Air Defense Shields are total !!!BS!!!

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  1. Tanelorn

    I can't tell you how many times I have been part of an ENTIRE PLATOON trying to take a deployable base that has more than one Air Defense shield and we do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because we CAN NOT DROP THE SHIELDS.

    Whatever mechanic is behind this, it takes more firepower than our ENTIRE FACTION can muster to drop those shields, meanwhile the enemy is free to spawn whatever they want to counter us!

    EVERY TIME I am part of an attempt to assault a base that is using canyons, pits. etc with AD shields we fail and are driven back.

  2. Scr1nRusher

    no...... you need to learn.

    Vehicles & aircraft can go through skyshields
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  3. Insignus

    This feels like a dismissive "git gud" comment by someone who likes benefiting from this particular tactic. and who doesn't want to see their farm booster changed. If that is not the case, I'd advise you to rephrase your comments.

    Last time I tried it, aircraft do explode if you try to go through the shield, and the distance to the ground and or other structures, combined with turrets firing at you, makes this an implausible suggestion. Valkyries are small enough to land under them, but cannot survive long enough to be practical, whereas the Gal will generally get stuck on a turret.

    I feel a compromise here would be that when skyshields are popped by fire from above, they should subtract a substantial amount of cortium before they recharge. Alternatively, the exclusion radius on sky shields should be expanded to further limit the overlap. The very nature of the places that this tactic is occurring in often prevents concentrated vehicle fire.
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  4. KaletheQuick

    1- Get sunderer
    2- Get friends
    3- Drive through
    4- coordinate to blow up ONE skyshield.
    5- Repeat.
  5. Cyropaedia

    You can Light Assault in the gap between the Skywall and ground/wall. Enter from an angle where AI Turret won't target you.
  6. Masyaka

    what about if they have land walls at all roads and other places are unreach able? Ur friends must be light assault class?
  7. Pelojian

    so airs gets good cover (mountains, rocks, trees to break lockons or make them crash into terrain) yet ground gets the ability to have the exact same thing where they need it and suddenly cover is OP?

    look at the maps! there's more cover for aircraft vs ground then there is cover to protect ground vehicles from air!

    stop whining that now you can't just go where you please and toast anything you want with high DPS weapons, now you have a taste of what it is like for tankers when air turns up in numbers or infantry set up long range AV nests.

    when infantry set up AV nests and we snipe the infantry they just get revived, if air attacks us they pop in deal a ton of damage and then retreat before they can take meaningful damage.

    as air you hit one of those bases and you are basically knocking down a beehive, you may not be able to do meaningful damage with the air shield up but you can leave the area alive if you react fast enough. tankers that get lit up by AV nests or air die quickly if they don't react fast, air should be no different.

    I've only ever seen inexperienced pilots try to engage an airshield base solo that has at least one AA turret.

    I don't know about anyone else but i've found very few people on briggs that have all the turret schematics and even fewer like myself that have unlocked all the schematics.
  8. HappyStuffin

    Is that another airasshole complaining about not being to farm groundies effectively?

    Cry me a river. I wish we could buff those air shields.

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  9. omegaskorpion

    I personaly have no problem with the idea of Sky shield, however i do have problem how it works.

    I dont care about the damaging effect it creates, i dont care about the area it covers... the only thing that makes it realy painfull and damaging both to the tanks and bombers its that the shield has infinite health.

    I would be ok if the shield would have 10 000 health and then enemies could shoot the shield down... temporarily of cource as the shield would still start generating after some time just like heavy shields.
    That would be more balanced and strategic as builders have to defend attacks while the enemies rush in while the shield is temporarily down and attacks have to make it count so they can destroy the sky shield module in time before it activates again.

    (also you may ask why would sky shield hurt tank gameplay, well as you can see in some places, the shield can be placed in some terrains so that the shield covers the whole base without leaving any air holes, making impossible to attack the base on foor or vehicles without huge zerg.)
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  10. Jawarisin

    From someone who can probably fly way better than you (sorry, don't have the patience to sugar coat it): No, it's extremely easy to fly under those shields, and you take no damage (with a liberator at least).

    At the same time, I find myself agreeing with one of the few people whose ideas on balance are so terrible they are considered as a joke on reddit. So I don't really know what to think, but for now, I have to agree with him.
  11. Demigan

    Whenever the Skyshield can function as a wall (IE every place where the base is in a gully or the attackers have to come from a mountain above you) it becomes OP. It damages anything that tries to get through, any infantry, any vehicle.

    Ground vehicles should be immune to the shields damaging effect at the very least. Skyshields should also have health, a ton of health no doubt, but health nonetheless. Pound it with enough firepower (which shouldn't be too hard if the shield is attackable by ground forces) and you can break it to get through.
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  12. Imp C Bravo

    Can't resist: the level of ridiculousness is just too damn high.

