Air Changes: A Community Effort

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  1. WycliffSlim

    Air Changes

    So, I put this together today as an attempt to bring together a lot of the great ideas and knowledgeable people about the air into one place. At the moment it's not open for anyone to edit. But, anyone can view and add comments. If you leave suggestions here or in the comments I'll add them to the doc. I might open it up at a later time but at the moment that seems like it could get pretty hectic.

    Either way, I'd really like this to be something that the entire community can get into and put good concise suggestions from all walks of the game into so that we can present something to SOE that has a large percentage of the informed playerbase behind it.

    You can also find the Reddit version of this HERE
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  2. Kriegson

    I play AA reaver, occasionally lib and sometimes AA max, at least tested the skyguard.

    Flak in numbers can shut down most ESF's, as can lockon launchers (again, you can't really stay long enough to do anything effective) when they work, but making an ESF effective AA requires huge cert investment for fighting aces.

    Not only do ESF's have a high skill floor and ceiling, the equipment makes a insurmountable difference when you compare similarlyskilled players. IE someone with maxed out racer and Afterburner can always disengage from someone who does not. Someone with hover, coyoties and rotary will wreck a stock ESF. Which makes them being the counter to liberators a weak argument when they cannot "reliably" counter even their own units.
    And on that note, a ESF will have to make several passes on a lib. A lib with a dalton only needs the ESF to screw up once. Once you add multiple libs potentially with a walker or tankbuster, it gets extremely deadly for the ESF. You cannot make a mistake, the lib can make many.

    On the note of ground again, most counters are expensive, unrewarding and ineffective without numbers. If there is an enemy tank we need to take care of, I have a few free and easy to use options, along with several cert costing but very effective options.
    Alternatively, if there is enemy aircraft I have very few if any options available at any given moment.

    Imo the primary issue is the lack of easily accessable and "affordable" counters to air, as well as hard counters. I have made some suggestions towards this elsewhere on the forum.
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  3. Lucidius134

    Your first link is broken.

    You got 3 mins before the 30 min mark and you can't edit it

    Edit: Looks like you missed the edit window.

    I havn't been libbing much lately but those changes on the TB seem kinda odd. IDK i'd have to see it in PTS but TB seems like it's in a pretty good spot atm. Rest is fine.
  4. WycliffSlim

    Dangit, here's a functioning link to the DOC.

    The TB changes have been moved down to Suggestions :)
  5. dstock

    omg, ability to change crosshair color? I have wanted that since I stopped playing exclusively TR. The red sights are great, they show up on everything. The cyan Vanu ones disappear over Esamir. My color vision isn't perfect, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who is infuriated by the standard colors, haha.

    Just looking through the lists:

    1) What is the role of the Spur? Does anyone know? If not, what do we want the Spur to do? This game has impressed upon me the need for something to have a niche if anyone is going to use it. The Spur's niche seems to be low DPS while maximizing tunnel vision and 'being an easy target', lol.

    2) The Vektor only needs RoF, IMO. I get it, it's the AA version of the old Kobalt. The difference is, the old Kobalt had a TTK that could actually kill it's intended target before they could get cover. The time just to mag-dump the current Vektor is ~8 seconds. *Ain't nobody got time for that meme*

    3) I've written books on the Duster. As quickly as possible, the issue is the CoF/Bloom mechanic, it goes from 0-100% after one shot, and takes significant time to settle. This factor completely negates the desire to fire it quickly, because you won't hit anything. I think the max CoF should go from 2 to 1.5, and the bloom should be somewhere between 20-40%. Also, I'd be interested to see how it would work with pure splash. It's extremely hard to make direct hits with the Duster at any range, so what if we just delete the direct damage component, and end up with a pure splash weapon. This also solves the ridiculous max splash radius, which is only .25m more than the Shredder, and the max splash area, which is just under 25% of the Zephyr's max splash area. Finally, I went in broken VR when the Duster was released, and it had a MagSize cert that added 6 shots. I'd like to see that added back in, to further differentiate it from the Zephyr.

    Also, just a quick note, something I want: more turret options on the Galaxy. I only use the Walker on the top, and the Drake on the tail. The wing-guns rotate depending on who's actually flying, and what our intended target is. The reason for the 2/3 specificity is protecting yourself from the primary threats from those sides. The top gun is the Galaxy's nose-gun equiv, I like the walker for ESFs. The Drake helps with armor for ground pounding, and larger planes (Lib/Gal) that are chasing you. I don't really know what to suggest, or even care what they are, I just think this aspect of Galaxy play is rather stagnant at the moment.

