All A7 lost with update

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Quovatis, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Quovatis

    I had 3500 A7 saved up. I now have 0. Merit was not reset. Everyone in game says the same thing. If this was intentional, we should have been warned. Otherwise, please give us the A7 back. That is hard to earn.
  2. Sir Doomlord

  3. Gleerok

    Me too, I had between 2500 and 3500, I don't quite remember (played quite a few alerts yesterday)
  4. Grandizer

    Yep, had 5000. saved it because of the update coming.

    great job
  5. AcidGen

    rly ? me too i got 3000
  6. buggygame

    All gone :(
  7. Tramplex

    Just imagine that today everyone you see and fight uses new Tranquility. Fun? I dont think so.
  8. Quovatis

    Why not. Everyone will get it eventually. Those who saved up should be rewarded, not robbed.
  9. CaptCran

    Glad I used mine last week:D
  10. Tramplex

    Because it wont be fun. I dont know about others but i would quit game for some time to let Tranquility go away and settle as somebodys weapon of choise. If 80% of people i meet had this it would piss me off. It would be okay if not this additional hit effect of this rifle.
    And sure im not happy about wipe but how else you can ensure that Tranqzerg dont appear?
    And yeah this irv injection could be usefull...
  11. focart

    A good point - everyone will try the new gun. but how about those, who has been collecting them for other guns. Will they return A7 or you need to collect them again?

    Actually, devs. just posted about this issue. Good to know. it's just a bug but not a scheduled change
  12. focart

  13. CT429

    I don't know where I can report it soooo i put it here.
    Yesterday I lost all my A7(as everyone).
    Devs gave me back 5000 A7.
    Today I bought a camo and i lost all A7 :|
    Camo cost 2500 A7

    Sooooo i want my A7.

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