All "Nerf this" guys should be aware!

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    All the "Nerf" guys here on the forum should take the time and read the Forumguidelines carefully.

    They are found here:
    or also at the TOP of the Discussion side....the first Thread....very high, on the Top, can't miss it alright?

    And there it stands...clearly written, readable by everyone:

    • Nerf Calls - Openly calling for "Nerfs" (blanket reductions to abilities) is not allowed. If you feel something is overpowered or needs to be toned back, post your constructive comments and explanations.
  2. DarkStarAnubis

    Obviously those rules are OP. Nerf ASAP ;)
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  3. Halkesh

    Don't forget to bring constructive comments with this post. :p
  4. UberNoob1337101

    This actually proves that most nerf threads/posts are legitimately okay, since they are constructive and show evidence and explanations why is something OP. People post why it's more powerful.

    As long as people post stats or at least some semi-valid arguments and it doesn't devolve into a bad discussion, nerf threads and posts are okay.

    I'm 100% sure you're posting this because you're salty that people complain about the Canis. See posts like this for example :

    Illustrated his point using undisputable stats. This falls into the "posting constructive comments" part of the Nerf Calls (in other words, it doesn't break the rules). Other posts maybe aren't as constructive and mostly talk about personal experiences, but I ask you something, if they weren't constructive or contributed nothing to the discussion, wouldn't they be removed or locked by now?

    If anything, you're failing to be constructive and don't respect the rules, here's a rule too :
    2) Communicate constructively - It is important for any communication, whether between players or directly with Daybreak Games employees, to be constructive. Posts without constructive commentary distract from or otherwise reduce the visibility of valuable communication and discourages others from participating in the conversation.

    Here's what you wrote on a nerf thread :
    You ironically made the most non-constructive post in all the recent nerf threads. Whereas before people talked about the subject, you basically said "Lol you guys know nothing about the game".

    You posted some other decent posts in the threads, but it's kinda dumb that you call out people for not respecting a rule, yet you don't 100% respect the rules either. Not that I'm any better, I'm definitely the worst offender here :p
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  5. Ziggurat8

    Damnit. I totally was gonna create a "nerf the repeater thread" too. 5 yrs and the ES starter pistol is still as OP as anything but everyone just ignores it cause it's been OP for so long everyone just accepts it.

    Also cause TR haven't been getting any "Nerf this" love in a while. Didn't want them to feel left out.
  6. Icehole1999

    I usually try to leave semi constructive criticism, thinly veiled passive aggressive comments, and some outright insults. I haven't been banned for a while so I must be doing something right. For example:

    Rather than nerf the Canis, why not buff the other two ES SMGs? Or give the other two factions a weapon that can shoot around corners like the devs have already given their beloved VS. GG devs you suck.

    See? Easy!

    I am definetly not salty about a nerf for the smg Ammo i don't play:)

    It was more that recently more No0T threads appeared and i really wanted to make a clear statement, i even have to look upon myself...

    But to be fair it is indeed that lately there are many MANY nerf posts/threads around
  8. Halkesh

    N00T post are annoying for sure but at least his posts are legals : he just bring ideas, he don't ask for nerf.
    And some nerfs call are legits, those on harasser for example.
  9. csvfr

    For the record the nerf calls on the Canis I think are legit as there are rumors + dev confirmation that nerfs are coming. So its more like discussing a hot topic more than nerf calls ''out of the blue'' so to speak.
  10. The Shady Engineer

    I don't remember anyone mentioning the "no calling for nerfs" rule back when the Gatekeeper was powerful.
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  11. DIGGSAN0

    I do not say it is forbidden to post thread where you call a nerf...

    I have written that we, the guys who care about the game and demand balancing should be aware.
  12. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    I mean, I don't mind if people have discussions about things that they think need to be nerfed. But there's a difference between "Hey I think these adjustments could be made to XYZ because this part of it is too powerful, etc." and "ZOMG DEVS PLS NERF THIS IS BROKEN!!!1!!!one!!!"

    Might be helpful to keep in mind!
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  13. Drsexxytime

    Cool, so we can talk about how TR's AA because of the Striker and Lock Down makes them the defacto. Or about the Cyclone, Scat Maxes, and MJ dominating? I'll have to make a constructive thread how Shotguns in general are OP because of lag wizards/net limiters and such. Kinda like my C-4 thread.
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  14. Xada

    Dude, they just said no "ZOMG DEVS PLS NERF THIS IS BROKEN!!!1!!!one!!!" posts.
  15. BartasRS

    Yeah but too late. They already nerfed Canis to oblivion and as an added bonus nerfed Magrder VPC so VS will have the only MBT in game unable to 1 shot infantry with HESH ammo. Just brilliant!