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  1. kwskillsX

    Good lord its weak!!!!!!!! almost pointless needs at least just a little more power
  2. blackboemmel

    "weak" compared to what?
  3. Armcross

    I have seen and felt its effective use.
  4. Liewec123

    they changed it in totally the wrong way, the problem before was that it was too good at AA (when used by skillful people)
    while i don't think that warrants a change anyway, the change that should have happened should have been a change to its damage type so it works the same as it does now for infantry but deals less damage to air.

    the RoF nerf has ruined it right across the board.
    its had the desired effect of making it impractical for AA, but also made it bad for AI.
    so now it is just...bad.

    if this bad change goes live i hope they atleast give us a cert refund because i wont be using it again.
  5. TheRunDown

    Did they at lease Nurf the PPA a long with the AH?
    I've been out of the loop on the test server for a while now.. can't see no recent update patch notes either..

    Seems a little unfair if the Banshee and AH get Nurf and the PPA still remains broken?
  6. LaughingDead

    Banshee didn't get a nerf, it got a buff, PPA can still be AIMED, AH is so bad now that I'm just using mustang and sniping infantry BECAUSE THATS MORE PRACTICAL THAN AI WEAPONRY ATM.
  7. TheRunDown

    What do you mean PPA can still be aimed?
    Did they make it survivable or do the Devs still get a boner pretending some Vanu stuff isn't broken?
  8. TheRunDown

    Does it still rek Infantry at MAX Inf Render Range?
    Does it still have a rediculously big AOE?
    Does it still have its huge ammo pool that can kill a whole squad without reloading?
    Is it still Low Risk, High Reward?

    The ESF PPA NERF is long over due, and it would be disgusting if the Devs ignore it if the Banshee and AH are getting tweaks..
  9. Liewec123

    tried again today, AH is better than it previously was on PTS, still doesn't seem as good as it used to be against infantry though.
    Banshee actually feels pretty dam good now!
    PPA feels pretty heavily nerfed (but still useable)
    overall i'd rate them AH>PPA>>>Banshee for their intended role :)

    i find it odd though that the banshee now does what the PPA did, just faster and more efficiently :p
  10. LaughingDead

    I tired it again and I still don't like how it's moving closer to banshee in terms of what it does. I don't want to spray bullets everywhere at close range, I want to shoot once and move on, what exactly is wrong with the current AH that it needs changes?
  11. Pinkpuff

    Because as of right now it's utterly OP. The PPA is pretty OP but at least it has little to no value other than anti-infantry.

    Basically to balance the AI noseguns one of three things would need to happen.

    1 - nerf Airhammer and PPA down to Banshee levels
    2 - bring Banshee up to Airhammer/PPA levels
    3 - something between 1 and 2

    Personally I'd have just gone with #2, but in all reality having a 3rd OP weapon probably isn't good for the game and NC/VS would be crying rivers for days. But really, even with the proposed changes the Banshee is still going to be the worst of the 3 by a pretty large margin.
  12. blackboemmel

    In what special kind of fight is the AirHammer "utterly OP"?
  13. LaughingDead

    You mean putting enough bullets into an ESF with an AI nosegun is bad? I've seen mossys use the banshee and kill ESFs, what's so OP about that? The only disadvantage is that it's not a good nosegun for it, that doesn't mean that the AH is much better at dogfighting than the banshee, it just means it's there and it's not going to beat a dedicated A2A platform.
  14. Pinkpuff

    Pretty much all of them when it's base role is taken into consideration.

    I've taken out a few ESF's with the Banshee and have been taken out myself with the PPA a couple times. But then again I've also shot down a couple ESF's with pistols too so the 'It Possibly Can' argument isn't a strong one.

    Let's compare a little here.