    I put most of my other comments in the suggestions. I was having connection problems, but I wanted to add one more thing. I can't comment on the feasibility of this, but what about letting players specify their own tracer colors to enhance visibility. Keep it client-side, so that all tracers still match faction-specific colors for everyone besides the person firing. Kind of like letting us specify our own colors to denote each faction. Like I mentioned above, my color vision isn't perfect, and one of my biggest pet peeves is trying to track Shredder tracers in varying light conditions/continents. Since the Shredder is easier to aim via the tracers than the crosshair, this would make it easier to use, which I'm not sure is a good thing.

    "Nerf the Valkyrie"
  6. Kapernum

    You're wasting your time.
  7. Pixelshader

    - nerf scythe
    - implement resource revamp

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  8. Cswic

    Well I copy / pasted the stuff that wasn't there already from my recent galaxy thread into the doc so yay I'm part of the group.
  9. Lucidius134

    Which gal thread. The wiki could do with some updating
  10. Cswic

  11. lawn gnome

    actually it seems to be working well and there is a lot of reasoned discussion going on. it is far more organized and intelligent than the forums ever imagined being.

    and the really great part is that it isn't just a pilot circle jerk like i was sort of expecting it to turn into.
  12. WycliffSlim

    I'm honestly really hoping that tankers and infantry players get in on this. I want people to be compromising and actually trying to come to reasonable conclusions. I'd really like this to be something I can mash down into a couple of pages and send of to the devs at some point.
  13. Lucidius134

    Oh that one. I already posted int hat one. Hot drop button is already on the wiki and most everything else is not gal-exclusive.
  14. Lucidius134

    I would love to have color changing crosshairs at the very least. Not so much huds but the crosshairs defiantly.

    I've been slowly losing my color vision (as well as regular but that's a whole story) and a lot of the time I lose the crosshairs against the game background.

    At the very least, minecraft has a crosshair that changes it's white/black values based on how bright the thing behind ti is. If minecraft can do it I don't see why PS2 can't?

    On top of that but an off topic note: Red Dots need to glow like lumifiber
  15. WycliffSlim

    That's in the doc right now! I completely agree though. VS ones are particularly brutal. Look into the sky and it disappears
  16. lawn gnome

    we need more grounders in the document

    so far as i can tell, at the moment it is just me a handful of others in there arguing with an endless stream of pilots.

    as of currently:
    TB is "fine/slightly under powered (shot velocity buffs inbound)"
    all of the belly guns "need to be buffed"
    and all of the ground vehicles need a skyguard permanently strapped to them or they should die.

    god knows what is happening in the ESF section, it has been a full time job just trying to talk down the liberator buffs.

    do you like these conclusions? if no get in there and make the document less one sided.
  17. WycliffSlim

    Actually I think what we've determined is.
    TB is pretty much fine
    The only belly gun that needs a "buff" is the Duster.
    Very few actual buffs have been proposed other than to clearly under performing weapons.

    There are some statements that say differently but this seems to be the overall consensus.

    But by all means have more ground people commenting.

    Just remember this. I'd really like you to have SOME experience with the weapon/vehicle in question before commenting on how it functions.
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  18. Dead soldier

    Scythe Changes:
    Lower to projectile speed of the scythe's nose guns to the same as the other empires.

    Increase the size hitbox in the front so it is easier to hit in hoverfights. To balance this, increase the acceleration speed of the scythe by 100-200 percent.

    Liberators changes:
    Buff the vektor so they do more damage at longer ranges than shorter ranges. Also make their bullets travel faster and do more damage but lower the mag size by 10. This will make it a more of a sniper weapon good against vehicles at long distances.

    Buff the walker so it does more damage at longer ranges, making it a weapon that is good at longer ranges.
    Buff drake in CQ so it will be the preffered weapon in A2A combat in CQ.
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  19. IamnotAmazing

    I agree with bill


    apparently nar is getting a nerf on test


    stealth: take away engine sound
    comp armor: buff flak resistance, make all types of lockons (except striker) four shot
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  20. Kapernum

    If SOE somehow takes note of this and implements some of the changes within the next 6 months then I'll hail Wyclef as a hero.

    Also I'll take a pilot ********** over an infantry ********** (tends to be biased inexperienced ****posts) any day of the week.