Alerts for VS on Waterson are getting old....

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by LegioX, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. LegioX

    Just now.


    How in god name are we suppose to even have a fighting chance? Mind as well bend over and take it.
  2. dstock

    Well, we ARE talking about Vanu here...
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  3. DQCraze

    Ditch that server, come to Matherson. Send me a tell ill hook you up with a fun group of guys and you can see a different VS.
    No strings attached.
  4. NC_agent00kevin

    VS used to do very well even with 20% World population. They had to. But then for a short time, maybe a couple months, they had a population swell. They got complacent and many long time players left. Now the VS just doesnt have the cutting edge skill and tactics they used to have. (as a faction overall; it still has skilled players) The lattice also exacerbates the problem; if the enemy sees a small army coming down its line all it has to do is send troops to crush them and move on.

    In this case, Id have to say its daytime and many players are in school or at work. Couple that with 4th factioneers moving to the winning side halfway through the alert and this is where you end up.

    When I logged on at about 1030 EST populations were even, and there was an Amerish alert happening. I never checked populations during the alert though'; I just played through it and after the NC won I logged to go do some work in the garage. The only reason I was even able to be home and playing today was because the ground on the jobsite was frozen still. I will, however, say that usually when I log in during off hours (any hours not primetime EST) I play VS. I just arbitrarily chose NC today.
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  5. Paisty

    Well since the VS stopped doing alerts when ZOE got nerfed, last year, I am guessing that is the continental population?

    If it is cont pop then grats to you on your Indar(?) cap again..........(just a guess)
  6. miraculousmouse

    too bad I got off. was a good fight at the tech plant :D
  7. Tommyp2006

    Don't worry, I think the warpgates should rotate this week, then what little TR pop we gained on the off hours will be gone to whoever has the North Indar Warpgate again.
  8. LegioX

    i can see why VS are always on Indar now. No point in even trying for the alerts, b/c you will be fighting 1-12/48+ everytime.
    Sorry I don't log into PS2 just so you can farm me with 100+ of your guys behind you.
  9. doombro

    Vanu is the smart faction, so they don't care about alerts. Simple.
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  10. NoInstructions

    The reason why Vanu often can't hold a single territory during an alert is not because of population. Many people including the higher levels don't care about defending what we have and the newbs are always out for that elusive dominating victory. Convince people that defending is the priority and be able to redeploy from pointless fights in less than 10 mintues. We could be at least second place most of the time if not winning others if we focused on defense, you don't have to fight both factions at once.
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  11. quatin

    Legit yo. Mattherson red alerts:

    VS: 52%
    TR: 23%
    NC: 25%
  12. Tommyp2006

  13. JudgeNu

    lol I have to laugh.

    On Matherson its the VS that are OP during alerts, and TR is UP and VS jump on their TR alts to give them alerts, when they feel like it, as well as the VS who are on their NC alts.

    Players hop around but the alert shows their "loyalty"

    Like on our server I am sure on yours that some of your comrades are hopping on there TR/NC alt.

    I personally don't give any stock in the alerts, and just try to find a good fight while command chat calls NC a bunch of baddies.
    Which it sure seems that way.
    I don't see why they just don't command their outfits? their platoons? why do they even think that the rest of the NC population will listen to them especially when they bad mouth them. Its quite humorous. I think I may just start logging out during alerts.

    If y'all think about it after PU02 or w/e its called, when NC got the "buffs" we got a bit more pop.
    Where do you think they came from and why do you think they leave during alerts?

    This is all pure speculation on my part.
  14. DashRendar

    SOE, you need to apply some sort of mechanic that would either incentivize or force global population balance on every server. When the game released you wouldn't let people sign onto their characters if it would make the server faction too overpop. You don't need to do that again, because that would make a lot of people mad, but do something along those lines. XP boosts are not working, you need to start thinking about XP cuts in addition to this. For every 1% that a faction is underpop, give them a 1% xp boost, while simultaneously giving the other two factions a 2% xp cut each. Or maybe it'll be greater, like +3%/-9%.

    This is just like the WDS, what did you learn? Incentivizing base capture results in ghost capping empty bases. Instead, incentivizing base defense encourages large battles that define the game. The population is probably the same thing, you've been incentivizing people to play certain factions by using xp boosts, but it's not working. Nobody wants to play a faction if the gameplay consists of sitting in a protected spawn and farming new players who haven't learned yet not to walk in front of enemy spawn shields. Instead, de-incentivizing play on certain factions might be much more effective because people may say oh, I can sit on this faction and whack new players who haven't yet learned not to walk out of a spawn when you are spawncamped while also getting crap for certs... or I could sign into one of the other factions and actually play the game.
  15. Scientiarum


