All these "TR is weakest faction threads"

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  1. a-koo-chee-moya

    Your 1 situation pales against the stats of OoD. Prowler kills the most armor and infantry, no argument. Besides, I don't see Vanguards zipping around dodging shells. Now If mag had lockdown, yea that would suck, but Prowler relies on DPS, Vanguard on armor, and Magrider on mobility. When Prowler deploys, it does not lose the trait it relies on, rather, it triples it.
  2. a-koo-chee-moya

    Its not "maybe" The stats are right there.

    What? PPA is getting more kills than Canister and Maurader, so everything is working as intended?
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  3. SenEvason

    We like to keep these kinds of threads on rotation. For a while it will be NC UP threads, then VS UP threads, then TR UP threads, and start over. Just one of those things that keeps Forumside going.
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  4. Chaingunner

    I agree with you, but remember 90% of prowlers are 1/2 while mags and vans are 90% 2/2. This skews the numbers of main guns
  5. gibstorm

    You have 2 guns.

    One does 1000 dps another does 500 dps. Which gun is more likely to get a kill shot when infantry are firing rockets and planes are shooting at the same tank??
  6. Fellgnome

    No they don't. Prowler is the most destroyed MBT. Having more VKPH doesn't mean it's the best tank against other vehicles and that's an important distinction. In non-confrontational situations, the high damage will destroy more vehicles that aren't actually shooting the Prowler, but as I said, Prowler suffers when it can't just camp somewhere shelling things and actually has to actively engage.

    Also worth noting is that Enforcer and Saron make up a significant amount of vehicle deaths for the other factions, while the Halberd and Vulcan destroy far fewer with the Halberd destroying more vehicles than the Vulcan.
  7. a-koo-chee-moya
    Its more like less than half.....
    AP + Halberd Prowler (Best VKPH) = 35.36 VKPH
    AP + Halberd Magrider (Best VKPH) = 33.63 VKPH
    AP + Enforcer Vanguard (Best VKPH) = 32.46 VKPH
    2/2 AP Prowler is still better.....
    Besides that, remember that 1 guy can drive and gun primary, while 1 guy cannot drive and gun secondary.
  8. a-koo-chee-moya

    ? obviously 1000 dps.
  9. gibstorm

    Now, Which tanks main gun has the highest DPS and is therefore more likely to get kill shot giving it more VHPH than other tanks??

    Wait for it
  10. z1967

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  11. a-koo-chee-moya

    1. Show me some stats that register "confrontational" and "non-confrontational" kills.

    2. AP + Halberd Prowler (Best VKPH) = 35.36 VKPH
    AP + Halberd Magrider (Best VKPH) = 33.63 VKPH
    AP + Enforcer Vanguard (Best VKPH) = 32.46 VKPH

    3. However, the Prowler does do more damage itself, which translates into less damage taken from vehicles that would have to retreat to rep.
  12. a-koo-chee-moya

    Well, Prowler of coures, because it has higher DPS, giving it better damage output, which equals more kills. Also, higher alpha strike damage from Titan AP would give it more kill steals.
  13. Fellgnome

    Deaths to MBT AP primaries/secondaries -

    VS 48175 (+TR halberd unlisted) total, 22676 from Prowler weapons, 25499 from Vanguard weapons
    NC 50353 total, 29329 from Prowler weapons, 21024 from Magrider weapons
    TR 63616 total, 32305 from Vanguard weapons, 31311 from Magrider weapons

    VS's deaths are probably slightly higher but no TR secondary makes it onto their most common manner of deaths, NC get hit by TR Halberds more often for obvious reasons like..not being able to strafe like a Magrider.

    IDK why I wasted my time crunching those numbers with two calculators open just to prove something fairly obvious, but there you go, as close as you're going to get to statistical proof that Prowlers aren't good for direct Tank vs. Tank situations I'd think.
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  14. TriumphantJelly

    Prowlers aren't very good in direct confrontations because the DPS doesn't at all make up for the armour: I mean, it's not like the Mag has 6/10ths of the DPS, less speed and lower armour. The 17km/h strafe CLEALY more than makes up or it.
    (Which, surprisingly, is what the stats are sort of saying).
    I don't know, it's almost as if those stats in the OP don't mean anything to people.