Airplanes is a joke now, lol

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Malphai, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. xen3000

    Only amazing when shooting at stupid pilots. I doubt there will be a dramatic increase in "death by burster", but we'll see.
  2. Moxin

    Useless thread, if there is no patch who changed anything yet its pointless to talk already about it. How can be Airplanes a joke if there are no patch notes about any AA MAX changes ?
  3. Superdano

    Not happy one bit, today has been awful. Getting destroyed by a max unit that you can't see it just annoying as hell. He rips through my composite armor, which is good for what these days? Whats next, A2A missles that lock on and are easy as hell for any skill-less player to use.. Oh wait they're already in the game.....FU!
  4. 13lackCats

    I'm thinking that aircraft need to fly higher now, and not so close to unengaged hostile infantry.
  5. Sifer2

    That doesn't make much sense to me. Infantry don't need to fly in the air if they have lock on AA launchers, and Flak MAX. Oh, and guns. Regular guns damage ESF's too. They are even greatly nerfing the resistance the Flak armor gives to that.

    My point is that people who have not played since Beta probably don't realize that aircraft keep the number of Tanks down to reasonable levels. AA was overpowered before in Beta. No one pulled aircraft cause it's not fun getting shot down from full health in seconds by AA units that don't render an can fire on you from across the entire HEX they are in. As a result Tanks really only had to worry about other Tanks. An we saw massive amounts of Tank spam everywhere all the time.
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  6. Iksniljiksul

    "You shouldn't oughta done that, he's just a boy."

    They should have waited until after the AA upgrades before even touching the aircraft. It's going to be difficult to balance it all out now. Hopefully, since it was not documented, it is just a bug. Not that I love aircraft, but I would if I could fly them, yet I can not with low frame rates (plus they feel like flying blimps to me).
  7. Moxin

    Did you change your render settings in your .ini ?
  8. Good53X

    Yep, like is already happening with the TR and VS =)

    Seriously though, speed and altitude are your defense. Not your fancy Composite Armour. You shouldn't be taking fire from 3 different ground AA sources - if you are then you are doing something wrong.

    Air superiority fighters fight for air superiority. Bombers bomb the ground. If an army doesn't have air superiority it has to deal with liberators, and it must therefor have AA in it. This reduces its effectiveness.

  9. Guyshep

    The worst part is that prior to all these pilot tears and more recent complaints about rocket pods and whatnot, this isn't even the first time we've been in this situation. There was a time when AA was even worse than it is right now.

    I believe that AA should take down aircraft in seconds, much like how anything that is designed to do nothing but counter would in any situation. Rendering IS an issue, but that's an optimization/engine thing going on, and I'm sure a number of people would still claim that AA is OP, even if they can see the MAX skull helmets from their cockpits. We're in the eye of the storm of whining, after all.
  10. Kevmo Developer

    Double checking the data files that went live with the patch, flak damage and composite armor resistance to flak is unchanged.

    However, there were some things that went up by mistake.
    The tooltips for the composite armor did change. Mostly though this was to clarify how composite armor works. The new wordage more accurately describes what the composite armor does, which increases the vehicles baseline resistance to those damage types.
    As for the M60 Bulldog, parts of the intended change for the next patch went live. Below is a list of all the changes to the bulldog, some went live early.
    • Direct damage increase
    • Faster fire rate
    • Faster projectile
    • Faster Reload
    • Reduced clip size
    Once all those changes are in, it should be an overall buff to the Bulldog.
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  11. Etgfrog

    ninjad by a dev saying i'm wrong...oh well
  12. Tribeca

    I love the people in this thread saying the nerfs and buff are too much and that air is useless now.

    It has not happend yet.

    Yet here they are saying todays item shop weapons patch nerfed their air...
  13. Dubious

    Just show how stupid the fliers are :p
  14. Rothnang

    Their range is absurdly huge. You put one of those on top of a tower somewhere and it can hit aircraft 4, 5 hexes away.
  15. JackFr0st5

    I agree completely.
  16. Sharpe

    I've been ignoring posts like yours so far because they seemed like trolling.

    I think we are all aware these changes haven't gone live here - in fact, what is being discussed by most people in this thread is the fact that burster MAX's are pretty much fine as they are - and with the upcoming patch balance will get thrown off once again as it did in beta.... and now with today's sale of the left burster, flying just became all that much harder.
    The root of the problem of ESF rocket spamming is because players on the ground are unwilling to bother themselves to pick up any form of AA.

    Now, can we stop these "LOL PATCH IZ NOT OUT, U SO STUPID!" posts and continue discussing (albeit pointlessly since noone will ever reach an agreement hehe)
  17. Nonesuch

    I don't have any armour upgrades and flying is incredibly easy, fun and I can rack up kills doing it like no other. If a few percentages get changed and you can't do it anymore then you suck at flying and probably shouldn't be in the air.

    Nothings been changed apparently and yet you guys still freaked out about your precious toys getting nerfed :confused:

    That's ridiculous, the problem isn't because people are too lazy. It's that AA is generally unrewarding, requires you to grind for certs or purchase weapons to be effective and is no guarantee because air can kill or easily escape unless you're organizing to a crazy degree. The only actual ground AA threat I can't effectively kill everytime with an ESF is the burster and even then they're only a threat in numbers and will never actually nail a kill on me unless I mess up or get stuck in a dogfight without any afterburner left.
  18. AdamantK9

    So Composite Armor has not been ninja nerfed and will not be nerfed since it was not listed in the upcoming changes for air-ground rebalancing? Because if it is going to be a stealth change I want my cert points back.
  19. Planetarian

    I actually want to know, is Composite Armor NOT (and won't get) nerfed?

    Also, what was the reason for the M60 Bulldog's change?
  20. Gunnisson

    Well, one dev says they haven't been nerfed, just the description (updated). Tbh, I'm struggling to take anything they say beyond face value considering how disheartening their accuracy has been in patch notes, descriptions and general mistakes made with some fundamentally simplistic aspects of the game, some of which have been glaringly obvious if they looked properly at some things for half a second.
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