All these "TR is weakest faction threads"

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  1. a-koo-chee-moya

    Why have they started popping up all of a sudden? Sure, Striker is still bad, but your whole arsenal isn't just Striker. I haven't really looked at the stats, but the whole suddenness aspect just makes the whole case highly suspect. If your weapons were so UP, why weren't you guys complaining about it?
    As for the Prowler whiners:
    Titan-150 HEAT | KPH | Daily Average: 18.60
    P2-120 HEAT | KPH | Daily Average: 22.85
    Supernova PC | KPH | Daily Average: 18.21

    3400 - Supernova PC | Vehicle KPH | Daily Average: 5.24
    3700 - Titan-150 HEAT | Vehicle KPH | Daily Average: 5.26
    4000 - P2-120 HEAT | Vehicle KPH | Daily Average: 6.06
    3400 - Supernova PC | Average BR | Daily Average: 55.23
    3700 - Titan-150 HEAT | Average BR | Daily Average: 47.74
    4000 - P2-120 HEAT | Average BR | Daily Average: 52.25
    So, we can see that Prowler HEAT is leading PC by at least 25% at killing infantry and 16% at killing armor.
    The BR is a little spread out, especially for Titan, but that would only lower PCs score
    3461 - Supernova VPC | Average BR | Daily Average: 83.52
    3731 - Titan-150 HE | Average BR | Daily Average: 81.52
    4009 - P2-120 HE | Average BR | Daily Average: 84.87
    So, not enough difference here to really bias the stats.

    3461 - Supernova VPC | KPH | Daily Average: 41.17
    3731 - Titan-150 HE | KPH | Daily Average: 37.29
    4009 - P2-120 HE | KPH | Daily Average: 49.74
    Prowler again, leads by 21% in KPH.
    3461 - Supernova VPC | Vehicle KPH | Daily Average: 4.06
    3731 - Titan-150 HE | Vehicle KPH | Daily Average: 3.53
    4009 - P2-120 HE | Vehicle KPH | Daily Average: 3.83
    However, you calculate the percents, you come out with only a 6% advantage in VKPH.

    3730 - Titan-150 AP | Average BR | Daily Average: 74.76
    4008 - P2-120 AP | Average BR | Daily Average: 79.25
    3460 - Supernova FPC | Average BR | Daily Average: 79.30
    Again, not enough difference to say that stats are skewed, except for that Titan AP needs a little bit of an upward adjustment to its KPH and VKPH stats
    3730 - Titan-150 AP | Vehicle KPH | Daily Average: 10.74
    4008 - P2-120 AP | Vehicle KPH | Daily Average: 14.07
    3460 - Supernova FPC | Vehicle KPH | Daily Average: 11.90

    3730 - Titan-150 AP | KPH | Daily Average: 19.76
    4008 - P2-120 AP | KPH | Daily Average: 25.82
    3460 - Supernova FPC | KPH | Daily Average: 19.04
    I'm kinda tired of saying this, but again, Prowler has a hefty advantage over, 18% in KPH and hefty 31% in KPH.
  2. gigastar

    Theyre like cats.

    Give them some tidbits once, and theyre all cute about it.

    Give them too many tidbits, and theyll start howling at you whenever you open the fridge.
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  3. gibstorm

    When did anyone say the prowler doesn't have a good main gun??
  4. -Synapse-

    Most of the 'TR UP' threads I've seen have been complaining about lackluster infantry weapons, not tank cannons.

    Now I'm not saying I agree with them, but if you want to disprove anything you'll have to address the issues they've brought up. Preferably in an already existing thread, we don't need even more topic saturation.
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  5. a-koo-chee-moya
    I just saw that the OP did say Prowler has the highest KPH, but the OP made no mention of Prowler's higher VKPH as well. I know that TR secondaries are bad, but a Tank only needs one driver to gain maximum mobility. I can't use Saron too its full potential with one guy, but I sure can with Prowler.
  6. minhalexus

    Worst faction? Stop playing.
  7. DatVanuMan

    The TR have the least casualties in the game. That tells me that:
    1. They have some skill.
    2. Their weapons are better.
    Considering how they've been receiving these crazy buff rounds lately, I'm annoyed, not angry. I just hope the devs STOP nerfing the VS and start making us a unique faction. Same goes for NC.
  8. gibstorm

    So what, it's the whole package

    A tank is not based off of one stat.........never mind a whole faction

    People don't like the PPA cause it can drive up onto a mountain where tank can't go and you have to send infantry up a mountain against 10 tanks built to destroy infantry

