Air/Ground Vehicle Symmetry

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  1. Leftconsin

    There is a pretty strong symmetry between air vehicles and ground vehicles. But there is a hole!

    Lightning - ESF
    MBT - Liberator
    Sunderer - Galaxy
    Harasser - Valkyrie (from what little preview we have)
    Flash - ???

    What hypothetical vehicle could serve as an aerial Flash? I almost want to say the drop pod is this role. Basically a super light aerospace craft that no one will ultimately use because redeploying doesn't cost 100 resources.

    Its already there the ESF. It dies just as fast as a flash.
  3. Pikachu

    Need air version of invisible c4 flash.
  4. minhalexus

    Only that its crazy hard to kill them.

    If my flash comes in front of an MBT then I'm probably dead unless the terrain saves me.
    But I can survive liberators most of the time in my ESF, its them who die.
  5. Alarox

    If you give me the ability to make an air flash, I will, literally, single handedly destroy armor columns.

    Right now I can only do it three times in a row. ESF/Liberator/ESF then out of air resources.

    I'm talking about doing orbital drops on individual tanks with drifter jets and C4. If you want to kill an MBT or Lightning, you can reliably kill ANYONE with this.
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  6. MrJengles