AIr to Air missles most worthless cert item

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by maudibe, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. LibertyRevolution

    Hornets are good for shooting yourself in the tail... things really need a major velocity buff. :p
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  2. Colinljx

    If you don't mind, I would like to switch a few words:

    A2Gs are for noobs who have no skill.
    I think they are quite frustrating, since they are not underpowered and very overpowered.
    A2Gs should not insure you a victory in ground farming, if thats what you were hoping for.
    A2Ams are for noobs too, but they at-least require some skill.

    A2A (nosegun/missile) is supposed to farm air like A2G(lolpod/lib) to ground targets, especially since air is the only counter to air (opinion of SOE devs). How come A2G is everywhere while air battles are rare? Because you can't farm air with nosegun/missile after the nerf to tomcast.
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  3. isaidhi3

    Yes, they are. I just went to live too and I made this for you along the way:

    (thanks to H60ninja for being my test dummy)
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  4. Jeslis

    Try with some distance.. you are given some grace time to re-gain your lock. That is why it still hit him.

    To prove, have him fly away from you slowly.. Gain on him until you are in range, lockon, fire, break away.. and you will receive no hit marker.
  5. Admiralty

    Key word is leniency.
  6. isaidhi3

    you hardly have to maintain lock, you can still get a hit even if you jerk a fair amount after you fire:
  7. isaidhi3

    Leniency. Seriously? I do not call being able to jerk 90 degrees after firing a supposedly maintain-lock missile "leniency". That's basically fire and forget.
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  8. IamnotAmazing

    how does them not being fire and forget make them trash?
  9. Phazaar

    There is no world in which A2AM have ever been more useful against a Liberator than alternative loadouts. There's also no world in which Liberators are OP vs ESFs... Just a whoooooole lot of asbergic 'IS BOMBER SO MUST BE EZ TO KILLLLL PLOX!!!', combined with a fair amount of L2P. And this from an ESF pilot...
  10. Colinljx

    Absolutely untrue, you don't have to lie to defend a nerf.

    False (e.g. lib packs vs esf packs)
    Stay out of forumside for a while perhaps? (newbies complain all the time, try to ignore some)
    Every player is an ESF pilot, however good or bad he/she might be.
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  11. DQCraze

    Yes A2A missiles are worthless now. I haven't used them since the nerf hammer hit them. The whole point of an A2A missile is fire and forget but the high skill pilots cried and cried. Enjoy being lol padded to death.
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  12. Predatorv2

    I lol'd as well. lol
  13. Phazaar

    Lol, gonna back that up, or shall me and the rest of the good pilots just chortle at your naïveté? Literally there has not been a time since launch when a single ESF with a nosegun and rocketpods or AB tanks was not A: more effective at killing a Liberator, and B: more effective in other areas to boot. The only time when B perhaps did not apply was during the few months of whacky physics before the nerf, when A2AM were doing 180 degree turns to hit targets; this was rightly nerfed.

    The only time when A and B are distinctly untrue is when you have a pilot who is very low on the skill curve...

    Three fully crewed Libs vs 9 ESFs. Let me pick my ESF team and we'll demonstrate, yeah? Although in that world, A2AM may actually be a hilarious way of winning - how many A2AMs does it take to instakill a Lib? ;)

    I'm pretty happy here. Someone has to be the voice of reason after all ;) :rolleyes:

    Okay, well to classify, I have more than 10 times the amount of time in an ESF as any other vehicle/MAX. I've also never had a single problem killing a Liberator in an ESF.
  14. e_z_a

    in re. to the post's subject, i'd have to disagree and go with the equinox burst as biggest waste of certs :-(
  15. z1967

    Just give them a longer lock range and call it a day (IIRC it was nerfed to around ~200m)
  16. minhalexus

    No, its a very low skill weapon, and a low skill weapon should not be highly rewarded.

    I dont know if you know how frustrating it is, if I'm going against a ESF, and a nooby pilot is using A2Am on me.
    Generally speaking, I can not outrun an A2A missile.

    Lockons are a bad idea in this game, they should be less rewarding than regular nose-guns.
  17. z1967

    I meant so that it could be used against liberators. Can't ask for anything nice without triggering the response of those who want to live forever and farm new pilots...

    Range would not make it any more effective against ESFs, it would just add a longer ranged weapon to their arsenal. Nose guns would be of more use in close range (and of course Coyotes...) whilst this would be better at long range. Run flares or stealth if you don't want to get locked on.
  18. OneRedBlock

  19. minhalexus

    A2A is a lot more fun after the nerf of A2Am, those were called for. Are you suggesting that nerfing them were a bad idea?

    As for A2G, yes they can use a splash nerf to reward accuracy.
    I dont know if you know, that using A2G in 48+ fights is actually quite hard. Considering that there will be a couple of AA out.
    But ultimately i do agree that A2G is quite easy in terms of farming kills.
  20. dstock

    Uh, no. Only AB pods are not for noobs. Every other ESF secondary is for people that can't shoot, including lolpods. Hornets are for killing noobs, been having a lot of fun shooting planes with them lately, lol.

    I want to say 6, maybe 7. It's been a long time since someone tried to cheese me exclusively with A2A missiles, but I've noticed that most people run out of ammo before pulling it off.
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