air farming drop pods as they spawn

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by rumblepit, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. rumblepit

    title sayss it all, happen to me 3 times in 1 hr over tarwhich by the same pilot. he hovers at 1000 m over the base and rocket pods the drop pods as they spwn. he did this for well over a hour non stop, nc pilot over a vs base farming tr drop pods. AA my foot...........
  2. HvcTerr

    Let me guess, these are the "new player" pods that hang around until people finish the briefing?
  3. rumblepit

    nah man im almost br 30 he was taking out every single drop pod coming into tarwich. just hovering at 1000m waiting for them to spawn.
  4. Necron

    Right now because air has very few effective counters air is the way to farm certs. Air needs to have a few more weaknesses put in to make them a lot more vulnerable than they are right now. Then need to make air more vulnerable to ground fire and increases the effectiveness of AA turrets and G2A missiles.
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  5. Proxus

    I killed a drop pod a bit lower than that yesterday evening. It was just hanging there in the sky so I blew it away. I was kinda shocked when I got kill credit for it lol...
  6. Total_Overkill

    I remember when you could kill drop pods in flight with AA turrets... >.>
  7. Shamoox

    Sadly, Hovering at around 900 - 1000 meters you can see drop pods clearly locked stationary in the sky as they are spawning. I had a gunner figure this out once and he went on a killing spree with the top AA turret on my galaxy. He also got weapons locked due to the fact he could't tell which were friendly and which where enemy pods.

    This should be addressed as no one should be able to kill a pod in the spawning stage, rather only on the dropping and landing phase.
  8. Hellkyte

    If they are just hangin out there temporarily and are visible that really should be adressed. And this has zero to do with "omg Air is so over/under/sidewayspowered.". Its just a clear exploit.
  9. RobotNinja

    Killing drop pods doesn't actually give "kill credit" though. It says Drop Pod Kill and you get a base 25xp but if you look at your stats, killing drop pods won't add to your KDR.
  10. Proxus

    But it did give kill credit in this instance. I saw the kill message flash on the top right and my kdr went up. I think in this instance it was someone who crashed while podding in though.
  11. TeknoBug

    On the other hand my very first kill when I created the character on release day was with the drop pod, it must've landed on top of someone. :)