All I Want For Auraximas Is...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by YellowJacketXV, Dec 3, 2019 at 8:53 AM.

  1. YellowJacketXV

    We post what we want for Auraximas.

    I just want the shortbow and the PSA Archer. Solid metal camo would be nice here and there.

    I want the shortbow, but I play Emerald TR and we never win continent locks. I wish I could just buy it. I don't even care if it's a downgrade, it's stylish enough for me not to care.
  2. Demigan

    A loving and caring developer team who's backed fully by the company paying them?
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  3. Towie

    Someone, ANYONE, in DBG who cares about removing the cheating scumbags ?

    Absolutely no chance of that granted but you've gotta wish....
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  4. Leidz

    A good and active forum dev community who can say why this or this suggestion can be a good idea or not. With cool argument and stuff.
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  5. Johannes Kaiser

    I'll sign up on the "dev reading forum threads" wish.
  6. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Players to think before they behave in certain ways.

    Not that it'll ever happen. Anger is an understandable thing, but sometimes it gets taken too far.

    There are other types of poor behaviour I'd comment on, but they mostly apply to specific players rather than as a whole.
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  7. Liewec123

    All I want for Auraxmas is an NC MAX.
  8. TR5L4Y3R

    PMB buffs (maybe a nerf to OS though)

    better air controls and configurability

    better AA, G2A and infantry vs vehicleballance

    more ASP options

    the threads i mate being realised (most of them at least, not all), give us a NS-BFG ! ... PLZ DBG ! ...
  9. JibbaJabba

    Bring back the Infra Vision implant during the Christmas sale.

    I'm frickin blind.

    Also add ASP 2.0 at level "200". Allow 3rd implant :p

    Weapon section:
    1) Decrease damage per pellet for auto-shotguns from 125x6 to 100x6
    2) Increase Archer's headshot multiplier from 2.0 to 2.5 (or increase max damage from 400 to 500)
    3) Make achievable NS-44L Showdown, NS-357 IA and NS-AM8 Shortbow by ingame activity like directives and not RNG only
    4) Add tube reload mechanic from pump shotguns to Butcher as been promised a long time ago (June 18, 2017)
    5) Move T7 Mini-Blame gun's "Ballistic Rapid Refire Toggle" from Rail Attachments to Barrel Attachments section
    6) Make all Auraxium weapons unique and interesting

    Implant section:
    1) Give us ability to craft Exceptional Implants
    2) "Fortify" should activate when player stand inside point area and not by pressing "E" on point itself
    3) "Symbiont" should give 20% resistance similar to rank 5 nanoweave and not just protect you from small arms only
    4) "Ocular Shield" rank 5 benefit should clear effects what already applied by using Medical or Restoration Kit
    5) "Experimental Stims" must be reworked to always give same effect: resistance or movement speed and not just random one
    6) Change "Regeneration" 5 rank bonus from +50hp on headshot to -X sec regeneration delay if headshot(similar to "Deep Operative")
    7) Change description of "Jockey" cause it always give wearer +250 shield health and doesn't stack with other implants like "Bionics"
    8) Buff "Mending Field" health regen rate or health cap from 300 to 500, but make it bind to deployed Shield Recharging Fields only and not medic itself

    1) Add new suit slot for light assault what will imitate effect of safe fall rank 1 or add this effect to adrenaline pump
    2) ASP perk "secondaries as primaries". Rework interaction with stalker cloak and allow user to carry 2 pistols

    Weapon section:
    1) Because currently there is no point of equipping "default", "high capacity" and "auraxium" shotguns since they all have 100x6 damage model which means what it cannot kill target with nanoweave in 2 body shots (100x6x2=1200 while you need 1250). Also because there is no point in existing "high capacity" version because autoshotties currently have more potential damage/kills per mag than "HIGH CAPACTITY" ones. So it looks like it made just for 12 slugs.
    2) Make it less frustrating in terms of AI play at least for high skilled players, just check how many peoples even auraxed Archer.
    3) RNG is stupid, also 357 and showdown even worse than origins, but give you new, fresh game moments, so it's not even break balance (i say it cause i have showdown unlocked and i know a guy who get 357), so only shortbow is some sort of "dark horse" at least for me, cause i never ever seen it in any form and don't know what to expect.Basicly we have new guns aka "content" ready, but, for some reason it is uvailable (RNG) for majority of players.
    4) "We wanted to enable the 400 round magazine that was previously on PTS, but there is a bug barring a proper implementation at the moment. We'll look to changing this in the future, but in the meantime, the Butcher has received a minor rate of fire increase alongside the removal of the spinup mechanic." 2.5 years later - maybe it's time? I suggest new way of doing this by simply implement already existing game mechanic to butcher, just make reloading bullet by bullet sinificantly faster than the one used on shotguns, change animation and add some sort of electic motor sound, done, no bugs.
    5) Seriously, very underpowered and at the same time underestimated weapon with 1.5 headshot multiplier what requires very specific, unusual implant set to work properly, BRRT must be default\barrel attachment.
    6) Instead of adding new weapons you can simply refine old auraxium guns by implementing new game mechanics and features. A lot of 5+ year vets didn't get even one aurax weapons cause they booring and not worth their time. Currently only 3 carabines, 2 LMG and 1 AR have specific features what makes them usable and desirable. Auraxium Sidearms, SMGs, Shotguns (exclude NC), Rocket launchers they all so desperately need refinement

