Aight daybreak - Time for an ASP undo option - Roxxly!!!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JibbaJabba, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. JibbaJabba

    For realsies now. We're told something will eventually come around but it hasn't.

    I made a mistake in an ASP point. Totally my own fault.

    The only way for me to remedy this is to start another character and get it up to level 200. Frankly as a gamer and paying customer that's kinda crap.

    Please make another option other than this one. Maybe another 10k certs to do an ASP reset? Buy a token? Something. It needs to happen now though. This should have been available the moment ASP released.

    If you make me hate my main, I'll stop playing and stop paying.

    Roxxly can you forward this on please?
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  2. TerminalT6

    And on the other end of the spectrum, I have 2 (out of 3) ASP points that I haven't even used because none of the options stick out to me, and there's no respec option yet.
  3. Inzababa

    if you ask (I KNOW, YOUR NOT ASKING ME) :

    they suck....

    all of them

    I just put them all in cheaper vehicles and thats that, thanks a lot for that awesome upgrade, grind, exciting leveling up and so on/

  4. Magma52

    When ASP came out, they said more ASP perks would be released in the future and mentioned nothing about a respec option. That was alarm bells to me straight away. This is why myself and many others have not spent their ASP tokens, besides 1 token on something they definitely wanted. You shouldn't have been so eager ;)
  5. Maxor

    I'm fairly certain an ASP reset will come once they add more ASP options (which will be a little while). However, the reset will most likely take form of once you've reached ASP BR 100 you can then reset it meaning you need to finish your current ASP BR 1-100 before starting all over again kind of like CoD's prestige system.

    While it sucks you've made a mistake I'd say just do what you can to make the most of it as we most likely won't be getting new ASPs for a few more months as the dev team is small and very busy. I'd also recommend staying up to date on the streams and PTS patch notes. These can give you insight on when features are coming.
  6. Towie

    I hadn't realised how the ASP system worked until I went for it.

    Anyway - it works like this. Your BR100+ character goes back to BR1 and you get 1 * ASP point to use.

    However you gain levels at the same rate as a new character - so you get from BR1 to BR25 quickly at which point you get a new ASP point to use (same again at 50 etc.).

    If you knew this already then apologies - but - I hadn't realised so spent an awful long time choosing between two ASPs only to now have both in no time at all !
  7. Movoza

    But if it'll eventually come around, how can you claim it hasn't? You can only claim it hasn't yet ;)

    Although I don't have any problems with it yet, I do think it'll be a nice option to have. Best is if the first one is free and a 30 minute time that you can retract the point you spend (can only retract once per point).[/quote]

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