    Last night on the Tech Plant alert we had 4 platoons defending Mekala against 1 and a half platoons. They never pushed out of the hex and let TR cap it's way across 4 territories to sandwich it in a 3 way that could have easily been avoided. All the while the near ENTIRETY of the VS faction was 'defending' the Mekala from a force less than a quarter it's size they let Hvar fall to another platoon and a half... My outfit had a squad and a half at Hvar, if we had just 1 platoon switch over to help defend we would have held two tech plants. A second platoon STILL could have pulled off Mekala to keep TR from taking the critical junction at Auraxis Firearms (which is essential for holding ANY kind of presence on the Amerish Southern Warpgate and is definseable up to 2:1 odds even) which also would have stopped the TR from surrounding and isolating Mekala by the end of the alert! The 2 platoons left at mekala would still have been MORE than enough to hold it against a still numerically inferior NC force!

    So after the alert when, in command chat, the 4 zerg platoon leads celebrated their hold of 1 F#@&ing tech plant that was never in that serious of danger we lost our only other tech plant that would have been completely defensible and also managed to get our one remaining tech plant cutoff and capped all the way back to our warpgate which was also totally avoidable. Furthermore Esamir was caped all the way to warpgate on all lattice lines when we had started out the alert with Eisa tech at the center of the map!

    In summery, we held 4 tech plants at the beginning of that alert and had sizable territory on all three continents. We ended the alert with one single and completely cut off tech plant, completely warpgated on one content and nearly warpgated on the other two... Yeah, great job kids!!!

    I don't even blame the pubs for this, we had at least 6 sizable and supposedly serious outfits on last night and only 2 of them had any brains at all. That isn't enough! We are underpopulated on our server but the crushing loss we suffered was completely disproportionate to our population imbalance.
  16. Malcmodnar

    Even simpler still, just rename a bonus below 50% to an equivalent penalty. Without actually changing anything, the overpopulated faction suddenly has a glowing red "50% Experience Penalty" indicator. Granted, the underpopulated faction will only show a 50% experience boost if they would've before had 100%, but the impact of that will be vastly outweighed by the perceived penalty.

    The best part? This could be done without any impact on actual experience gain. By simply considering what is currently a 50% experience bonus as "default," SoE could provide a strong disincentive to playing an overpopulated faction. The effect would be purely psychological.
  17. Lueyja2

    I was squad leading for part of that alert. What's your in-game name? Because when I was on command chat, the only people that were actually coordinating were the squad and a half that I was in, a platoon on Esamir, Galgimp (who had a squad or so I think), and two 2-3 member squad leads. I didn't hear any chatter from any other leaders at all for the first half of the alert. We started with three techplants, Hvar, Tumas and Mekala (I think) but at the start of the alert both Tumas and Mekala were under attack and we didn't have majority pop on Amerish. So we decided to trade Tumas to the TR for Eisa. The pop at Mekala was 50/50 for much of the time so we couldn't spare many people to defend Firearms though we did try. Hvar started being capped as soon as the TR arrived at Heyoka so we again couldn't spare too many people to Hvar due to defending Heyoka from both TR and NC. Yes we might have had enough people to defend Hvar but the only information we had was whoever was talking in command and that wasn't very many people. The TR also did a pretty good job coordinating their pushes and responding to attacks.

    The reason why we ended up with only one tech plant was because the only tech plant the TR actually ever had to defend was Eisa and they lost that. The NC kinda had to defend Tarwich but that was about it. The VS were pushed on Heyoka, Tumas, Hvar and Eisa at the end, always defending at least two tech plants at all times.
  18. quatin

    There's a post recently that showed over population decreased throughout the night, so it's not just the 4th faction that's causing the problem. More people really just have their main character as VS on Mattherson late into the night. Applying a XP penalty won't force them to switch characters, because

    1) You're not allowed to create 2 different faction characters on the same server anymore.
    2) Even if you could, the 50% xp penalty you suffer during an alert is still faster than starting over a new TR/NC toon.

    I suggested something that might get addressed with the new resource model. Giving the underpop factions more vehicle resources. It's already being done with the XP bonus applying to resources too, but since the underpop factions have less territory and the over popped factions have more people receiving resources, the bonus doesn't mean anything. Vehicles are force multipliers. If we can figure out a way to give the underpop factions more vehicles, the fight would be more fair.
  19. LT_Latency

    VS needs to TRY and win.

    Most of the time they are not even attacking the right team to give them a chance to win. No one is going to play on the team that is not even trying.


    TR and NC have equal populations

    TR has 5 bio labs
    NC has 2 bio labs
    VS has 2 bio labs.

    They spend the whole alert attacking the NC instead of the TR. If they at least attacked the TR the could hope for a TR/NC blood bath that lets them cap bases unnoticed.
  20. JudgeNu

    Vehicles aren't the answer.
    You have to be able to use them properly.

    Since when could you only play one faction per server?

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