Airplanes is a joke now, lol

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Malphai, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. DavidS

    This is exactly how I feel. We take a base or try an armor zerg and the air just fills up with aircraft. If it wasn't for me and a couple other guys giving the aircraft something to worry about entire platoons would get destroyed by like three guys. I think most pilots are just upset because they can't free farm hundreds upon hundreds of certs in an hour once the patch goes out.

    Well TOUGH LUCK dudes. I bought an anti-air rocket launcher for the sole purpose of getting you guys off my faction's ***, and it's working. I don't kill very many of you, but you shouldn't be allowed to just hover over an army and kill us by the hundreds. Once this launcher gets a buff I can actually cause you some grief like you've caused me over the past week. Not so nice to have rockets launched in your face all the time, is it?

    You pilots will have to actually use your brain and flight skills after this patch goes live, won't you? We'll see who the REAL pilots are after that. No more brain-dead hover spamming.
  2. Triineon

    IMHO flying with A2AM instead of Hellfire Pods (I have both) Is much more rewarding than hover spamming. Engaging the enemy aircraft in dogfights actually teaches you one thing... To be a better pilot! I never put my hellfires to use. dont even know why i bought them :/
  3. Phrygen

    apparently you don't know what an A-10 warthog is.

    And this nerf seems to have gone too far, but we will have to look at the numbers. Rocket pods are gonna be pretty bad against infantry now though.

    a2a rockets are incredibly easy to use and make you a worse pilot for relying on them. skilled pilots will rocket pod you in the air while they are right behind you, and use guns. Your post is a joke bro.
  4. Vytality

    This is great news for us groundpounders! Like it has been said before, FLYBOI TEARS ARE SWEET!!!

    I'd much rather fight tanks on my HA than aircraft- at least I can catch up to them and finish them off.
  5. xen3000

    A-10s don't hover and dogfight. You can still have a ground attack setup anyways: AI Cannon and Rocket Pods. Rocket Pods still do the same damage and the only thing changed is the inner blast radius, the outer radius is unchanged. This just means more damage falloff on missed hits then before. If you are rocketing a tank you will still get the same results. This will be barely a nerf.
  6. Tantal

    Apparently you don't know what a fighter is, because last I checked the A-10 isn't one.
  7. Warlord Kentax

    Planes in this game can kill freaking everything. The AA in this game is a total joke. Double burster Maxes are to only decent AA, but it costs 1000 certs. The AA turret on the Vanguard is crap and basilisks are a poor excuse for AA. The AA upgrade for the Lightning does so little, that even if the tank spots the plane first and takes the first shot, the plane has more than enough armor to turn around and murder the tank with rocket pods. The same is true with the AA base turrets. Any nerf to planes at this point is a good idea.I dare you to face me on the ground where you aren't a virtual god.
  8. Future

    This! You buy something you tested before, the very next patch day it becomes nerfed/changed to something you didnt buy => recert.
  9. ZoSoGetsu

    They have already said AA is meant to be a deterrent, not a hard counter.. AA is not an offensive weapon for hunting aircraft, but defense for an area from aerial assaults. If AA scares a pilot away i has served its purpose. If pilot keeps coming back and dies from taking too many hits, fine, but AA shredding aircraft quickly was already done in beta and it was a monumental failure.
  10. Badmethod

    hehe my heart just bleeds for them. poor widdle guys had the 'I win' button taken off them. :p
  11. Spookydodger

    For the most part, it was just me and a heavy with a G2A missile, but I was doing most of the scaring off of enemy fighters. People kept saying show proof that AA could be effective (at least in terms of discouraging fighters from just hovering over a battle field and rocketing everything that moved). I think this shows that it is possible with only a small number doing so:

  12. Spookydodger

    Bursters can kill lights if you really aim well, and can take out medics and engineers with a lot of effort.

    Against heavies, if you have bursters, your best bet is to close the distance quick so they hurt themselves with rockets, and use melee attacks.

    If a 2x burster max gets in a firefight with a heavy (even if that heavy only uses his machine gun) the heavy will win every time. On my heavy, I can do a little more than 1/4th damage to the life ot a MAX with one clip, I believe, and the weapon is much more accurate. Even at point blank range the spread and arrangement of bursters means you're going to miss a lot.
  13. deathfist

    Yup, something like 1300 certs for 8%. yes that's worth it O_0.
  14. xen3000

  15. ZoSoGetsu

    So you trash talk people that like to fly then complain that you cant fly? If you ever can are you going to call yourself a chicken noob? It isnt always that easy, especially with other ESFs around.. I got one kill each time I grabbed an ESF tonight. First time a scythe chased me and when i finally got him in view we rammed each other head on, second time i got ***** by two reavers both unloading into me despite all evasive action. Is it low skill to find a ton of infantry completely defenseless and be able to pummel them? Sort of, but usually there is more opposition around. Believe me I look for these so called "air ****** spots" and they seem to be pretty few and far between. Either the infantry are staying in cover or there are a lot of AA or enemy fighters around.
  16. Keelin

    First of all: There's supposedly fixes to the draw distance / culling coming next week.
    Second: Half the stuff you complain about isn't even in yet.
    Third: You tell other people that they need to learn to play yet you whine about something like this.
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  17. xen3000

    I am very interested to know where you read about the draw distance/culling changes. Could you provide a link?
  18. Ashur

    That really is ******** I'll admit, SOE should either refund you lot or do something to fix it when they balance with a sledgehammer.

    That aside, it really was needed, air is currently too dominant in the game.
  19. Keelin

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  20. xen3000

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