Airplanes is a joke now, lol

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Malphai, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Nonesuch

    I think I'm going to trust the dev who can look at the game files more than a bunch of people posting on gut feeling that they got killed quicker. So far, it hasn't been nerfed and it's not getting nerfed next patch. The only thing which got changed is the description.
  2. Tuco

    It's easier to camp a spawn building from the air, you made the problem worse.
  3. Wahooo

    Oh... there is now a danger to pilots... poor little fellas.
  4. Dubious

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  5. Garmr

    Good, all of it, good good good.

    I main maxes and have dual bursters, AA is a thankless job that I only do when I get fed up with being bombarded to hell and back.

    It's always the same, me and two other maxes just sick of the air, we know we aren't going to get certs or exp, we just want the air gone.

    And you know what happens? You helplessly swat at air as they fly away when they get to half health, even if you stay you'll have to reload before you kill them, all the while you are dodging rockets and mortars that kill you faster than you can blink

    There is no incentive to play anti air, it's a frustrating and difficult thing to do, and this is just ESFs

    Liberators are goddamned juggernauts that take an army of maxes just to hurt, I don't even bother with galaxies because they are a waste of ammo

    But you know, god forbid someone is able to reach up and give airchav a good smack, then they might be required to put in some effort or something.
  6. Colonist

    LMAO! there is a lot of post I'd like to quote but yes keep the air fighting air and stop grifing the ground like chicken noobs with your skill less rocket pod griefing. I'd love to fly but my setup wont let me atm. /sigh
  7. Talizzar

    Wow so the guys that racked up all that ridiculously easy exp and certs are crying now because their OP aircraft got nerfed.

    I don't think the AA fixes were put in yet by the way but keep up the QQ. Obviously a premeditated strike by pilots to thwart an incoming nerf.

    How about they just give all us ground forces the same amounts of stupid easy exp that you got?
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  8. Tuco

    Anyways this is how it should go down:

    Burster MAX (short range):

    -Smallest proximity fuse
    -shells time out after 250 meters
    -about same damage as now

    Skyguard (medium range):

    -no proximity fuse, you have to directly land hits
    -Zero recoil
    -higher ROF
    -Faster bullet speed
    -Bullets lose damge at longer distance so at max distance they pretty much tickle the target
    -Tight COF
    -Shells time out after 800 meters

    Heavy Flak (long range)

    -Very slow ROF
    -Very slow turret traverse speed
    -Faster than your average bear projectile speed
    -Highest Time To Kill
    -Largest proximity fuse radius
    -Gunner is exposed to small arms fire
    -Shells time out after 1,500 meters
    -Engineer fixed deployment anyone can hop into

    -And as a sidegrade give heavy Flak ability to change HE proxmity fuse to AP ammunition to make the best Anti-Tank gun in the game, OH YEAH OH YEAH!

    Nerf rocketpods by 75%, nerf Zepher/Daltons by 50%
  9. Dubious

    Walker is an AA gun with no flak and we have seen how "good" that is..
  10. LT_Latency

    This is problem.

    It not fun at all for ground forces to fight planes. We just stand there shooting up. As ground forces, We can't out run planes, We can't hide. So we are forced into a unfun fight against something that is faster, We can't hide from and can blow us up in seconds.

    So YES we need to be able to blow you to hell and back as well.

    If planes want to be safe from ground forces that is fine with me, but WE NEED TO BE SAFE FROM YOU AS WELL,
  11. Ausk

    ^^ that. just. that

    hey op...
  12. Dubious

    With proper AA, aircrafts have to actually consider some tactics and not just spam whatever they have
  13. b0b

    I wish you had stopped here. This is really the problem. Everyone current form of AA is boring. Not fun. Un-engaging. It's not so much a balance issue(well, maybe against libs it is). 2-3 bursters/g2a users working together are absolutely devastating. The problem is it sucks. It just mechanically sucks.
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  14. Captnstudy

    "Why not remove planes/tanks/sunderers ect from the game,"

    this would be the best game ever if they did this!
  15. SiiZ

    That makes no god damn sense. All infantry fight other infantry, tanks, and occasionally air. All tanks fight other tanks, infantry, and occasionally air. You're telling me it was intentional to have all air be limited to one fighting role (ESF's -- air, Liberators -- land, Galaxies -- transportation)? I'm thinking that you, in fact, don't know what the **** you're talking about.
  16. Dubious

    Matthew Higby@mhigby
    Clarification on upcoming flak buff: it's not equal across all flak types, Skyguard flak is getting buffed most, MAX bursters least.
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  17. SiiZ

    I'm typically a pilot and fly the majority of the time. However I do play infantry from time to time. I have +100 more kills on infantry than air and experience comes a lot faster on the ground than in the air.

    Now if you want to talk about k/d that's slightly different although the difference between my infantry k/d and air k/d would probably be about 4.0 for infantry and 5.4 for air. I have an average of about 5.1 k/d right now on Jaeger (VS) and 4.9 SolTech (TR). Point being that although you have more survivability in the air the experience and certs on the ground come a lot faster. There is a lot of misinformation being spread about by people who hate pilots.

    Keep in mind I've been arguing for stronger AA (Skyguards predominantly) and more role-defined secondaries as opposed to the all-purpose A2G rocket pods.
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  18. Blackoth

    i dont know what the OP is talking about, me and 2 friends went for a 2 hour bombing run today and i couldnt care less about the bursters that were fireing at us because they did so little damage. then later i put on my duel burster max suit and spent a half hour chasing away aircrafts from a tech plant, they usually made it back out of my effective fire range with just partial damage only to be finished off by guess what? other aircrafts. i think i only got 3 actual kills to my name, rest were just assists.

    you must not know how to fly because its not that easy to shoot down a plane unless u are just hovering in their face
  19. Wahooo

    The AA patch hasn't even happened yet.
  20. soeguud

    remove liberators entirely from the game. ESFs are far more capable for ground attack, have a shorter spawn time and cost less resources to pull. therefore liberators are completely unnecessary, removing them will help optimize game and server stability and no one will miss them when they're gone.

    And give my damn certs back.
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