Aircraft Controls: Yaw on mouse?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Sarmon, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Sarmon

    I'm pretty sure I saw a similar thread to this one, somewhere on the forums, sometime ago, but I'm gonna ask again.

    Why isn't there a yaw/roll keyboard/mouse swap option?

    This option would be really good for people like me who have an absolute nightmare piloting with roll on mouse. I tried re-binding my aircraft controls to be completely on the keyboard with no mouse controls, but then I realized aircraft sensitivity also affects turrets mounted on an aircraft. [Which should honestly have it's own option]

    This option may also encourage more players to use aircraft against ground because if turning/yaw is on mouse, then players can very easily and precisely aim at targets in the distance.

    What do you think? Should Planetside 2 devs implement yaw on mouse and roll on keyboard options? Is this going to be added? I really hope so.
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  2. NightFall

    of course not. If piloting a plane was so easy then everyone would do it and endlessly spam planes.
  3. Sarmon

    But there are already huge spams of fighter aircraft with volley-fire rockets on pretty much every faction.
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  4. Stigma

    Of course there should be the option for this. Saying that we should make the controls artificially clunky or only suited to players who are comfortable with one certain type of control setup is a really silly argument - and obviously was never a goal for the developers either. It obviously isn't any "easier" than any other control setup either. Its just a preference thing so you can work with what feels most natural to you. It would be just as stupid as if they didn't add reversed Y-axis mouse to the aircraft because "that would be too easy". Don't listen to the guy above seriously...

    Fact is that they haven't gotten around to it yet. Even Smed himself said that they would like to add it as long as there was a demand for it - and there is (in a stream, I don't have a link to it right now). They just have a lot on their to-do list and likely this unfortunately isn't at the top of the list for them yet. It has been asked for many times however and they should be aware of it and hopefully have it on some to-do list.

    I was like the OP and really preferred the yaw on mouse x-axis as that was how I always flew before (helicopters in BF3 ect.) but since there was no workaround and I couldn't stand to wait potentially months for this to be added I was forced to re-learn the x-axis roll aproach. Once you do get comfortable with it is a perfectly fine way to control the aircraft in this game, and it only took me a couple of days of "work" to do it until it felt natural. Doing the same might realistically be the best option for you.

    If you want to try your hand at re-learning and you have a really hard time (crashing all the time and waiting for the timer) then until you reach a basic level of control you can try the following: create a new dummy character, fly, crash (well hopefully not =P ) and simply delete the character and make a new. The new character will not have any reset-timers, so you won't have to do any significant waiting to do more training. It will take a couple of hours to acclimate but you can do it. Start off by spending as much time as you can be bothered to do in the warpgate just doing simple manouvers. Eventually your brain will rewire and it becomes natural enough to allow you to take your bird into some light battle. Don't try to fight with it until you can fly it or you will just become frustrated.

    Good luck - and feel free to PM me if you have any other questions about flying.
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  5. Soylent

    Still waiting for that one. Smed, where's the yaw on x-axis option you said you would add?
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  6. hostilechild

    i would rather they actually put in joystick control that works first.
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  7. Ronin Oni

    FYI: Yaw turn won't be made any greater... you're max turn speed will be the same as holding A or D now... but you'd have to move your mouse like 10ft (or jack up sensitivity so it's harder to have precise aim)

    Honestly I think you're asking for an amazingly terrible control scheme....

    but they have said they're gonna add it.

    Hostile, what's wrong with Joystick control? Works for me (though I've found mouse more precise so just use mouse still anyways)
  8. WhiskyJak

    It is least, it WAS possible. Immediately after Beta ended, I purchased a joystick so that I could get into some air to air combat. Silly me didn't realize SOE had no joystick compatibility coded in yet. However, after messing around for an hour with the settings, I was able to assign the appropriate settings to the mouse. Unfortunately, I had NO idea how I did it. By that point, I was just cursing and throwing the mouse around. Go figure

    Since then, I had reset all my keybindings. Now I'm back to square one and can not, for the life of me, get the controls set the way they were before.
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  9. Madman983

    untill they get around to making joystick work correctly this would do a stopgap mesure
  10. Sarmon

    I don't really care if it's terrible or not. I just wanna be able to fly for a good few minutes without doing barrel rolls into obvious obstacles by accident... Or try shooting at a liberator that's just standing there and missing constantly because im doing barrel rolls, again...
  11. Ronin Oni

    I understand....

    but I think you'd be better off learning to roll with mouse honestly.

