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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by RainQQ, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Thagyr

    One more thing about it. Seeing as allies can't use it, it is pretty much abandoned once the battle moves on. But I've had it so the enemy uses the turret as cover, and trying to shoot him causes the 'Friendly Fire warning' lockout as you are hitting a friendly target.
  2. MagicHamsta

    High ground & a mix of terrain + open space (terrain on your side & open space on the incoming enemy side). Mayhaps you should use it.
  3. Arrack

    I think the turret is hard to use, but if used in the right spot it is really efficient. Yesterday I mowed down over 30 infantry in a row while successfully protecting a generator. You need to be out of grenade range and in good rear/side cover though. Best used indoors, outdoors it mostly a effective roadblock.
  4. InducedApathy

    I generally only use the turret as a distraction focus for the enemy. Indoors or spawn areas or say scu behind shields is when I actually use the thing. If they're not going to bring automated turrets then they should allow us to upgrade the mana turret to lockon vehicle or dumb fire missiles for air or vehicle both. I'd like to see a bulldog turret option. They could also allow us to upgrade base defenses to increase the health/damage/time to destabilize.
  5. TokyoShoe

    You know that when you are using the turret.. even if you are standing directly behind that nifty little shield it gives (and I do emphasize little), you can still be one-shot killed via headshot by a sniper. Right?

    That turret is almost totally useless. Only time I ever use it is as a stepping stool to hop up onto certain building structures.. or blocking doorways with it.
  6. MagicHamsta

    Again, me suggest highground & choke points such as in biolab, stairwells of techpoints, etc.
    Most of them will panic & attempt a bodyshot which will be absorbed by the bulletproof shield. ('-')

    Make it so you can see the feets of the infiltrator before they can see your head.
  7. TokyoShoe

    It's funny.. more than half the NC and Vanu I face down regularly on Helios have an uncanny knack of aiming for the face.
  8. MagicHamsta

    Me suspect because you:
    1) Sat in your turret for far too long.
    2) Chose a bad position to place your turret.
    3) Got shot in the sides rather than the head.
    or any combination of the above.

    Seeing dozens of bullets bounce harmlessly off my bulletproof shield. /feelsgoodman
  9. TokyoShoe

    There I am holding down a capture point. There are two doors out of the room, but those doors are on connected walls. Combining this layout with the piles of boxes around the room, and I end up with a nice corner that I can see both doors from. No one can flank me from the side, they HAVE to face me head on.

    There are also three other squad mates in the room backing me up. We here a rifle shot and sure enough one of our squadmates outside the building has been killed by a sniper rifle. I take up position at the turret thinking that the shielding will protect me.

    *CRACK* Headshot, I'm dead instantly as soon as I see the infiltrator in question strafe past the room door. Thankfully my squadmates gunned him down, and we captured the structure. But it illustrates my point, and it's happened over and over to me.

    A headshot straight on can kill an engineer behind a turret.
  10. MagicHamsta

    And any other infantry.
    That infiltrator most likely earned that kill.
  11. Silent255

    Spitfires were a bit obnoxious...I don't mind their absence one bit.
  12. TokyoShoe

    The problem is with all of the engineers that seem to be purporting the MANA Turret's "shield" being all-defensive and all-saving. It isn't... not by a large margin. If we have that shield placed on the front of our turrets in such a way that it actually obscures our own vision and field of fire, then there really should be some kind of upside to it. At present, anyone with a few well aimed shots can get right past it, much less rockets or grenades.

    If it's going to be that way, just take the stupid looking shield off.. give me a more clear field of vision when using the turret as well as a wider turning arc with it.
  13. emc2

    I hear you. Also, a lot of people not in beta, don't know they actually had an Anti-vehicle turret. They never released it in beta but it was on the list of cert upgrades.

    Yea, I definitely find the lack of spitfires disappointing as well.

    Maybe they will add it in as the game matures.
  14. DeadlyShoe

    Most good MANA turret positions are above things. Many of the railings and balconies have places where you can put the turret _on_ the railing which gives you complete field of fire. It's a lot harder for enemies to shoot you in the head if you are above them. You are also a lot more likely to get headshots.

    I've racked up huge K/Ds in all three major facilities with good turret positioning.

    The right-side upper balcony of the spawn room in the biolab, which can overlook the exit routes from one of the air pads.
    On the boxes of the inner catwalk of the amp station, facing one of the interior shields. Placed correctly it can cover the entire arc of the bay entrance on one side.
    On the railing itself on the cap/generator platform of the tech plant. IE overlooking one of the two entrance doors.

    I think if you die, then get back on the same turret, the turret zeroing works incorrectly. They go some distance above the crosshairs.
  15. SmileyBomb


    I remember that cert.... 999999999 certs. I was really looking forward to testing it out in beta, but alas... It seems that the engineer that can setup an AI turret should atleast be able to choose an AA or AV type turret instead. I mean, MAX's can do it...If i have to choose between putting down a "shoot-me" mana or a full armor body suit that can be adjusted at any terminal for any situation, I'm going to go MAX. All those situations mentioned above (long hallways, corners, etc) are all perfect for MAX's as well, and a MAX can't be one-shotted.
  16. silverme

    that is the best point yet.
    "MANA turents, for when theres no MAXs"

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