Alert exp nerf was the wrong way to do thing, buff the exp

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kulantan, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Kulantan

    The alert exp change in GU13 was ok. It means that the 4th factioners don't switch in the last 15mins as much. However it doesn't address the core problem: alerts are meant to encourage fights, instead they encourage winning (normally via massive out numbering).

    At the moment a lot of alerts end up with one faction earning dominating victories because the other two become demoralized and move back to Indar/ghost cap somewhere else. This is because the loosing factions see no point in fighting, especially since they are normally outnumbered. I suggest that in GU14 everyone who fights in an alert to the end (on the actual continent, unless it is close to pop cap) receives at least 50% of the EXP for a win. This would encourages people to stick it out and fight rather than just rewarding 5-1 outnumbering boring ghost-capping victories.

    Yes, this is rewarding people who haven't won. But at the moment on a lot of servers the problem is lack of good fights, not too much exp for the loosers.

    I do know that the exp on the alert continent is +20% but that evidently isn't enough to get people to stand and fight. Its just like the pop inbalance, it isn't solved by the small exp incentives SOE has put in place and needs to be ramped up.

    For reference, I play on Briggs.