    Banshee DPS at 150dmg/800rpm is 2000 (800/60=13.33333, *150)
    Airhammer DPS at 1000dmg/180rpm is 3000 (180/60=3, *1000) and this is at the minimum damage range. Max is 4200.
    M18 Rotary DPS at 200dmg/1000rpm is 3333.33 (1000/60=16.667, *200) this is at max range

    Banshee velocity 500m/sec
    Airhammer veloc 550m/sec

    Banshee damage per magazine is 7050 and takes about 3.53 seconds to unload
    Airhammer damage per magazine is 12600max/9000min and takes about 3 seconds to unload

    They share the same reload speed

    So as you can see not only is the Airhammer far superior at it's intended role of anti-infantry but it's actually f'ing amazing overall against everything. But really though, if you've played with it then you already know. It's a long overdue nerf, even though as I stated before I'd just have buffed the banshee instead of nerfing the other 2.
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  15. H4YW1R3

    Everyone knows the Airhammer is OP, and has always been OP. That's why it's finally getting "nerfed". All these players whining about it being "nerfed" know it's OP. They've been using it to farm infantry and maxes, easy mode, for a long time now. They're whining because they don't want that to change. So they're reaching and grasping for excuses, and dreaming that devs and players are stupid enough to believe those excuses.
  16. blackboemmel

    Of course there are many things that could be "taken into consideration" - for example the overwhelming disadvantage a Reaver has in a 1vs1 airfight with enemy ESFs or the limited range of the AH that forces the easiest-to-hit ESF into suicidal manoeuvres.

    My question was quite simple:
    "Where/when is the AH OP"?

    If i always knew what would happen next to me and my ESF, i'd ALWAYS be able to chose something that is stronger than an Airhammer-Reaver.o_O

    The Airhammer has a big advantage over every other nosegun when it comes to versatility.
    I understand that this can make a pilot that decided to fly one of the better ESFs very jealous. But does it really mean that the Hammer is OP? :p
  17. Pinkpuff

    Airhammer as it stands now has better usable range than the Banshee, both for A2G and A2A, and as I've already shown ungodly DPS.

    As I explained, all of them. It has the highest DPS of ALL ESF noseguns AND the ability to one hit kill infantry from distance.
  18. blackboemmel

    Before i give up (because i fell misunderstood whenever you are responding): Have you ever killed 1 Mosquito or 1 Scythe with that "ungodly AH DPS"? If so: How much lower was your opponents skill level?
  19. MrMinistry30

    it is funny how NC complains when their OP **** is being brought to a more equal level compared with the other factions. Yes, you might need a tiny little longer to kill that burster max while still being able to dogfight and instagib most infantry.

    Try the same thing as VS. PPA is already very limited in ist use (dogfighting is impossible) while AH is still pretty good for that and banshee can be used as well, As a VS you always have to chose between Ground farming and being able to defend yourself against esf while NC don't even know why someone should ever ask this question.

    So if you really sacrifice the ability to defend yourself against your most likely reason of death, you should really be rewarded in another way which is why i think the PPA nerf is stupid.

    Another possibility to equal out the other anti infantry noseguns would be to bring their velocity down to PPA Level, then all esf pilots would have to deal with the same question and not only VS.
  20. LaughingDead

    You mean the lasher on a plane so you never "miss". Son, I can snipe with that, you keep the long range advantage and keep the incoming small arms fire to a minimum due to the slim profile and range the PPA can operate, it can also harass the crap out of people in buildings in general if you aim into windows, from range.
    The AH CAN'T do that, the AH has to GET CLOSE for that one shot and hope the spread doesn't completely **** them over at even mid range. The only reason it's "OP" is that you can shoot aircraft, which when it boils down to it is still a flimsy excuse because the rotaries buffs will mitigate AH usage on aircraft anyhow since they will vastly out DPS you. And yea you can dps down burster maxes, when they're out and about and not in spawnor in partial cover. Banshee can one clip them once you have a higher clip size and I know PPA can get enough damage out in one clip to kill one, just not before he gets bursted down.

    Key here is effective operating range and damage. PPA has the slowest TTK out of the noseguns but has the longest effective range. AH has the fastest TTK but shortest effective range. Banshee is in the middle. Reason AH users are unhappy about it is because it's just a shotgun banshee, it puts out bullets but not the damage, at close range that completely ***** you. It's like missing with a pump shotgun, sure you might have time for another shot but you took so much damage that you're probably ****** anyhow. The current iteration of the AH separates it from PPA and banshee, bringing it closer to banshee is a step back from the entire NC playstyle.