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  1. MaxDamage

  2. SaaKhu

    Who you callin senile sonny:)
  3. P4nda

    Representing 18's.
  4. Gladio

  5. PhredEx

    42. Don't Panic!
  6. Monnor

    33. Glad im not VS , cause your leader attract alot of, you know....
  7. OldMaster

  8. GamerOS

  9. WV17

    Wow such a young one at 18
  10. Revorn

  11. z121231211


    20 here.
  12. Kubor


    No facial hair whatsoever.

    Was 12 stone 2 pounds before yesterday.

    Probably 12 stone 28 pounds after yesterday.

    Just a regular guy with a stressful and fairly high flying job that plays games to let off some steam :D
  13. Aerius

  14. RF404

    Turned 30 yesterday
  15. Revorn

    Happy Birthday then,:)

    Now you are realy adult. Because no one is realy adult, below 30.
  16. RF404

    I grew arthritis and type 2 diabetes overnight :(
  17. Gruug

    VS have senility implanted at an early age while TR are born that way. :p
  18. Bloodmyth


    And yet somehow, I still find that I'm more immature than most of the idiots I play with. ;p
  19. Failbrick

    24 here. I'm impressed with the large age differences this game attracts, always a good thing imo.
  20. smokemaker

    so wheres are estimated age?
    get on it