[Suggestion] Aim-Capable ESF Gun

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  1. SlugSniper

    After looking through the weapons and abilities of the ESFs, I found that it's possible to set it up for a scout support role. However, it would be nice to have a more fitting weapon for this task.

    Liberator pilots have access to a cannon capable of rotating independently. Would it be balanced to include a weapon like this for the ESFs?
  2. LordKrelas

    Well, Liberators have a separate Gunner.
    Piloting & aiming would likely be a challenge.

    Also, could you explain how the Highly Mobile ESF could have a scout support role, by adding a weapon capable of aiming independent of vehicle facing?

    As that sounds more like giving them the ability to do nearly bombing runs without needing to face the ground.
  3. SlugSniper

    ESFs have a proximity scan option that highlights targets on the minimap. To make good use of this ability, I'd need to stay in a relatively tight area for as long as possible, leaving very little room to aim and maneuver; hence my desire for an independently-aimed gun.

    Also, could you imagine the level of mastery that someone could achieve by dogfighting and being able to operate the gun rotation at the right time? That's like Star Fox Zero on steroids. :D
  4. The Rogue Wolf

    I don't think anyone actually uses the Liberator's aimable pilot weapon (I don't even remember its name). I can only imagine that trying to control one while flying an ESF would be a nightmare without spending a lot of time hovering, which is suicide in an ESF.
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  5. FateJH

    He might also have been talking about the Liberator's L-24R Spur, which should have this functionality already.
    Pilots used to be able to pan their ESF noseguns left and right of cockpit-forward but that feature was removed some time ago from what I am told.

    If you want to give your ESF a scouting role, I would look into the Scout Radar Utility Slot item. Additionally, you can still freelook from the cockpit view; if you need to look down-down, you might do a quarter aileron roll first.
  6. SlugSniper

    I know about freelook. I just want to be able to fire where I'm looking.
  7. LordKrelas

    So you want to be able to have even more firing angles in the most agile craft?
    I can't see how that is scouting.
    As scouting doesn't involve that kind of thing.

    Your ESF already has the ability to dodge most rockets, and repair itself nearly instantly, with the ability to escape at will.
    Every ground unit has no cover from an ESF, beyond hiding underground or within a very large structure with no windows.

    Can you imagine being the target of this person?
    An ESF right now, has to face you, to shoot you.
    In a dog fight between ESF's, I can imagine the skill gap with this; Which also isn't scouting, that's dog-fighting.

    So I still don't see how this weapon is even related to Scouting, beyond making aircraft more lethal with less space.
    Since it literally just makes that ESF capable of killing more effectively at close quarters, without losing any mobility.
    Which isn't related to scouting.

    Also, this proximity scan explains how aircraft so easily find infantry targets to massacre..
    Good to know.
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  8. adamts01

    Scout Radar, like a more powerful Proximity Radar. It's insanely helpful as it marks moving infantry on the mini map in a 200m radius and displays that information for all nearby friendlies. But you don't see it that often because you can't run flares or fire suppression, so your survivability plummets. Staying put makes you a sitting duck, and flying around like a normal ESF gets you killed by lockons or helplessly ganked by another ESF with 25% more hit points than you. It's pretty cool seeing the battle turn to your side's favor when you show up and light up the map for your team, and it's helpful for clearing out cloaked snipers and such from flanks, but it really does turn you in to a cert pinata.
  9. ColonelChingles

    Mosquito weapons unfortunately seem to be fixed in place, which wouldn't allow them to be turned and aimed.


    The same is true of the Scythe. They just have weapons that jut directly out.


    But the NC's Reaver weapons do already come with a mount which would suggest that they ought to be capable of rotation.


    That makes it much closer to Liberator weapons, which are also relatively short and mounted.


    So really only the Reaver is equipped for aimable weapons; Mosquito and Scythe designs seem to only employ fixed weapons.
  10. Insignus

    ESF having scout support role would damage the niche of the Valkyrie.

    This would disrupt the Air Meta and remove one of the critical niche meta's that is fairly unique for the Valkyrie.

    Furthermore, this would create an advantage for reverse manuever hover battles against other airframes, encouraging more gimmicky hijinx.

    Furthermore, as mentioned by others, the gun itself would provide no viable input on any form of ISR.

    For these reasons, I must strongly oppose your suggestion, though I appreciate the out of the box thinking.
  11. WeRelic

    You'd have to hover to use this effectively. The way aircraft and AA are designed in this game make a hovering ESF a dead ESF very quickly. Like the spur, I think it would find itself without a role, or with such an ill-defined role that it wouldn't fit anything well.

    In A2A combat, it would be a disadvantage as well, because you'd be more focused on aiming than movement, when the idea is to aim and fly.

    As for the scouting role, if you're just talking about spotting, you can rotate your view in the cockpit. Your weapon will still be facing forward, but you can look around freely and spot.

    Nope, that feature is still in-game. Not sure what it's called in the key bindings but I believe it defaults to clicking MMB.
  12. JohnGalt36


    I don't disagree with you, but as a Connery player, I can't help but laugh at the mention of air meta.
  13. Insignus

    If you've ever been run-over by a Valkyrie on Connery, then I *am* your Air Meta.
  14. Kristan

    So you want something like Liberators Spur? Have you actually tried this in combat?
    You get a freelook cannon, that limits your flight controls, since you can't use mouse, you're aiming with it. Not to mention that your sight is blocked by the cockpit.

    If you want to be a scout and rotating cannon you better invest in Valkyrie with scout radar. Though you gonna need a gunner.