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  1. Wwen

    since you aren't getting rid of aimbots ( i was killed 7 times in while in the spawn room in a hour) give it to the rest of so it's even.
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  2. FLHuk

    Record, upload to youtub, tag it with the version number and email the link to

    Not had one ignored....
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  3. Camarades

    Would not be better if the ingame reporting system would actually work?
    I m not gonna waste half of my gametime recording/uploding/sending emails...

    And yes,I have sent a couple emails with cheaters, they were ignored... so i don t bother anymore. When i see a flying MAX/tank/etc, i just RQ...
  4. Botji

    Probably wont help but its been said before that when they find a cheater they will often take time to observe them for quite a while before banning them. Something to do with figuring out how the cheats work to plug the hole. Banning is at the end of the day fairly pointless with free accounts available.

    Though I am not really 100% buying this 'excuse' for the slow action against cheaters but it does make some sense that it would be better to fix the cause than hunt endless obvious throw-away accounts.
  5. JibbaJabba

    We've got cheaters here and there and they suck. Wish characters were not completely free to make so the banned would incur a cost to make a new one. But I'm even more sick of the unfounded hackusations. The reputation of planetside being riddle with cheaters is not deserved.

    If you see a cheater, a real one, take some action. Don't just ***** about the devs not doing anything. They will. But they can't do it alone.

    To your question: the ingame system is utterly flooded with the exact ******** you want to do. Example: "/report So and so kilt me through a wall." How is that actionable? It's 99.99% likely just some clientside behavior with no cheat but there will be dozens or hundreds of these ******** reports filed each day.

    Dev needs something to work with. A game clip and a timestamp to match with server side logging. It is really the bare minimum and not a hard thing to do.

    The email to is actually a hack. It auto-generates a support ticket just to take the steps out and make it easy.

    A support ticket with a video clip has ALWAYS gotten results.

    And everyone, please...

    If it's too much effort, sure I get you. Publishing a clip is a PITA. But... I would just ask if you're feeling lazy to just go FULL lazy ... and not ***** about it on the forums. :)

    Edit: Please see PlanetSide 2 - News - Building a Stronger Community
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  6. Camarades

    Yah, thats just straight BS!

    Here and there are the blatant ones, this game is full of cheaters, true there are the vets who are very good at the game, but many are just cheaters hiding it... the most common cheat is aimbot and dmg modify

    When? After half the server/map RQ s?! They are not doing anything, they are just rely on the anti cheat that is useless. Until they find some solutions, the best thing is to have someone (dev) that stays online and just checks players with high scores...

    True, everyone that got owned in someway they will just report last killer, but that dose not mean you have to verify every report, just take the top 10/15/20/50/etc most reported players and start checking how they play or what ever are they doing when they check someone... it is not that hard.

    Again, the ingame reporting system.
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