AJW's(Air Justice Warriors) are truely amusing.

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    Not only do they give pilots a bad name, but they also expose themselves as manchildren with ego & compensation problems.

    And if you speak out against them, they label you as a bad pilot or as someone who hates "Muh airgames".

    Yet.......... these AJW's don't seem to understand that the airgames state was directly caused by them forcing out everyone else & creating false honor codes.

    If only they would look in the mirror at themselves, if they had any mirrors in the house that they didn't break of course.
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  2. Liewec123

    i'm waiting for one of these guys with a name like "ESFleetzor360n0sc0pe" and a lib/esf on their profile picture to come in here and remind us how "AA is great and balanced! skyguard is awesome!"
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  3. UberNoob1337101

    Seriously, as much as I hate to say it and insult a bunch of people, I agree wholeheartedly.

    ******* seriously, if ANY change happens and they don't like it, then the entire air game is dead and ruined for them. They behave like some sort of drama queens that constantly whine when something they don't like happens.

    The extreme bias doesn't help them either, they just want to stomp people mercilessly, and if you suggest any imbalance or change towards the current system to even the ground and lessen the farm, they will lash out and call you a terrible player/bad pilot, and they'll start pointing out that the air game is such an amazing aspect of the game (so awesome, only less than 1% can actually enjoy it, geez, I wonder why...)

    But the absolute worst thing is that if you even DARE mention A2A locks or Coyotes and you didn't even remotely insult or call those weapons noob mode either in game or in the forums, they will instantly insult you, saying stuff like "you're an awful player, you always get wrecked and never got good/Skill-on noooooob" etc. I had some people mute me outright just for mentioning them and got kicked from air training outfits just because of it, and they even tried to TK others when I and others used them.

    Or they'll say that immensely unrewarding and underpowered AA is completely fine and amazing, while ignoring the fact that it's often more effective against tanks and infantry than against air, or the fact that AV weapons score much better in stats like AKPH and AKPU (Dalton kills air TWICE as often than a Skyguard, that's right, a freaking anti-tank bellygun kills air twice as often than a freaking dedicated AA platform... totally not suspicious amirite?)

    I've overall got a ton of respect for skyknights, that amount of effort, tears and hard work just to master one aspect of a game is a big feat and it's inspirational in a way, but I've got no respect for Saltards. Not skyknights, but saltards who have some stupid honorabru bushido that forbids anyone to use A2A locks or Coyotes and constantly shun or TK such people and constantly tell everyone to git gud, but when you beat them even if you had less skill than them, they suddenly get tear-eyed and rage and blame you for either using noob mode weapons or for beating them because of luck.

    The entire air community is million times more toxic just because of them.
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  4. Moridin6

    i got a KILL with my skyguard yesterday!

    was stoked

    then 3 prowlers gangbanged me, but still
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  5. Lemposs

    I remember a thread about how AA ruined the airgame and how it wasn't fun or fair that they couldn't just be let alone to dogfight, that one has a special place in my heart for just how odd and isolated minds the air community can get.
    Oh and the OP of that thread had like 3000 infantry kills with nose-guns and rocket-pods :rolleyes:
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  6. OldMaster80

    Who gives a fux I just want justice for the Valkyrie.
  7. Kepa

    Pro tip: pull burster max sit in spawn room!

    Oh wait you already doing that XD
  8. Scr1nRusher

    Every special snowflake hates ending up on the ground afterall.
  9. EPIC389

    I bath in the tears of air pilots with tank mines on air pads and my trusty ml-7. You can't go wrong with the ml-7
  10. Jake the Dog

    The only thing I don't like about the current air game:
    Hornets and Coyotes.

    I'd like to see hornets or how I think of them... F2-150 Titan guided AP given less ammo, I believe forty is too much or there could just be a change of mechanic on it, I think A2G lock-on that launches 4 missiles in quick succession for 1000 dmg each that suffer from the tomcats former lock-on system just on ground targets.

    And currently there is no defense against coyotes... Which I think could be changed with: arming timer or buffs to stealth, composite, NAR and/or flares, which don't work against coyotes really. Which brings up another point... Both types of equipment that mitigate lock-ons are ineffective or just plain don't work vs. coyotes.
  11. Insignus

    I will share something that I posted in another thread, re-summarizing and characterizing someone else's words that I felt was making a prototypical salty pro-air meta argument:
    "Flying is my snowflake, and it is a special snowflake, and how dare you touch it. If it does not look like this, it is not my snowflake, because all snowflakes are identical!

    You are terrible person and you should feel bad for having different snowflakes. I have achieved mastery of Flake-magrah, to challenge me you must also dedicate many years to being a team asset that only engages identical opposing team assets and only classifies wins as being under set conditions that I define post-hoc as "Fair fights"!

    Skyknights are wonderful people who have absolutely no interest in having a base of un-informed or un-skilled people flying around with no concept of advanced manuevers or tactics. Clearly they will teach you if you ask, and never jump down your throat when you ask if coyotes are a good investment for ESFs. You would never be expelled from such an outfit for putting Tomcats or Coyotes on a trial period!

