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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Teegeeack, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Teegeeack

    I never target moving enemies. Unless they are moving slowly (for example, ADS), or running in a straight line away or towards me (and only then if they're relatively close. Do you aim for moving targets? I'm generally of the opinion that shooting at every moving body will get you few kills and lots of deaths.
  2. Roaldi

    Generally I only go for those that are moving at a constant speed in a line/predictable path. The hardest part is learning to balance your bullet drop and travel time perfectly.
  3. Mustarde

    If its a circumstance where I don't have much to lose and there's a moving target, i'll go for it. If the target is covering a long distance I'll take the body shot, and hit about 40-60% of the time (depending on elevation and distance), and hopefully have enough time for a follow up or two.

    If a target is moving in a very predictable and easy fashion, such as what the OP described, I'll go for the headshot, probably nail it 20% of the time.

    Since I'm often not afraid to shoot moving targets, I will get the rare moving headshot at long range, or a headshot off a guy on a flash, etc. But while everything can improve with practice, I find that I'm not really getting any better at this - its just really hard and takes some luck.
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  4. shackers


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  5. AnuErebus

    Depends on the range and the fight. If it's relatively close range yeah, I'll take shots at moving targets, I'm comfortable enough with the RAMS .50 at this point that getting consistent headshots at close-midrange is fairly common. However if I'm not sure I can get a headshot I'll look for another target, doubly so because I usually snipe at closer ranges so a body shot is liable to give me away. Also if there's a row of people not moving/not moving much I'll readily go for them instead, unless the moving targets are clearly coming towards my position and I don't have a good way to escape from them.
  6. Dr. Euthanasia

    The only things that will stop me from taking a shot against a moving enemy are if there's an abundance of obstructions that they could abuse if I fail to headshot them, or if they're moving in an unpredictable pattern without even being aware that I'm targeting them. You won't improve unless you take the risk, and follow-up shots aren't terribly difficult anyways unless you're engaging someone within their effective range, at which point it's usually just a better idea to never let them know where you are.
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  7. Scan

    If you want to take yourself serious as a good sniper, IMO you will need to learn how to snipe moving targets.

    You will never learn how to compensate for the bulletdrop and travelling time if you always sit on a hill, waiting for people to stop moving, for that perfect headshot.

    Plus, you will be "mediocre" at best. Your score/minute will be suffering, and you are not helping out your team as much as you would if you went for the moving targets as well. Part of sniping is putting pressure on targets as well. Force them in cover. Enabling your team to push.

    Plus: You do want to be able to punish that guy for thinking he can cross that field while you are watching it right?

    The more you try, the more you get accustomed to leading targets, the more often you start hitting targets, and even get headshots.

    Don't think about improving stats. Think about improving your skill. It's not about K/D. It's about how you achieved it.
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  8. A 59 c

    I agree with Scan, moreover, I find this game to be absolutely mind-blowingly thrilling when you are in the heat of some huge battle and you're there, the supposed weakling INI, nailing moving targets, punishing the enemy, thinning their ranks!

    Headshot that HA running down to get you - his glowing shield will not save him.
    Headshot the INI you see trying to nail you - he goes down easily - only used to hitting stationary targets!
    Headshot the LA out of the air - his rocket pack is fast but your bullets are faster!

    Do I nail these shots every time..? No. But I nail them more than I did last month and more than the previous.
    You are missing out on some epic adrenaline rushes if you are not taking some chances.
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  9. Vaphell

    since when you can own HA with his shield on?
  10. CraftKing

    Aiming moving target is pretty easy.

    Pulling the trigger requires guts.

    Killing the enemy requires skills and experience.

    Anyway, in short, you won't improve if you don't practice. You wouldn't know if you don't try. :)
  11. HawkBlade062

    Its hard to hit a movng target but can be easily learned and you will imprve in time when you practice it more. The diffculy is range, movment speed, direction of movement, etc... This makes you compensate for things mainly including bullet drop and bullet lead.

    Start small and try closer target that you wont need to compensate for bullet drop or barely need to compensate for. If you do this you only need to woory about bullet lead and it will allow you to focus on that the most. Then start to work your way to longer didtance shots where you need to take in accoutn bullet drop and lead. You also need to chose what to aim at and shoot for. I suggest starting with body shots then when you get comfertable with getting two consice body shots then work for headshots.

    PS: tired so this is the best I can think of right now :)
  12. Dr. Euthanasia

    I think their damage resistance shield (as opposed to the stock damage absorbtion one) is totally ineffective against bolt-action headshots.
  13. m44v

    I shoot moving targets all the time, I do miss a lot but one bodyshot it will likely net me an assist. I don't do long range sniping though.

    Is ineffective at close range at least.
  14. Captain_Obvious

    I am getting somewhat better at hitting moving headshots. That said it's still difficult with default (100 certs) bolt action rifles. I watch this video by McDonaldsMaster (Walter White- yt channel) once in week to find inspiration. It has Hans Zimmer music as well. :)
    It's from this thread

    PS: Hit detection and latency make getting headshots even harder. :(
  15. Shadestrike

  16. CommodoreFrank

    It depends on what setup I'm using, but I quite often go for body shots on moving targets if they're in a live combat zone. I tend to stick to the SAS-R and Impetus, though, so I'm rarely trying to keep myself too hidden and instead using the chaos of the battle to stay more inconspicuous.
  17. McDonaldsMaster

    I am not worried about that at all. I am extremely comfortable with escaping. Being an infiltrator is not just about your marksmanship. It's also about your ability to juke! Bullets and squads! It's so amazingly fun! Knowing when to activate your cloak or when to eeactive it! Using your environment to you advantage, blah blah blah! Anyway, if they do try to get you that's another extra exciting chance to shoot a moving target!

    EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sitting ducks are boring!!!!!!! Yes I always go for moving shots! WHY NOT!
    And I notice I am getting better and better.
    I LOVE living on the edge! WHY NOT! RIght? And it's great practice! If you always do ***** shots when will you ever improve?
    Sometimes you have no choice but to do a difficult shot or you will die. So what can be a safer practice than doing it when you don't need to do a difficult shot?!

    I am making part 2 of this and it will be more impressive!
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  18. Teegeeack

    That video is inspiring. Thank you.
  19. giltwist

    @MDM what rifle is that? The bullet speed and ADS seems really fast. Do you know the faction equivalents? I've tried (unsuccessfully) to use a silenced Ghost like that.
  20. McDonaldsMaster

    RAMS .50 Silenced default Scope.

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