    People say the Vanguard is the best AV tank cause it's will own if it's just one tank vs one tank. The prowler is better in a long engangement but people don't like when the I-win shield gets hit and they are screwed
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  9. a-koo-chee-moya

    I never said that Prowler reflected TR as a whole, just that Prowler is not something that TR should be complaining about.
    As for stats, aren't weapons' effectiveness based on how well they can kill things? With prowler main cannons sporting considerably higher uniques than the other 2 factions', and still being much better at killing things. Sure, you can run away as mag, but as Prowler can kill more things and is actually more maneuverable than Vanny, why not just kill the thing and stay there.
  10. NXR1

    Yeah, all the tanks are pretty balanced its the infantry weapons that everyone complains about and with good reasons, TR has pretty meh LMG's pretty horrible carbines horrible snipers but awesome AR's and the problem with such good AR's is that every single medic is too busy shooting to ever revive...
  11. Fellgnome

    No one has been arguing that you can't get lots of kills with a Prowler. The issue is survivability and lack of "roaming" capability for lack of a better word. It's good for camping in one spot shelling things but lacks when it comes to actual confrontations with other tanks especially. Both Vanguard and Magrider can use their abilities while staying very mobile, dodging shots, peeking over cover to shoot and then back behind to reload, etc. etc. Prowler, your ability removes 100% of your mobility.

    Even in non-tank vs. tank fights, Prowler has to be pretty much unopposed by any sort of AV weapons to use its ability for long, because while stationary you are an easy target for things like Lancers, Ravens, even basic dumb fires and lock-ons.

    It's just a not particularly fun or interesting tank to play even if its damage output is high.

    And TR has been complaining about the inaccuracy of their weapons since... I don't remember but for a long time.
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  12. Schizomatic

    TR has a chaingun. All your arguments are thus invalid.
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  13. Yeahy

    How are TR infantry weapons lackluster?
    LMG's are better than VS ones. MCG better than Lasher.
    AR's definitely.
    Snipers still probably better with VS with the only exception of TRAP being worse than Phaseshift
    Carbines are about the same, with VS maybe slightly better with one weapon.
    Pistols are a LOT better.
    TR max infantry guns are better than VS.
    Pounders are better than comets.
    Lockdown is more useful than ZOE.
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  14. Villanuk

    NC have guided missiles from a spawn room
    VS have great backsides in spandex and the ability to spawn camp where no other tank can?
  15. Chaingunner

    So you are saying all TR have is the Prowler? Every faction has their "better" weapons...PPA.... All factions need to forget the word "nerf" and replace it with buff. We know how SOE nerfs with their sledgehammer, ie Lib, Zoe, Vulcan, Harraser, need I say more? Fourmside needs to combine arms, have no factions and request buffs and no more nerfs again.
  16. a-koo-chee-moya

    Lol that sig though. Ever tried lockdown Bursters or Fractures? ZOE doesn't provide any damage outside 10m and no sprint speed buff, and the strafe speed buff is negligible, so why not just use charge?
    As for mag, the main thing is that VS has no bullet drop but less bullet velocity, so when you do have bullet drop, your just left with bad bullet velocity. Also, Mag can't aim up as much for no good reason.
    What? horrible snipers?
    There's literally no difference.
    Horrible Carbines?
    The KPH is slightly lower, but that is due to lower BRs, using it.
    Again, no problems
    Agree with pretty meh LMGs, but you really shouldn't start complaining about your whole aresenal based off just that.
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  17. a-koo-chee-moya

    The VKPH stats say that your wrong.
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  18. a-koo-chee-moya

    Did I ever say that TR was OP? No, just that Prowler is clearly over performing. Agreed about buffs though. SOE is going to nerf PPA into the ground, so everyone is now going to start complaining about AV mag being OP, or Kobalt.
  19. Chaingunner

    The prowler has the best DPS because of lockdown, which is a double edged sword. I think all the tanks are pretty even. You have to remember each tank excels in certain situations. Last night VS pushed us out of dahaka* and we shelled the hell out of their push from Indar Comm, but trying to hit a Mag is hell with its mobility.
  20. gibstorm

    Yeah, maybe cause High DPS is all the prowler main gun has going for it.

    If the main gun is not getting more kills then other tanks........something is very wrong. The high DPS of lock down means it's more likely to get kills that could have been gotten by other AV weapons or vehicles

    You guys really need to look a more then just one stat that is why balance is so hard especially when things are asymmetrical .
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