    Implant section:
    1) Too much has been said about this, current progression system is horrbile, random, unfair mess.
    2) Completely unused and forgotten implant with such high potential for squad teamplay, needs a buff
    3) Before trying this implant i never notice how many non-small arms are hitting you during combat. Archers, gorgons, random nades and other explosives, every single vechicle and aircraft weaponary... they all do chip damage to you and at the same time not trigger symbiont, this is so annoying
    4) Another forgotten and unused implant with high potential. 30% is insignificant, EMPs, Flashes and Concosion nades in general is not a big threat, they not even that common to waste implant slot for protection against them and even then - this implant do almost nothing
    5) Currently "Survivalist" is just better "experimental stims" cause it is already give you same 20% bonus movement speed and provide it only while you really need it. There is no point of using experimental stims with such inconsistency
    6) Rank 5 effect instantly gives you 1.47 seconds of implant work which is just some sort of joke, at the same time devs cannot give players more, because it quickly became 2nd assimilate, so there is no way of buffing current rank 5 benefit. But we can change it to -4sec of countdown until regeneration starts if headshot. Once again i remind you - it will consume whole implant slot, and there is plenty of options, this implant intendent as medkit replacement, but downtime of 10sec is outdated, currently every class have shield regen delay of 8 sec (6 sec for engies), but, i think devs just forgot to buff this implant.
    7) Already explained, description incorrect
    8) Another underpowered implant, need buff, i suggest one.

    1) Suit slot what been asked a lot since icarus and especially ambusher added to the game, instead of creating entities it will be a lot better if adrenaline pump will recieve such small buff, maybe it's time to adrenaline pump rank 2?
    2) Just my personal desire. Looking at the amount of hate that infils and especially stalkers produce, i strongly doubt that I will find any support of that idea. But anyway i am not regret of picking this ASP perk. Gunslinger is love, gunslinger is life.

    Sheeeet, once again a wall of text what can be a separate thread? I gonna post it few months later cause i am pretty sure what nothing from this list came true
  11. BrbImAFK

    Sorry folks. None of this is gonna happen.

    DBG doesn't read these forums.
    Even if DBG *did* read the forums, they wouldn't comment, 'cause the ebil lawyers would get them.
    Even if the lawyers didn't get them and they were allowed to comment, they wouldn't have anything truthful to say.

    I'm afraid we just have to face up to it. DBG *talks* a big game about how awesome PS2 is, and how they're improving it etc. but the simple fact of the matter is that PS2 has been neglected to death and is effectively on life-support at this point.

    We'll wait and see what they say on their livestream on the 9th, but honestly, regardless of what they *say* I'm gonna wait until I see some actual progress delivered before I give them any more money.
  12. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I think we've all gathered that. We're just saying things that we'd like to happen, but probably never will. Join us in our festive wishes that will never come true! :p
  13. BrbImAFK

    Well... in that case... :
    1. Donald Trump has a heart attack. While a chicken and a cow watch and make sarcastic comments.
    2. Boris Johnson is forcibly deported to a circus, where he is caged and treated like the revolting freak he is. Including people poking him with pointy sticks and calling him names. Like he deserves.
    3. World peace, climate change solutions, resolution of poverty and starvation / famine, cures for all diseases.
    4. Massive expansion of space exploration and plans to colonise Mars (and possibly the moon). If we're gonna survive, we need to become a multi-planetary (preferably multi-system) species as soon as possible.
    5. People to get over this whole capitalist / materialist thing and start on a more socially and ethically responsible path.
    6. And hey.... since we're wishing for the impossible, let's hope DBG grows a heart and brain too!

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