Air ramming should not be a viable AA strategy...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Vadnais, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Gundem

    He already did that, he forces a Liberator abusing the invulnerability bug on it's back :D
  2. D3GGY

    Exactly. There are ways to kill an enemy you can't damage :D
  3. Gundem

    *Mortal Combat Announcer*

    Humiliation Kill!

    Now seriously deggy, staph getting yourself banned! Like, seriously, didn't I just see another alt like 4 days ago? How do you find the time to make all those fake emails?!
  4. Vivicector

    If ESF gets rammed by a Lib or Gal, that is the fail of the pilot. Really, how can agile ESF not avoid that??? Well, I never turn away from those stupid ESF that want to ram me, unless I got other things to worry about. Wanna commit suicide with my help? Fine.

    Liberators have a lot of things to fear. But ESF, that try to ram them is not in the list.
  5. Juho

    Yesterday I rammed one mosquito? Was that you?

    Well anyways the only effective way to get rid of lib spammers is galaxy ramming. Just rammed two liberators who were farming our base for like 15 minutes

    Yeah a little while ago it was absolutely in favor of the larger aircraft. Now for what ever reason it is actually quite effective to simply take a taxi ESF and ram that ACE lib crew. One day SOE will get the collisions right in PS2, one day.
  7. Loui5D

    OP - remove yourself from the sky if you can't avoid a skywhale coming to hug you.
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  8. dragonwinds

    My encounters are mainly a an accidental tap in the middle of a dogfight. But still, that instantly kills both of us, even when the other guy is on fire.
  9. peebee

    Ramming is fine. Improve your awareness.
  10. Astoral

    On a similar twist to this thread, I had a Gal come and park its big, fat **** on my Prowler and blow me up!! No damage to the Gal, just took off to look for the next victim :(
  11. D3GGY

    You say that like you think I need a new e-mail for each one :p

    They're all the same e-mail address. Just different usernames. Same password, too.
  12. Dreadnaut

    Yeah, they really don't have anything to fear except:
    • ESF nose guns
    • ESF A2A Missiles
    • Liberator Tank Buster
    • Liberator Daltons
    • Liberator Shredders
    • Skyguard Lightnings
    • Dual Basilisk Sunderers
    • Bursters
    • G2A Lockons
    • AA Phalanx Turrets
    • Battle Galaxies
    Other than that...NOTHING to worry about....
  13. Dreadnaut


    I've instantly died in my Liberator from being rammed and wreckage due to a bug that won't ever get fixed.
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  14. Hoki

    Omg.. this thread.. I never even thought to try full stealth galaxy whale-bombing against liberators.
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  15. Dead soldier

    You don't fly too often. 1/10 rams that occur to my lib end in death. Happens when they hit the big center of the lib. Wing rams just turn the lib around.
  16. XsolarflareX

    I've actually found air ramming to be pretty hit or miss lately. I can plow through two or three libs without an issue, but then catch a reaver or mosquito that blows me up. Seems the debris never really reacts like you would think it should. easier points come through ground crushes now. infantry, tanks, or my favorite, maxes! :p
    Ground debris doesn't seem to stick to my plane, where as air debris, hell, anything can happen with it.
  17. Brahma2

    I enjoyed a terrible Liberator ramming mine, taking me to burning and he was completely full health... would do again.
  18. TheTickles

    I fly every chance I get. When a air collision occurs I almost never clip the wings. They are dead center. The lib survives.