Airplanes is a joke now, lol

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Malphai, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Zardoc

    Haha, air chav tears are delicious.
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  2. Guyshep

    I've just bought enough popcorn to last me a year.

    I'm waiting for next week.
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  3. helloworldy

    Oh, so it's patched already? Huh, then it isn't quite as bad as I thought. I managed to get away with around 30% HP from three MAXs. One with those bursters. Cool...
  4. Skadi

    Does the skygaurd count?
    Vulcan G30.
  5. xen3000

    It is not patched yet, this is only the prelude to the tears that will come.
  6. Skadi

    Still killing ESF's fine with my AA max
    And still killing infantry fine with my ESF

    seems like all is in order to me...
  7. helloworldy

    Well, then I'm dead. :D
  8. eXhale

    Flak was already incredibly effective (read: not saying it was OP) being that most Burster MAX wouldn't even render for the pilots being hit by them, and more than 1 Burster MAX could shred ESFs if they were even remotely coordinated. The nerf to composite armor is just downright stupid (I don't even use it on my Reaver because I feel it was over-priced even for the old values).

    SOE has done a lot of right with this game, but this just seems like them falling back to their old ways of sweeping, untested and unwarranted changes brought on by the masses crying. At least if that's the case the NC weapons might actually get balanced at some point, since the masses are actually spot on with that one for once.
  9. daskleineviech

    I'm a zerg grunt, I'm as lone wolf as you are. I'm not saying that the way things are now is the perfect balance, it's just that balancing is not an easy thing to achieve. Most popular eSports titles got balanced over years and they are infantry only with a selection of three actual useful guns (I'm looking at you, CS). The problem with aircraft is that as soon as one single ESF can take out multiple targets on a regular basis, an organized squad of ESFs could take out a whole attacking army. I'm all for the possibility to kill 20 people if they are actually stupid or just really badly prepared, that can happen to me as HA as well if I get the drop on a group of medics. But if you attack, and I mean really attack not just hover, there has to be a way to kill you. It doesn't need to be the first guy and I'm honestly not a fan of one MAX = one ESF kill, but if there are multiple MAXes or HAs, you will get blown out of the sky or at least scared away. And don't forget that you are the only one who can actually persue any air target and proceed to kill them, including the Galaxies. The ESFs are made to kill Libs and Gals and do sweeping attacks on ground targets, full on attacks should result in your death or severe damage.
    And if they really bring orbital strikes into the game, I can assure you that all the infantry grunts will gather here to complain about the evil squad leader, because standing on open terrain in large groups is clearly the way to play infantry.

    A good rule of thumb is generally how often things occur. If you get blown up by a MAX, it's ok. If it happens every time a MAX is present even though you do a perfect hit and run attack, it's a balancing problem. Just like with snipers in any FPS thus far, which is always a popular complaint. If I get killed by a sniper, he's got good aim. If only the sniper scores points every time, something is fishy and needs to be addressed.
  10. SavageB

    Love all these cry babies on the forums because there ESF's arent op anymore.
  11. Stampz

    None of the patch changes has been implemented yet. The crying from sucky pilots has already started. We're already getting this kind of reaction now, I have to wonder what things will be like next week when the changes actually occur.
  12. SKYeXile

    What's going to be more amusing is all the burster users thinking they're amazing players.
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  13. zukhov

    All the sucky pilots will either (hopefully) leave in a huff and then post of forums about PS2 sucking for a few weeks, or switch to something else.

    Many of them don't seem to realise that nothing has changed yet and are already having problems lol.

    I doubt they will even be able to take off when the patch goes live.
  14. lordprinceps

    your tears fall from the heavens like ambroisia, flybois.
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  15. Moxin

    Where are the patch notes who describe this change ? Please a link
  16. Sifer2

    Looking forward to the same people whining air was OP whining that there are too many tanks, and it's too hard to take out enemy Sunderers next week. When you take out Tanks main natural predator they breed like wildfire. So my advice to all bad players is use your double xp to max out your Tank since it will be the new OP for a while until they nerf AA again. Same thing happened in Beta. Hope this seesaw ride doesn't continue for the life of the game.
  17. Guyshep

    I know this isn't what you've said, but it amuses me to imagine about AA users having to perform backflips and upside down 420 noscopes in order to deal any damage to aircraft whatsoever because people were complaining about them requiring more sense/smarts to use than skill.

    In relation to your post, I don't think anyone has cared much about being an amazing player and a Burster MAX. Most people I've talked to who use them just treat it as a job that needs to be done if they wanted to not lose/die. They vary in attitude.
  18. zukhov

    There.... is ..... no ........ change.

    There.... is ..... noooooooo..... patch.

    The patch is coming.

    So are the patch notes.

    Sorry if you already know all this, just for info. Some people seem unaware and are already being swatted by over powered AA.
  19. Zelmanov

    I would've taken an actual hit to base health (let me instagib jets with my AA gun again!) before the composite armor loss. but oh well, I flew in beta when thing were worse, I'll just make a better name for myself
  20. Guyshep

    The difference is that there is a larger variety of ground forces available. People wouldn't be as much about aircraft if Infantry could fly in the air and shoot down aircraft like they can any ground vehicle.
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