Aimbotters rampid D:

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  1. Codex561

    Lately I have seen a few aimbotters and those folks really ruin fights by headshotting you from miles away, that's plain ******.

    A couple of them had an outfit along the lines of "DBG fired anti-cheat" or something like that. I think it would be spectacular if there would be a couple mods per server who could handle the reports quickly and not let them ruin fights.
  2. Hammerlock

    try it on reddit ... they avoid this place since 2013
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  3. Spoprockl

    They are all busy sorting out loads of rage reports of people who get angry and cry "Aimbot!" after you kill them two or three times, while the real hackers are on their team...
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  4. bLind db

    No worries, DBG will get around to the hackers as soon as they're done banning people who keep buying bounties.
  5. DooDooBreff

  6. Goretzu

    /report is a placebo, certainly on the EU servers.

    The may (may) have a script that flags things up if a player gets 100+ reports, but that's would be the best we could hope for.

    If given detailed reports with screenshots of the ridculous killboards of people I know to be hacking (because they can headshot you and everyone else on your team inside your own spawnroon) on the main site and........... they are still playing at the same "level" now months later. Placebo.
  7. Jamuro

    ofc /report is a placebo

    if they don't even have the staff to moderate their own forums, then how could anyone expect them to look at the reports?
    Funnily enough even with the populations dwindeling, the amount of hackers seems to stay the same.
  8. Codex561