    Elsewise if you ever want sustained Yaw input.... that's a LOT of mouse movement... or more keybinds to allow for it (most good pilots map pitch to a couple keybinds in addition to mouse pitch so they can pull hard flips)

    You never need more than a 360 barrel roll... which is easily done within the width of a mousepad.

    This is why roll is on mouse-x

    Of course, options are always good, and they should and will add the option....

    but I continue to highly recommend learning to use it as is honestly
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  12. Stigma

    There is no problem with that setup...
    All you have to do is not move the mouse all that fast side-to-side, just faster than the max (which is very little).
    Its just the same as when gunning in base turrets. Sure you CAN move your mouse fast and lift it again and again and again - and still move real slowly - OR you can do the smart thing and just move it slowly to roughly match the max turning speed of the turret. I can spin all around in a base turret without ever lifting the mouse, so I'd easily do the same wit the yaw on an ESF with that setup. Al you need is a little bit of control and not panicky mouse movement.

    I used yaw on the X-mouse for choppers in BF3 with no problem whatsoever. Its basically the same principle as in this game although the helis did yaw a bit faster of course. Rolling was still the default X-mouse.

    You also have the advantage there of getting to use the mouse entirely for fine-tuning aim. That is nice - as having to use A/D to do fine-aiming on small infantry units at a distance is hardly ideal.

  13. Tar

    fly more, you'll learn.
  14. [HG] 9mm

    I want this. Is there some way, besides looking at patch change log that isn't always complete, to know when they add this feature?
  15. wybie?!

    Il be holding out on flying until this option is in the game; I can fly with the mouse just fine but I feel like I've got way more control when yaw is on the mouse
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  16. Berakh

    Still really silly that this isn't an option.
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  17. Excidium

    Just remember, adding yaw to mouse will prevent you from dying as often due to crashing into things. But, you will get totally destroyed by enemy ESF who use roll on their mouse in dog fights. You will cry imbalanced gameplay, and the devs better look at the control scheme of the people losing.

    Remember when Microsoft wanted to have servers with both PC and console gamers? The average PC FPS gamer beat down the best console player using a gamepad. The same thing will to yaw mouse pilots.

    Roll on the mouse is intuitive. Moving a joystick to the right or left when flying planes or in game IS ROLL. Mouse is the replacement for the joystick. Your rudders are A and D. Stop saying its not intuitive, you just don't want to learn something that works, but instead rely on your inability to grasp you mechanics so you want secondary inferior control schemes. The normal pilots will be able to spot you from across the map based on how fluid your rolling will be.
  18. FinWiz

    So, are you looking for faster yaw or just for mouse yaw? I don't understand what good that would do.
    BTW, I though you can do barrel rolls just fine with arrow keys
  19. Klaus Myrseth

    Problem is other air mmo games use auto roll and mouse yaw and pitch when using the mouse.

    I feel in trouble every time I fly myself since I got into this regime but there is a sollution to the issue using modifier control on mouse axis for beginners for basic flying and more advanced multicontroller inputs/touch mouse with several axis and options built in. Just need the binding options to use it.

    Im fine with pitch and roll as standard option on the mouse but would love to have the option to set up shift key modifier for mouse-x axis for yaw for instance. This would make yaw usable for other stuff then doing slight adjustments in the trees or finding the waypoint (outside of maneuvers). Atm trying to adjust aim for a moving target can only be done by rolling snf pitching and not by yaw (which can easilly get clunky in laggy fights).

    Flying would be as default and for the people who want to can rebind shift mouse-x for yaw instead of a d. This should be easier to learn too.

    Or a better option to bind a second mouse/9-axis mouse/joystick or the like to yaw and thrust so aces still can do their powermoves that require yaw and roll at the same time. Missing the variable input on the yaw :D
  20. Ziogatto89

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