[Suggestion] All-Access Member should not wait for deployment cool-down

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  1. Redwave

    So I understand taht (for whatever reason) it is "necessary" to have players wait 5-12 seconds before they can respawn to their designated respawn location. For a while I'm sure that this has been tolerated by many people but unfortunately this is already getting annoying. I believe that to those players that pay a membership fee for this game should not wait for this time and be able to respawn right away at the moment of their death. Why? Because if we're paying $14.99/m-$119.99/y for a membership we should all feel comfortable playing the game, any comments?
  2. Tiedemann

    So the ones with the most subscribers should have an advantage?

    No thanks.
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  3. GhostAvatar

    Maybe if you didn't die so much, it wouldn't be an issue.
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  4. Rimaxan

    Why is it there? To stop a person from being killed by a Sunderer someone is assaulting then immediantly respawning at that location and shooting the poor man.
  5. Marsali

    While that may seem like a good idea to you it is actually a rather poor one. This game has struck a pretty good balance between p2w and f2p. With the exception of the bounties and cosmetics everything can be bought with certs and while there are boosts to increase cert gain there isn't anything that actually gives a combat advantage to subscribers. This is a good thing. We need f2pers on here otherwise there just won't be enough players for it to be worthwhile. What you are talking about would give an actual combat advantage to subscribers and while that would get more people to subscribe it would also turn away quite a few f2pers and could very easily kill the game. Remember some of those f2pers buy cosmetics and weapons with real cash. And don't forget the ones who get boosts and bounties.
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  6. Scr1nRusher

    This would just be bad.
  7. Liewec123

    it'd be a little p2w if they removed it, but i agree that there needs to be something else to make us want to stay subbed.
    some suggestions:
    shorter respawn timer,
    more resources per minute,
    shorter cooldown on instant action.
  8. HadesR

    Membership already has 50% Resource again .. Anymore would be more P2W than it already is ..
  9. Liewec123

    the current slight increase in resources is the only reason i'm still subbed, but i do think it should be a little higher
  10. AlterEgo

    Point is, give members better benefits rather than decreasing EVERYONE's basic rights. There isn't a way for you to actually P2W in this game. Faster deployment doesn't account for much, any way.
  11. CorporationUSA

    Horrible idea from someone who clearly wants to pay money to have an advantage.
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  12. Call-Me-Kenneth

    the dumb is strong in this one...

    doing this would completely destroy game balance and make the game 100% pay to win.

    oh really?

    so how is force compromised of mostly free players supposed to cap a base being defended by mainly paid players?

    and how about a random outfit with about 60% free players supposed to stand a chance against a platoon/outfit that as a requirement asks for everyone to be subscribed? it would be absolute carnage.

    fly a galaxy over a zerg and have 11 players drop 66 bricks of C4 in seconds...

    that's bound to be fun and fair. :rolleyes:
  13. tijolo

    Two spawns near each other. Enemies. Everyone in red is a member. Everyone in blue is not. The skill level between them do not differ. They all die. Red has spawned and it's 10 seconds earlier on the point. Red camps the point and if they die they come back 10 seconds before the enemy. Red wins.

    Approaching reds sunderer is a lot harder because they never stop coming. No time for reload. Worst idea of the week.
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  14. Taemien

    I don't know if I agree with this. But something needs to be done. Membership is almost a requirement in their other games to do top tier content. In PS2 there is little reason to sub past top tier. It works in reverse.

    And that does atrocious things to their bottom line.

    Think about this. This isn't a Role-Playing Game like Everquest 2. We don't have a reason to change out outfits and camos. We find the helmet, camo, and armor we like (or earn the auraxium version which is 'free'). Then trick out our vehicles. And then what? We're done buying. We don't even bother with boosts past a certain point.

    We literally have NO reason to purchase anything once we have what we want.

    But Everquest 1 and 2 require:

    1. Latest Expansion purchased to get to max level and to do latest content.
    2. Require All-Access Membership (AAM) to unlock past 1000/250 AAs.
    3. Require AAM to get top tier mercenaries.
    4. Require AAM to access all spell ranks.
    5. Require AAM to access all item tiers.
    6. Require AAM to start guilds.

    But I will say this. No deployment cooldown will be annoying as all get out to fight against. Even if I could do it. And it has nothing to do with one side having them, and one not. Because lets be honest with ourselves here. All factions have the same number of members playing on them. The annoying part is the 10s sooner time someone comes back or is somewhere else. It changes the paradigm of the redeploy to an even worse state than it is now.