    These reasons make my snowflake special, and are why any attempt to touch my snowflake will cause it to melt, at which point, game will die, because once melted, snowflake is gone! You cannot make interesting ice sculptures or snowmen out of snowflakes!"

    As to blocking Coyotes, it would be interesting if counter-measure flares would auto-trip versus coyotes and block between 1 and 3 missiles based on a random number generator. This would mimic functions of real-life EWR, which can be set to trigger countermeasure patterns based on the type of threat detected, direction, and in some cases the tracking system being used (For active radar missiles).

    So long as they triggered based on an empire specific pattern that looks like a real dispenser and not a elaborate fireworks launcher, that is.

    Academically interesting on this subject (Redirect all complaints regarding how tracking, damage, and general lameness of zomgzOP Coyotes are to this video):

    Epically silly OP Version that wastes flares for a subsidized product demo:

    More realistic deployments (Skip to end):

    Same aircraft type, but prettier (Again, someone probably showing off).
  12. CorporationUSA

    Experience toxic behavior in-game, make a toxic thread here. Seems legit.
  13. Cyropaedia

    I thought A2A Lock Ons were nerfed against other ESFs? Unless Lib pilots are more Honor Code than before.
  14. WeRelic

  15. zaspacer

    I agree that Hornets have too much Ammo. They are 38 min - 58 max now. They could be reduced to 28 min - 38 max.

    It serves a purpose to have ESFs run dry on Wing Mount Weapons and have to return to re-supply. It gives enemy ground forces a let up, and it makes the ESF pilot have to manage their attack and supply runs better.

    I think making A2AM into A2A+A2G ("AV Lockons") would be a good step in improving their usability. As it stands now, they are so narrow in their role that there isn't much reason to pull them fort he Standard Game.

    Don't get me wrong, I would make it pretty bad A2G. Kinda like how the Coyote can be used for A2G but it's bad at A2G. I would NOT give A2AM the A2G ability as a way to do solid A2G work, but simply as a way to engage other targets with it and give it broader use (in the same way Coyotes work on ground targets, Skyguard works on ground targets, etc.: weak, but still usable).

    Most weapons that have very narrow uses in this game end up not being used unless that narrow use is something very appealing in itself.
  16. JKomm

    It's sad when the "pro-pilots" claim AA is balanced... in my years playing this game, I have killed more ESFs with my AF-57 Piston than I ever have with the Skyguard... keep in mind that means the pilot is practically flying above the ground and being entirely too cocky, and giving me enough time to shred them with ten shotgun shells.

    In addition, I have gotten more infantry and ground vehicle kills with the Skyguard than I have against any air unit. This is a weapon with the sole purpose of dealing damage to aircraft, and I find it's best target is actually a Harasser, I do recommend it, if you have good aim you can easily take out a Harasser no matter what weapon they have. It's far too easy to escape AA in this game, those who die to it are probably flying on cruise control or being too cocky trying to farm an extra 30 infantry kills.

    ESFs shouldn't even have a noticeable A2G game, these are fighters, not bombers, not strike craft... they are fighters. If we want to balance the air game, remove rocket/photon pods and hornets from ESFs, give these weapons to another aircraft, perhaps the Valkyrie. ESFs should be focused on other air, or the occasional infantry unit, not every vehicle and entire squads of infantry.
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  17. TheFlamingLemon

    I think the whole air game should have been done differently from the start tbh, but it's a bit late now to revamp it without pissing off most of the "frequent fliers"
  18. CorporationUSA

    That is what I have been saying for a while.
  19. Taemien

    That seems very much like AMS from BattleTech. The remnant in me can't do anything but support that. :)

    I read what you said in the other thread and it was spot on. People like what they have, even if it is in a bad state. Its like they're blinded to what they could have. As you said in the other thread.. ESFs are good in situations where they're in the area, ready to strike, equipped with the right weapon, and they are willing to hit the designated target. Problem is.. that's situational as hell.

    Instead they could have an active full time role in base capture. A means to get points supporting a squad full time. Not merely farming kills on the other side of the continent in some cases. But I think it goes further than that. I actually don't believe these players want this sort of improvement.

    Think about it. They like the idea of being able to measure one another on KDR, SPM, and other stats. If you have a SPM of 600+, then doing any sort of squad support lowers that. You're not always striking. Some of it is waiting to get into position. Its the same reason some lonewolves do not wish to join coordinated groups. It lowers their SPM.

    If that were to become a thing. There would be pilots who would turn away from the 'farm' and go towards a supporting role. They would then have an argument against 'elite pilots' to what makes a good pilot. The paradigm could shift. That just is unacceptable for those who have been flying all this time. That would literally be sacrilege for them. To think, someone would judge them on their ways.

    This happened on the ground long ago for infantry. And begrudgingly happened with ground vehicles. ESFs are the last bastion of measuring on set stats.

    I personally think changes need to go forward. screw these little pricks and their 'sacred charges'. Put ESFs in line with every other vehicle in the game. Improve the vehicle game overall to mean something. And if these pilots quit, there will be real pilots, ones who work with a team, to replace them. We'll get a better game, and a better community at the same time.
  20. AxiomInsanity87

    I posted a dirty meme on psn and got a 2 month ban and it's linked to this account.

    I totally agree.