Aim down sights sensitivity (not scoped sensitivity)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Chopptimus, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Chopptimus

    I find that for comfortable hip fire sensitivity, my aim down sights sensivity (not scoped sensitivity for which there is a separate slider for ofc) is uncomfortably low. Is it possible to tweak some setting to reduce the sensitivity less when aiming down sights?

    Also, are the size of the guns on your screen and fov strictly limited or is that tweakable. The guns especially seem unnecessarily large.
  2. maxkeiser

    I like the aim down sigght sensitivity to be exactly the same as my normal hip fire sensitivity.
  3. Chopptimus

    If you mean that you like the time it takes to turn 360 degrees to be same for hip fire and ads then so do I, but is there a way to make this happen?
  4. St0mpy

    this is annoying me to hell too

    there is a slider for both but they arent 1 to 1 and i want my scoped sensitivity to be the same as my walking around sensitivity, currently for the engineers rifle my scoped is over 70 with a walk around at 21 and its still a bit slow

    thing is this is likely to change with the different weapons and scopes, since a rifle with eg a 2x scope will be a different zoomed sensitivity from one with say, a 6.2x, just wish we had a way of setting it 1 to 1.
  5. Chopptimus

    Its quite complicated but if you could set your mouse so that holding down RMB increases your sensitivity you could get it to be 1 to 1. Is there software for this?
  6. NeXuid

    I figured that the distance for 360° (so the sensivity) is cut in half while using ADS
    I don't know what the "Sensivity while Scoped" does, but it doesn't change the ADS sens. (I guess that it is for real snipers?)
    There should be an option for this like in quake/half-life engine games. They all have an zoomed-in-ratio, which i personally want to be 1 so that my sens is always the same.

    So please change the ratio to 1 or let us adjust this ourselves. I don't even know why the scoped sens is not responsible for ADS..

    Until then, is it possible to bind Mouse2/RMB to zoom and double the sensivity? Would still have to hold for zoom though..
    I will test this i guess.
  7. Mansen

    I have to admit I like it how it is now.:confused:
  8. TrustedKiller

    If your mouse has any software, then you can use that. Otherwise you can download GlovePIE, and program a little script that activates when you hold down your aim button. And no, you wouldn't get in trouble for using something like this.

    If you need any help with the script, just let me know, I use GlovePIE myself, I might be able to help ya.
  9. NeXuid

    How does Glove PIE work? Do i have to play on half DPI so I can double them again? That would decrease the performance and precision of the mouse, but I guess with that kind of a hitbox this isn not a too big deal...

    I would like to play on full DPI all the time, but the sensai raw driver cannot change the DPI when holding M2.
    Would you mind to post your sctipt here?
  10. TrustedKiller

    Sure thing, let me work on that real quick.
  11. NeXuid

    BTW the sens of Vehicle canons is "wrong" too, it's way too fast compared to the normal (unzoomed) one. It can be changed with the Vehicle Mouse sens but when the 2 are at the same settings why do they have different speeds. Not such a big problem but yeah..
  12. Cidroyz

    Yup the sensitivity when using Secondary MBT guns is too high or not smooth, i feel this when using the Saron HRB, aiming is kinda choppy and jumpy
  13. TrustedKiller

    Okay, this should do it:

    (Var.Aim) = Mouse.RightButton

    If Var.Aim = True {
    Realmouse.SwallowMovement = True
    Delta(fakemouse.DirectInputX) = Delta(realmouse.DirectInputX)*2
    Delta(fakemouse.DirectInputY) = Delta(realmouse.DirectInputY)*2
    Else Realmouse.SwallowMovement = False

    If you want to change it to match a toggle scheme (say if you have toggle zoom as an option enabled), then just make sure

    (Var.Aim) = Mouse.RightButton
    looks like:
    Toggle(Var.Aim) = Mouse.RightButton


    That should double your aiming when you hold down the Right Mouse Button (Of course, you can change it to whatever button you want to use).

    Let me know if it works for you, or you need any more help with it.
  14. NeXuid

    Many thanks, very fast 2, testing it now, will write my findings

    Ok nice it works but now it is too fast, i guess the sens is not 1/2 of the original sens but more like 1/3
    Ill try to find that out.
  15. Cidroyz

    how can i use this to reduce the speed of the mouse sensitivity? put - before 2? XDD
  16. TrustedKiller

    Just keep messing around with the math values at the end. It's set to *2 (times 2) so, you could do *1.5. Just keep tweaking it 'till you find a value that works well for ya.
  17. TrustedKiller

    Well, in this instance, I used math to multiple the sensitivity (* = multiplication). So if you wanted it to go slower, then you'd have to do the opposite, divide (/)

    So, you could do:

    Delta(fakemouse.DirectInputX) = Delta(realmouse.DirectInputX)/2
    Delta(fakemouse.DirectInputY) = Delta(realmouse.DirectInputY)/2

    Of course, /2 may or may not be enough, so feel free to mess around with the numbers
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  18. NeXuid

    Ah sry I knew that, just wanted to inform you ;)
    I understand the script, just didn't know the program but this may help other players, thx again.
  19. TrustedKiller

    Yeah sorry, I was just makin' sure.

    Anytime, happy to help! :)

    If you need any help with other areas, just let me know.
  20. Freyar

    They just need to allow us to set input methods as "uniform" for sensitivity. I like a higher sensitivity for flight, but for vehicles and infantry fighting I prefer them uniform across the board.

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