    No, Planetside 2 needs an 'End Game' tier that pretty much requires or practically requires membership to take part in.

    I'm thinking Skirmish mode. It is an instanced version of Koltyr. It allows a person to create a squad or platoon. Set some features and options (allowing or disallowing some weapons and vehicles), as well as number of players. And then this way players, even on the same faction, can fight one another in a small controlled environment.

    Non members can play by spending DBC for a pass. Members need no pass to enter.

    This would allow coordinated outfits to see where they stand against others. And players who want smaller non-zergy fights get to have them.
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  15. tijolo

    That is one of the reasons why I and probably more people play Planetside instead of Everquest.

    Just look at it this way: You pay to keep the game alive and still be able to play it with the occasional update. Isn't that a good membership bonus? Several games are ONLY playable if you pay. Here it's facultative, which allows for more players that for their own reason do not pay. Think of how many players PS2 would have if it was subscription only.

    But sure, the game could use another cert/cash dump to always have a 'more rewarding' reason to pay. You can see they have been trying for a while. They could very well have sold the 'hossin expansion'. But they didn't. Because they aren't dicks. How they are gonna fix the income problem (without upsetting the community) beats me, if I knew I'd have solved my own :p
  16. Taemien

    While I love getting a ton of content for free. I haven't spent a dime on the game for a few months. My all access is mainly kept up so I could play on the Everquest 1 and 2 progression servers.

    You know what that means? PS2 has gotten NO funding from me. Why should they keep the servers open if everyone is playing but not paying? Who's keeping the lights on if we aren't?

    Think about this for a moment. Connery had about 3500 concurrent players over the last 24 hours (throughout the day, not at the same time). Imagine for a moment if half were generous to pay $10 worth of DBC on items in the last month. Half is pretty generous probably less than that do pay for anything.

    That's a little under $18,000 in a month. For a server. Of course there are whales. But I know a few whales.. they'd done purchased the things they want. They want to buy more.. they really do.

    But what can they buy? When you're certed out. When you're kitted out. When you've bought all the shiney things you want. What then? Just take up space like any other F2P player? Congrats on supporting the game. Sorry the game won't be around in 6 months?

    I made a suggestion the other day about the Krono here: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/kronos-in-planetside-2.235041/

    The Krono is an item that is purchasable for $17.99 and goes into a character's inventory in Everquest 1 or 2. When consumed it gives a month of all access (including the 500 DBC). You can trade it for items or platinum in those games. Many players actually pay for their monthly fees by farming items and then selling them for plat and then getting Kronos.

    I think they should let us use trade Kronos in PS2. I actually used a Krono to pay for this month's sub when I made a new character. But I used the coin from Everquest to do it. It also was consumed in EQ2 and so technically EQ2 got the credit for that 17.99 purchase. Which is unfortunate as I actually do wish to support PS2.

    I just don't currently support 14.99 a month minus the free 500 DBC as worth the cost. It was worth platinum that I wasn't going to use however. So imagine if I could buy Kronos from another player through Certs and Implants? Right now, 1000 Certs is roughly worth about 700 DBC. So I'd imagine a Krono could be worth about 2500 certs to start. Of course.. it would be totally dependent on the player economy. It could be worth more, or less.

    Alot of players with Alts would love to give them a kickstart and would be willing to pay for Kronos to get those certs and implants. And that is a possible F2P player willing to pay 17.99 vs 14.99. Or hell.. maybe both depending on how many certs he can get. Think about it, a player could buy a Krono, get 2500-3000 certs, then on top of that they may be willing to actually sub up for a monh to keep getting those certs raking in.

    They could even add Kronos into bundles if they wished. For players to use how they wish. Either consume them themselves for the membership or trade them for certs. Either way the krono is only ever created when purchased in some manner.

    And to make them more desirable they could put more needed perks into membership. And now F2P players can still get memberships by playing for free. Cept someone else would have paid their membership for them.

    Free to Play Players get to be members for Free by playing the game.

    Pay to Play Players get something to buy.

    Daybreak gets paid either way.

    That's what you call a win/win/win situation.
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  17. Devilllike

    These posts give me cancer
  18. Redwave

    Alright, now that you have put it that way I understand.
  19. stalkish

    The cocky, arrogant elitism is strong in this one...
  20. stalkish

    Good, hopefully its fatal and inoperable so we dont have to read your **** anymore.