already but as was pointed out in another thread it could be used for experience farming. Destroy the turret, repair it, repeat. In that thread I mentioned 1. making it a cert ability and 2. adding a cooldown to prevent farming

    That said, the reason why I think it should be the infiltrators focus is to get more infiltrators out there and to inspire more gameplay then just sniping. I dont know about you all but for me around 80% of the infs I see just snipe people and never use their other skills to help in base offense or defense. Ive asked around and the few answer I have gotten are basicly people thinking the inf is not a useful class for assaulting bases and I cant really disagree with that considering their current state

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