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  1. Liquidrider

    I can confirm they do in fact actively ban hackers. But it is a major PITA to get them reported. I had to upload a video and create a ticket here. The individual who I reported hasn't played since the day I got a response. Before that they were playing/hacking daily.

    The /report tool should be more than enough. But I also understand how many false flags there must be too.
  2. Scatterblak

    It's weird to me that he's not getting TK'd. VD generally TK cheaters when we see them. Says something about TR.

  3. Scatterblak

    They're much more subtle than this. Some of them will simply reduce the CoF of their weapons to 0, or increase their resource regen or jump fuel, or make their shields x% stronger - not enough to prove outright, but enough to gain a huge edge. The only thing we can really do is report them *and* submit a video. I've had some luck getting rid of a few cheaters by reporting and sending DB a video of them cheating - you can tell when someone gets banned, as their kills in your history go away.
  4. Guazy

    I've been playing the game since the day it was first released. I've seen so many cheater players; some people aren't even sure if it's cheating or not. In this game unfortunately "" etc. Next generation cheats will always be in this game, as long as they don't get help from software. These cheats are very difficult to detect.

    Cheating people, generally in order not to be detected; They prefer sniper weapons or weapons that deal high damage. One of them is the Liberator's DALTON weapon. I'm sure there are dozens of people in the game who use tricks on this weapon. However, since most of these people are cheat developers, they cannot be detected or ignored by the developers. Of course there are good players in the game. It would be funny to deny this. However, to give an example; sniper, tank, dalton etc. There are quite a few tricks used in weapons.

    I know a level 120 person cheated with dalton and then got banned. Many of you will remember this and many other similar events.

    It is not normal for a cheater to play games up to 120 levels.It is obvious that Planetside 2 cannot detect new system cheats. With a new game engine for Planetside 3, it's not too hard to avoid optimization issues and cheats in this game. Maybe they think it's too early for planetside 3, then take a step on cheating and try "Easy Anti Cheat" etc. they need help with spelling.

    Also, they need to make realistic AP and DP rates in the game. It's ridiculous for a dalton bullet to detonate a plane with 3000 defense points. Likewise, it is ridiculous that your fully armored plane explodes with a Lightning ap gun in one shot :)

    There are so many things like this and this that they still don't get a start for planetside 3.

    I hope we get good news on this matter soon. Until then we continue to play planetside 2. However, that doesn't mean we will continue to spend money on planetside 2.
  5. PlanetBound

    You weren't even aware of it until last week. Strange logic.
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  6. RabidIBM

    I will add to the conversation to not believe the kill screen. It is often wrong, and they should fix this, as it feeds into people's beliefs about hacking. I've damaged people enough to see their survivalist implant activate, then lose the dual and it says they have shields. I sometimes have advanced targeting, see the guy a lose to almost dead, then the kill screen says he has full health.

    So, player base: don't believe the kill screen. Devs: Fix the kill screen!
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  7. KripTed

    Cheaters exist in every game. I've yet to see anything resembling the video in previous posts. BattleEye is good at detecting public and paid cheats. It has a harder time detecting private cheats. I honestly haven't ran into anything that seemed fishy. Isn't there a report function? Report them.
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  8. gunnner10

    Did you see the guy I linked? He had a 99% Headshot ratio. He was active for a week before enough players reported him to get Banned. I'm glad PS2 Devs Ban Hackers, they are just slow in doing so
  9. MaelstromSOB

    DEVS ARE LAZY stop paying for the service ....wallet holds the big vote