    The text in italics applies to things that work two ways -- towards both air AND ground yet is being presented as a bonus for air only. The extra funny part is that these bonuses are more effective for ground than air for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, lower visibility of ground troops, greater amount of cover from more potential air threats threats for ground troops than vice versa, the ability to 'hug cover' without blowing up, etc...

    But you say 'air' gets it. Air gets more 'cover' than ground. Fail.

    The part in bold is a huge logical fallacy. The construction system does not, in any way, equate to ground getting the same advantages air has. Air does not have a floating 1 way shield that prevents ground troops from shoot at air -- but can somehow shoot down. You are trying to equate the limited cover than cover can provide to air (cover is less effective the further away from it you are -- when ground is using cover it is right next to said cover, Air is not next to said cover because air explodes) to spawn shields that are huge, shaped, and one way for ground troops.

    If you were making an actual honest equation -- you would liken skyshields to a module that aircraft could buy, that would generate a curved shield that makes the bottom of the aircraft invulnerable to ground fire -- while letting the aircraft bombard the ground. I somehow HIGHLY doubt you would be ok with that. Fail.

    The part that is underlined is just a simple rejection of reality (See 1). Cover applies both ways so at WORST (for ground troops) cover is equal. However, since air can(and does) approach in the same direction but at different altitudes (because they can't shoot through eachother), a rock will give a tank cover from more aircraft simultaneously. Add to that the fact that the tank can hug the rock forcing the plane to fly past. The secondary on the tank can then fire on the plane -- the plane may or may not be able to fire on the tank. Rotating turrets on ground vehicles and all. Fail.

    Seriously though, how ridiculously myopic must you be to equate terrain to 1 way spawn shields? I wonder how tankers would feel if all AV turrets on all bases had a spawn shield covering the foward 45 degree angle? It's fine right? Just get an LA to fly in and C4 it so you can do your tank push right?

    Anyone want to make a fail compilation video?
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  13. EPIC389

    I'm more than happy to give shields a limited amount of health, so long as the people under it can shoot through it. Hard to AA/Kill Tanks/ Snipe people properly when that happens.
  14. Demigan

    AA turrets can shoot through them, right?

    Also, Walls block most of the defenders fire as well, so why should Sky Shields (again) get some advantage like this? They already are almost invulnerable and damage anything that can go through... The damage to anything that goes through is actually a good thing as it prevents the dreaded "any Gal drop on HIVE = dead HIVE" scenario, but why give it infinite health? Aircraft weapons are powerful no doubt, but by giving it medium health and a 5 second down time before regenerating (to full health instantly after depletion?) you could easily make aircraft some more effective against fortresses without making them OP. At least with such a system a coordinated gal-drop would be possible, and team work on that scale should definitely be possible.
    Considering players can already make these shields overlap for a large part it's not an automatic death sentence to have these shields collapse. It simply adds some tactics that can be employed against sky shields. It also means that people using the "build fortress in a ditch" technique will be less effective, since ground forces would be capable of shooting through the shield whenever it falters and needs to regenerate.
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  15. PatateMystere

    It's actually working this way. Tank a tank squad, focus fire on skyshield, it will go down for I think 30 sec. It works exactly as the deployment shield of the sundy.

    Vehicules can pass the skyshield but aircraft takes damage in the process.
  16. Sovereign533

    AI turrets can shoot through walls though. As long as they have the AI module controlling them and not a person.
  17. Demigan

    Unless something changed, you get damage in any vehicle passing the sky shield.

    Even so, it does not stop the fact that these shields are too perfect in some places. Any vehicle that passes through the shield is instantly focus-fired, some factions have much better CQC capabilities on their vehicles (IE TR Vulcans) that can obliterate any such attempt, and in general using these shields this way is far too big an advantage compared to anything else, like ordinary walls.

    The Sky shields health, if it can indeed be broken, should go down. It shouldn't take a tank squad to break through this (and frankly I have seen focus-fire and didn't see it break). The shields should be breakable with one or two tanks, once down you have a small window to fire at something before it regenerates. That gives it a much better design than "well unless a freaking tank squad is pounding the shield you ain't getting through".
  18. Devilllike

    shooting the shield damages the main thingy just saying
  19. Devilllike

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  20. Halkesh

    Skyshield should be balanced to protect from air in all direction BUT it shouldnt effect infantry and tank gameplay.
    Right now people use skyshield as a "large area immunity" against everything by placing it on cliffs. => this is why skyshield are broken.
    Against air, it's not enough effective because it don't protect the side.

    What about this ?
    Make skyshield spherical
    Shield now work like a gate-shield : allow small weapons from all side, block heavy weapons from all side, block enemy vehicle.
    Hitting the shield with heavy weapon no longer damage the skyshield module, but after several damage it disable the shield for a small duration. (the shield come back at 100% hp)