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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by RainQQ, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. RainQQ

    Does the Engineer get to lay down tons of AI turrets like they did in PS1? I really hope they do, repairs, mines and all those turrets made engineer a very useful class.

    If you don't have all the AI turrets, what does engineer get? A single dopey turret? What good is that?
  2. Blitzkrieg

    No spitfires went away, and I'm glad of that fact!
  3. Kardes

    Naw all the good engineer deployables got removed or moved to other classes.

    The mines are ok... but you can only lay like 3 or 4.

    Really all the engineer is good for is repairing stuff.

    The turret is just sniper bait.

    I was harping on this the whole beta :p
  4. Goats

    Yeah, no spits. I'm hoping we'll get them eventually, though. I had a big thread about them back in the beta, and combat engineering in general, but that's gone now.
  5. oherror

    Your just a repair person now. Eventually you will get more weapons but you may want to cruise as a HA or infil for assaults and switch to engy only when defending or repairing of bases.
  6. MagicHamsta

    Set up a turret in the heavily contested biolab hallway somewhere (just out of reach of nades) & start rolling in the kills.
  7. Ghostfox

    Turrets are situation. MagicHamsta has it right. I'm hoping for more toys at some point in the future.
  8. silverme

    What if they made them remote control?
  9. Acceleratio

    I heard there was an option to transform the turret into an ammobox. Has this been removed? Because its not working for me
  10. Fafnir

    Equip turret and press B.
  11. HvcTerr

    User-experience already get slow enough already in big firefights. There's no need to put more load on the server or have superfluous projectiles launched through the battlezone.

    It's better to find ways to help real people realize/want/travel to fill the role.
  12. Timujingeo

    Spitfires were awesome in PS1 with the infil class; I used to love setting up traps on choke points with spits behind trees and a few mines on the road.
    Unsuspecting vehicle comes along, hits the mine so the driver pulls off the road to repair and gets hit by the spits.
    A quick knife/hack later and I'm running around in an ememy tank...good times :D
  13. Ravenclaw

    They not avialable right now but i think they are seriously considering it, MANA turrets suck and they are aware of it, if they cant fix them i betting we will see the good ol spitfires, but i bet they only be a few to deploy not 20+ like ps1
  14. warmachine1

    MANA Turret:

    • unlimited ammo
    • sniper bait, easy to get sniped even from front
    • big CoF, can never use such high rate of fire effectively
    • static
    • cra*py deployment mechanism, single tiny rock block 1 square meter around, cant even deploy near corpse
    • ally unable to use turret (permalocked)
    • can deploy only 1 (see ^^)
    • cra*py size, barrel is in height where 90% of ingame fences will block it
    • nade bait
    • average dmg
    • ... expand, definetly forgot something
    & thats it.

    PS: I would take away unlimited ammo from Pros., cause engi has ammo pack = unlimited ammo for any gun
  15. Mirakk

    Deployment indoors is your best bet for these, but the prevalence of grenades means you have to set up far out enough that you don't get splattered by them. This means long, straight corridors. However, this also makes you fodder for rocket launchers. It's really a no-win situation. The shield should have some kind of dampening effect vs explosions, enough where you can take one shot at least, and still survive. Deploying outdoors always increases your chances of getting sniped or outflanked, so you have to be smart.

    As it stands, using a turret is only useful if you're fighting noobs who don't know any better. For that, though, it's pretty decent.
  16. katuy

    Pretty much this. outside they are of questionable use due to how visable targets they are for snipers and vehicles. Inside though protecting a heavily contested area you can get a ton of kills with them. They are good front cover from anti infantry weapons and with their rapid rate of fire you can really cut people up if you can find a good spot to setup where snipers don't have a clear line of sight to you.
  17. Cthu

    I'd like to see a player-style shield on the front of the turret. It takes an amount of damage, fizzles away, and leaves the turret open to damage. Once enough damage happens to it, gunfire or a single close explosion, that sudden loss of shield would alert you to bail.

    I love being an Engineer.
  18. silverme

    hey has anyone noticed that when you zoom in using the turret the bullets end up going above the cross hairs?
  19. TheCakebuilder

    At least that's how it'd be if there wasn't friendly zerg infront of you constantly...
  20. warmachine1

    extending my cons list
    • Tend to kill more friendlies in halways

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