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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jokkry, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Jokkry


    Legend or Truth?

    Always more often I am noticing something that can't be only a coincidence.

    I started to notice, always more frequently, a rotating winning of the alerts in the different continents between TR and VS.

    During the alert, the double teaming on the winning side should be normal. I admit that SOMETIMES, it doesn't happen because most of the players prefer to stick on the same fight for hours without checking the map or planning any counter attack on the winning faction.
    But it happens very few times, usually who start the alert, most of the time, loose it, because of the double team on it.

    Today, the alert on esamir is still on going, I noticed the TR and VS are BOTH double teaming on us NC, even if the VS are winning with more of 50%.

    There isn't a single fight on the VS-TR territory.

    More over, checking the rotation of the continents, I see:

    1) Indar locked by VS
    2) Amerish locked by TR
    3 Esamir (alert going on) going to be locked by Vs now with 70%

    So, it is just Legend or Truth because I feel disgusted from this kind of behaviour on a videogame.
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  2. Zizoubaba

    I noticed a while back. (I'm on Cobalt), I can't remember if it used to happen before this version of Alerts (without HIVES) but my feeling is that if it did, it happened much less.

    I won't say that what you're speculating can't be true, I've heard of that kind of thing happening on low pop servers only it isn't "trading", it's more like (on a low pop server) one large outfit wins the alert, then switches faction and wins it on that one.

    I've also seen what I could, like you, call suspicious behaviour on Cobalt, like a whole zerg (I'm talking more than 96 players) literally ghost capping empty bases that serve no purpose seing as the other faction (the one they aren't zerging) has 3/4 of the map. You'd think they made a deal with the winning faction outfits or something.

    However, my personal opinion is one that I expressed in this thread :

    At first glance, it may look like a wall of text, however my post is only 4 small paragraphs, then I drew a line and [spoilers] (which don't work on this forum) and wrote a lenghty explanation, or rather, my interpretation of what is going on.

    To put is simply, and in short, my view is rather that there is an increasing and very high (relative to previous versions of ALERTS) percentage of players who simply couldn't care less about the ALERT and just click on "join battle" and fight there, or look for a good fight, irrespective of whether it serves to help win the ALERT or not.
  3. DemonicTreerat

    Sounds a bit like Emerald when certain outfits are on. VS start the alert and end up with 50%+ territory because only a token amount of TR (as in less than 24) fight them. Meanwhile all the big TR outfits with multiple platoons are zerging the hell out of the NC. Sadly it was even worse on Connrey during Asian prime time - the blasted Chinese and Koreans didn't even try to hide what they were doing.

    Sadly there are lots of people out there who only care about winning, not winning while playing within the rules. Plus since Daybreak turns a blind eye to this sort of thing it pretty much falls to the players to deal with this stuff. Which never works because if someone benefits from these cheats you can damn well bet they will A) not do anything to actively impede them and B) lie and lie and lie some more about there being these kind of cheaters until they literally believe their own lies.
  4. Inogine

    See normally I see the TR going after the top dog in Emerald, regardless of who it is. Emerald TR's problem is that for some reason a good number of folks like to continue taking territory between the other two factions to force them into fighting only one side. Always struck me as odd. I got plenty of screenshots of all fronts being on TR with perhaps one token fight on the other fronts at best when we're low pop. Just the nature of the beast and it changes up often. One day you're everyone's favorite, the next day someone else is.
  5. DemonicTreerat

    Maybe you're playing a different time then. Because the situation has gotten so routine that the NC had a standing joke about fights between the TR & VS when the VS were winning an alert being a endangered species that needed UNCIF (i think that is right) protection. Now if you're winning the alert, then expect to get zerged. That is how things are designed to work.
  6. PlanetBound

    I think people just get tired and take it easy. Being an inveterate faction switcher I can attest to that.

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